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Prior Meeting Details

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society Meeting

Tuesday December 12, 2017
6:00 p.m. social time 6:15 p.m. meeting time
At Natmus (National Truck and Automotive Museum) Auburn, IN beside the ACD museum

Trash or Treasure
Roger Lash

Trash or Treasure - December 12, 2017

Bring your item(s) to the meeting and have Roger tell you whether it is trash or treasure. He will give you an approximate value of your object. At the beginning you can put 2 items (or groupings) on the table and if we have time, we can appraise more items. We suggest you put the “extra” items under your chair or beside your chair until we know if there is time to cover more. Come and check out this “Antique Roadshow” type of program. Even if you don’t have anything old or collectible to bring, it is so much fun to watch! Bring something to share for refreshments. Plates, napkins, drinks will be furnished. If you need forks or spoons with your dish, please bring.

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society


Roselyn Wells

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
National Auto & Truck Museum (NATMUS)
6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time

Roselyn Wells will tell the story of Mastodons in DeKalb County. Locations of found mastodon bones will be shown. In the future, she hopes to compile a book on this data. She will demonstrate the differences and similarities between Mastodons and Mammoths. If you have a story or documentation about a DeKalb Mastodon being found, please come and share with us. If you bring documentation that night, she may be able to include it in the book with credit toward you if it is a different story than what she has already found. A few mastodons from other areas: Steuben, Allen and Noble County, will be discussed.

Roselyn’s Great Uncle Laurel Spindler found a mastodon in 1897 and it is now located in the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburg. You will hear stories about the family and the family farm where he found it. Did you know he kept a couple of bones from the skeleton?

You do not have to be a member to come to the Genealogy Society meetings. The below postcard belongs to Roselyn Wells. She obtained it on Ebay in a heated auction including the late John Martin Smith. She won it for $180.00. Contact information: Roselyn Wells 925-0384

Mastodon postcard

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society

Tour of the Museum
Jerry "Muzzy" Muzzillo

October 10, 2017
6:00 Social Time
6:15 Meeting Time

National Automotive and Truck Museum

Jerry will be doing a short talk about the National Automotive and Truck Museum and then we will have a tour of NATMUS. You can learn about the industrious blue collar worker with authentic artifacts from Auburn. Advertising panels, billboards and neon signs from past local businesses are on many walls in the different galleries. You can enjoy seeing gas and oil pumps from all eras. Come and see muscle cars, race cars, prototypes and trucks covering 100 years of production.

Animals, an Important Part of Our Ancestors’ Lives

2017 Annual Banquet

Saturday, August 26
Waterloo Depot
Dinner will be at 5:30
Pecan Chicken, Goulash, Salad, Homemade Rolls, Cheesy Potatoes, Pies, Brownies, Drinks
$10.00 adults $8.00 children 12 and under

Hanes Pony 1900
This is a picture of the daughter of Cameron Reed Hanes and Ida Hanes of Waterloo. It was taken about 1900.

Starting during our dinner and shortly after, we will present a short Powerpoint program about how important animals were to our families including some specific stories. We will then go outside the depot or will go to the Park Shelter to enjoy seeing some of the animals that Mark’s Ark has, depending on the weather. You have to buy a banquet ticket to participate in this activity.

Mark is an expert animal handler and his knowledge is matched with humor and wit to make for an exciting program. He performs throughout the area and has over 20 years of professional animal care experience and handling including 10 years experience at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo as a full time zoo keeper. Mark’s formal educational background is from the Ohio State University School of Biology. His experiences has led him to a career where he can teach others about truly amazing animals that he brings. Please send your reservation to DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 6085, Auburn, IN 46706 by August 20. If you have any questions, call Roselyn Wells 925-0384.

Sedan Cemetery Walk

Tuesday, July 11, 2017,

6:00 p..m.
At the Sedan Cemetery
Located 0.7 miles south of Sedan on CR19. From US6, go south on CR19

Fairfield Cemetery by Valentine Hawk
Picture of Fairfield Sawmill operated by Valentine Hawk.

If we have thunderstorms we will have tour on Wednesday July 12, and if it is thunder storming both nights, it will be canceled.

Sedan Cemetery is a public cemetery and has a lot of history. Come listen as residents are portrayed by Genealogy Society members or friends. Families names covered will be Bangs, McCague, Scattergood, Green, Wright, Conley, Johnson, Shatto, DeLong, Barr, Hawk and others. Which of these people lay claim to building the first coffin in DeKalb County?

Call Roselyn Wells at 925-0384 until 5:00 and after 5:00 call 235-0384

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6:00 p.m. Social Time
6:15 p.m. Meeting Time
at the Auburn Eckhart Public Library, Close Room

Stroh Cemetery
John Scoville

Henry Stroh
Henry Stroh 1813-1886

John will present a power point presentation of Stroh Cemetery telling stories of this small family cemetery. This cemetery is a cemetery most people cannot find, it is in the southernmost part of Grant Township.. After the program, we will carpool out to the cemetery weather permitting if you would like to go. It needs to be dry with no rain the day of the meeting or the day before. Access will not be possible if it is soft from rains.

The DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society Meeting

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time

At the Auburn Eckhart Public Library, the Close Room

Being a Genealogical Detective
Presented by Dr. Curt Sylvester

Dr. Curt Sylvester
Dr. Curt Sylvester

Using detective skills is an important part of learning more about one’s ancestors. Learn to spot clues in documents and then how to research them further using various internet searches. Using Google and other search engines to survey information provided by churches, genealogical societies, governmental agencies and other sources.

Curt Sylvester is a former president of ACGSI and is presently chair of programming. He has written eight genealogical books found in the Allen County Indiana Genealogy Center and presents lectures and workshops around the state. Curt holds a doctorate degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Guests are Always Welcome!

Publications written by Curt Sylvester:
* Homer Franklin Perry and Mary Faucett Perry Their Ancestors and Descendants
* Dear Blanche
* Dear Junior
* Letters From Sgt. Ralph Sylvester, Jr.
* The Death and Burial of Sgt. Ralph Sylvester, Jr.
* The Diary of Mary Eliza Sylvester Humphrey Clay
* A Model For Lay Ministry Based On The Small Group Concept

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society


Flint & Walling 150th Anniversary Tour
Amanda Blackman

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
At the Eckhart Public Library, Close Room
6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time

Amanda Blackman

Amanda is a teacher at Indian Village in Fort Wayne. She has done numerous speaking engagements including, "The Anderson Brothers of Kendallville and the Scandalous Cora", Identifying Old Photographs, Artist Trading Cards, How To Write Your History, Genealogy Scrapbooking and Ailments and Cures (following the program, Plagues & Epidemics by Roselyn Wells)

Henry Park

D.C. Walling and Simeon Flint sowed the seeds of industry in Kendallville when they bought into William Hildreth’s machine shop in January of 1866. By 1871, H.I. and A.B. Park, the sons of Auburn founder Wesley Park, purchased Hildreth’s shares and the factory became the familiar Flint & Walling. Last year, 2016, Flint & Walling celebrated 150 years of local, American-made products. Flint & Walling has employed people from this area for 151 years, including employees from DeKalb, Noble, Allen, LaGrange, and Steuben counties.

Flint & Walling Mfg Co

Amanda Blackman was a part of the Flint & Walling 150th Celebration committee. As a part of this committee, she wrote and gave tours of Flint & Walling affiliated people who are buried in Lake View Cemetery. She is a fan of cemeteries and cemetery tours, and this was of particular interest since her grandfather, Russell Mills retired from Flint & Walling. This will be a virtual version of the cemetery tour.

You do not have to be a member to attend.
Please publish in papers before Monday, March 13 please. You may use any of the pictures. Pics of Amanda Blackman, Letterheads for Flint & Walling, and Henry Park, son of Wesley Park, founder of Auburn.

February 14, 2017

Roselyn Wells

6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time
The Eckhart Public Library, Close Room

Picture of Amanda Wells Blackman doing a crayon rubbing of an ancestor about 1999. Note: If you do a rubbing of a stone, make sure someone is supporting it.

Roselyn Wells, using a power point presentation will talk about how she went about researching her ancestors that were located in Canada. These Canadian tips can be used for any research, even locally. The house where her dad grew up was on the St. Lawrence Seaway and was one of five towns flooded as part of the widening of the St. Lawrence. She had received tips from Ryan Taylor, an employee at the Fort Wayne library who was an expert on Ontario, Canada. You will get to take a virtual tour of some of the Canadian cemeteries, history and of course the Mills family that moved to Indiana about 1926. Russell Mills, Roselyn Wells’s father went to TriState College, now Trine University. He worked for E.I. Dupont as a Chemical Engineer for 23 years, freshly out of college. They lived at Niagara Falls and then Wisconsin where Roselyn was born. They moved to Indiana when she was only six months old so her mother could be close to her family. Roselyn will be talking about the steps and experiences she and her family took to research this side of their family. These experiences and methods can be used for anyone’s research, not just in Canada. You will love some of the stories and you will be horrified by other stories. Anyone is invited to come to our meetings, you do not have to be a member to attend.

In 1875, Russell’s grandparents were married in Moulinette, Christ Church located in Ontario Canada. The church was moved to Upper Canada Village. Picture taken during a visit to Upper Canada Village which is not located in Upper Canada.

Russell Mills, holding Amanda Wells (Blackman) about 1980 in his home in Auburn.

January 10, 2017
Artifacts, Oddities or “Treasures”
6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time
The Eckhart Public Library, Close Room
  Bring something that is meaningful but not valuable to show everyone. For an example, I received an Indian Head Penny on my13th birthday from my Aunt Delia. I did not get many presents growing up as my parents did not have much money when I came along. It was such a surprise getting that in a birthday card in the mail. The only mail I could even remember getting at an early age was the Weekly Reader in the summer when I was in grade school. I could not remember getting a present from Aunt Delia before, either. I have kept it for 50 years.
     Since we have had a pretty rough winter so far, please check your email for a cancellation or call us at 235-0954 or 235-0953 if the weather is severely cold or it is icy or slippery.
       Amanda Blackman will be leading the discussion and also will furnish refreshments.

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