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2015 Dekalb County Fair Booth


New Church Records book, Margaret Hobson selling her 44th inf. books and new civil war pictures at fair.

 DeKalb County Genealogy Society announces the publication of a new church book as part of their Church Records Project. You cannot publish a book without a lot of research and work and that is what our Genealogy Society member, Anieta Allen, accomplished. Zion: The Story of a United Brethren Church is finished. It will be available for sale at the fair booth in the Industrial tent and publication price is $15.00. This is Aneita's second book, with the first book being "The Wittenburg Church." Both books were done about churches in the Butler area. She has taken the Zion church from the beginnings as Zion United Brethren in Christ Church, 1847, to the modern times where the Church is now called Crossroads of Zion Church.

Also at the fair booth, will be Margaret Hobson selling her set of books about the 44th infantry. The first one, The Iron Men of Indiana's 44th Regiment, Part 1: Biographies and Statistics, includes short biographies of the 2,012 men who served followed by 20 pages, in color, of charts and graphs about the regiment. When the call came out in 1861 for volunteers to fight in the Civil War, northeast Indiana was ready. Deeply patriotic and committed to maintaining the Union, they formed the 44th Indiana Regiment and mustered in at Camp Allen in Fort Wayne. No one can tell the story better than the men who were there and in their own words. The second book is The Voices of the 44th Indiana Regiment, Part 2: Formation and Photos. It contains over 250 photos of the men and covers their time until the first battle. It also contains biographies of the officers and court martial transcripts of those who strayed. The 3rd book, is Part 3: Battles and Provost Duty. Margaret will be available to autograph books from 5:00 to 8:00 each day of the fair.

Margaret Hobson's "44th Indiana Civil War Regiment" reference books
Book 1: The Iron Men of Indiana's 44th Regiment, Part 1: Biographies and Statistics
Book 2: The Voices of the 44th Indiana Regiment, Part 2: Formation and Photos
Book 3: The Voices of the 44th Indiana. Part 3: Battles and Provost Duty

Any or all of these books may be purchased on the following web page:

Kenny Warstler let the society copy some of his Civil War pictures as part of his wonderful DeKalb Soldiers collection and copies will be available for $2.00 each. Members of the Abel family is featured in two of the photographs. Sheridan Mott's image complete with flower and lock of hair is in another picture. He was wounded at Chickamauga on September 20, 1863, and died in the hospital in Nashville, May 15, 1864 and was the son of Judge Egbert Mott and Mary Mott of DeKalb County Indiana. Kenny Warstler is the author of Our Gallant Volunteers” covering the beginning of his collection that is in his possession.

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