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Roger Lash's
"Trash or Treasure"

Monday, December 9, 2013

6:00 p.m. social time, 6:15 p.m. meeting time

At tje W.H. Willennar Genealogy Center
(Service of the Eckhart Public Library - Auburn, IN)

DON’T MISS OUT! Roger Lash’s “Trash or Treasure” program. He will tell you the value of one or two items that you bring. If you would like a more accurate “appraisal” send an email to us at by Dec. 6 at the latest. Sooner if you can. We will forward it to him so he can check it out! Is it as treasure or hmmmm just trash? If you don’t have anything to bring – please just come and watch this “Antique Road Show like” program. It is so much fun!

Please bring a snack to share. Drinks will be provided. If you would like to bring more for Roger to check out, please put it under your chair (if it fits) and if there is time permitting – he will check it out. Public is invited (friends & family of members, etc.) but we do not put it in the paper so we don’t get TOO many people but feel free to invite someone.



Reading Old Handwriting

Monday, November 11, 2013

6:00 p.m. social time, 6:15 p.m. meeting time

At tje W.H. Willennar Genealogy Center
(Service of the Eckhart Public Library - Auburn, IN)

Do you have trouble reading those journals that your grandparents or great-grandparents left you?
Even reading original censuses are a challenge!
This program will offer you tips and guidelines for reading and transcribing original wills, censuses, land records and journals.

Roselyn Wells will show examples and have handouts of different old handwriting. Roselyn and her daughter,
Amanda Blackman, have transcribed different diaries, wills and letters in their family.

It is very challenging but is extremely rewarding to extract information that tells so much about your family.

You do NOT have to be a member to attend meetings!

October 14, 2003

Dekalb Haunts

by Jill Devine

6:00 p.m. social time, 6:15 p.m. meeting time
Eckhart Public Libray (Upstairs in the main library)

Halloween is coming soon so what better way to celebrate the season than with ghost stories from our very own county of DeKalb? The DeKalb Genealogy Society will be hosting a “DeKalb Haunts” presentation at the Eckhart Public Library on Monday October 14th at 6:00 p.m. This event is free to the public.

Come hear stories of alleged haunted places in Butler, Waterloo, Corunna, Garrett, and Auburn. Hear about Gypsy Hill and what ghostly things happen because of an event that may have happened long ago. Hear about Native American mounds and the macabre discovery when they excavated the site. See light anomalies that are caught on camera in local cemeteries and voices from the other side caught on digital recorders! API, a local paranormal group, will also be at the meeting to answer questions and talk to you about your experiences.

DeKalb Haunts will have tours later in the month of October which will cost $5 for students or $10 for adults. All the proceeds from the tours will be going to the Genealogy Society to repair headstones and cemeteries in DeKalb County. Hear more information about these alleged haunted locations and see the places for yourself, all the while helping a great cause! Not recommended for children under 12 due to scary stories, pictures and sounds.

Note from Roz…isn’t this interesting? Think of how our ancestors were about superstition and hauntings. This subject ties right into our family history research. Some of these stories have been around for generations and some were recently discovered. Please support our Vice-President, Jill Devine and come to see her presentation!


Auburn Rubber Company

August 24, 2013 Saturday @ 5:30

Coordinated and presented by Dave Fry

David will be covering the history of the Auburn Rubber Company, showing pictures of the company and various toys.
Before their move Dave was one of their hardworking employees.
We are hoping we will have collectors of Auburn toys come to share with us, bringing their collections.

At the Masonic Lodge
223 W. Hobart St. Ashley, IN
(Across from the smiley face water tower) J

Menu: Pecan chicken, ham loaf, potatoes,
Myrtle’s green beans, Salad, rolls, pie, & drinks

Members, guests and the public are welcome.

For more information: DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society,
PO Box 6085, Auburn, IN 46706
or Roselyn Wells, 925-0384 &

Meal reservations are $12.00 per person and are due on or before August 16th

If you cannot mail your check by August 16th, but you do want to attend this meeting, you can pay at the door,
but PLEASE you are responsible for paying for the meal if you cannot make it at the last minute.

(They charge us if we make a reservation, even if you can’t make it – thanks!)

Mail your check postmarked by Aug. 16.
(and who will be attending) to:
DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society
P.O. Box 6085, Auburn, IN 46706

CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS 260-925-0384 – will be available in Auburn this week (Monday-Friday at 3:00)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Tour of the NATMUS Museum

Presented by
Jerry Muzzillo

6:00 p.m. social time 6:15 p.m. meeting time

Jerry Muzzillo will tell us the history of the National Automotive and Truck Museum (NATMUS). After this learning experience, you will get a tour and a close look at the collection. It is the mission of NATMUS to exhibit cars that have been built in the tradition of the Auburn Automobile Company. These include outstanding examples of postwar cars. Trucks exhibited range from 1907 to modern concept trucks. The truck heritage of the City of Auburn and its McIntyre Company, which built a full range of trucks from 1907 until about 1915, is recognized. (information from NATMUS website:


Christian Union Cemetery Tour
Monday, June 10, 2013

William Freed and Nettie May (Haynes) Freed

6:00 Meeting Time

At the Christian Union Cemetery

In 1888 Jacob Brechbill donated ground for the Christian Union Church and plot to the south for a cemetery. As lots were sold, proceeds were given to the church. Some names covered in our tour will be Yarde, Kooken, Grogg, Hathaway, Loutzenhiser, Heinzerling, Lockwood, Hammers and Covell. Members and friends of the DeKalb Genealogy Society will be portraying residents in the eastern part of the cemetery. The cemetery is located just north of State Rd. 8 on Co. Rd. 7. Please park in the church parking lot.

Join us for this interesting tour of an early Garrett area cemetery.

Dress appropriately and bring mosquito spray. Bring an umbrella if it is raining slightly and if there is a heavy rain or thundershowers—the rain date is the next day, Tuesday, June 11.


Identifying Old Photographs
Presented by
Amanda Wells Blackman

May 13, 2013
At W.H. Willennar Genealogy Center
(A service of the Eckhart Public Library)
6:00 social time  6:15 meeting time


Do you have an old shoebox filled with family pictures from a long ago era? You don’t want to throw them out but you have no idea who they are. Or maybe one person is identified but there is a whole lot of relatives there – wait, that one looks a little like you. What year was it taken? What the heck, you think it was way before you were born! Come listen to this interesting program that Amanda and her mom, Roselyn Wells put together out of two separate programs. Amanda Blackman, a teacher in Fort Wayne, has always been interested in family history and she has fine tuned this program, buying photos to illustrate different types of photographs. Plan on attending & bringing a couple of photos for Amanda to examine and comment on.


Dekalb County Indiana Genealogy Society

April 8, 2013
At Sacred Heart Hospital
6:00 social time  6:15 meeting time

On April 13, 1901, Father August Young purchased a residence with
four lots on the corner of Houston and Ijams Street. Here the Sacred
Heart Hospital opened and was operated by the Franciscan Sisters
of the Sacred Heart. In 1912 a new building was constructed and two
additional lots were bought.

Mary Rose Kimmel, like many DeKalb County residents, was born at
Sacred Heart. She, later, as a teenager worked at the hospital and
"manned" at the Sacred Heart Brigade affiliated with the renovation
of the building. She also served as the public relations person in the
Rental Apartments, later located in the

Please travel with us through the history of Sacred Heart Hospital and
maybe share your experiences with this beautiful part of Garrett History!

The public is welcome.  You do not have to be a member to attend!

Contact Information: Roselyn Wells 925-0384 or

Dekalb County Indiana Genealogy Society

March 11, 2013
Eckhart Public Library

6:00 p.m. social time, 6:15 p.m. meeting time

"The Anderson Brothers of Kendallville and the Scandalous Cora"

Presented by

Amanda Blackman

This interesting program gives the details of three African-American brothers who moved to Kendallville between 1860 and the 1870s to work as barbers. Alonzo was a Private in Co. B. 28th Colored Infantry, the only Colored Troop to serve from Indiana in the Civil War. Alonzo operated a barbershop in Waterloo for a number of years before moving to Kendallville. Another brother was the oldest operating barber in Indiana at one point and had a daughter, Cora, who created a nationwide scandal in 1914.

Amanda Blackman is an Elementary Art Teacher in Fort Wayne. She is the Recording Secretary for DCIGS and is active in many local history projects in Kendallville, where she resides. She began to research the Anderson family when she began helping preserve and repair stones in the Old Kendallville cemetery where some of the Anderson family is buried. Due to Amanda’s research and contact with descendants of the family, some members are planning to attend the Kendallville Sesquicentennial.

Contact information:  Roselyn Wells, 925-0384

Pictures attached are of Cora Anderson (left) and the where the Anderson Brothers located their business in Kendallville. (right)


Monday, January 14, 2013

6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time

At The Eckhart Public Library, Close Room

Amazing Spirit

Presented by

Marilyn Em

Born into a rich mix of Native American and European heritage, the author, Marilyn Em, shares what her energetic but modest loving father taught her about making the most of life from his experiences as a heavily decorated Army medic during the Normandy invasion, the Civilian Conservation Corps and a bit about his birth family during the Depression. Lee Em, Marilyn’s father, sends his descendants, especially his daughter into unforgettable adventures only a will and spirit like his and his in-laws could bring to pass. This program is in collaboration with the Eckhart Public Library. Books will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the program.

Questions? Roselyn Wells 925-0384 or
The public is welcome. You do not have to be a member to come to meetings!

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