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Trestor Cemetery, Dearborn County, Indiana
Trestor Cemetery
Washington Twp.,
Dearborn Co., Indiana

I received the below from Ray Lundquist. Thank you for you submission!

Source: The Lawrenceburg Public Library; probably a DAR list done in the 1940's or 1950's.
Ray wrote:
In 1982 I visited Aurora, Indiana to research my Norris family and discovered the cemetery in which some of my ancestors were buried. This was the Trestor Cemetery located at the top of Trestor Hill just off Highway 50 across the road from an area called Dutch Hollow. The cemetery was located behind a row of houses and I was able to get permission from a Mr. Edward Wells who lived in one of them, to explore the area behind his house where the cemetery had been. I found it very overgrown with trees, brush and briars and in terrible condition. There were some tombstones there but broken and many moved and piled up against trees. Mr. Wells told me that the area had once been used as a cowpasture and the monuments broken and the graves trampled. He said he had picked up many of the stones and piled them up to preserve them, but they are not in any special order. I did find some corresponding to surnames of my ancestors, namely Norris and Wright. I am sure there are more but the stones were gone, sunken or broken. This cemetery is in a state of being obliterated and should be preserved as it contains some of the first settlers of Dearborn County.

Trestor Burying Ground
Washington Township, Dearborn County, Indiana

Page 2
Malvina Fenton died March 28, 1860, aged 35 yrs., 7 mos., 15 days
(wife of W. W. Fenton)

John Fenton died April 29, 1850, aged 11 mos., 23 days

Sukey Kelsey died September 23, 1843, aged 54 yrs., 11 mos., 14 days
(wife of John Kelsey)

Luman, Andrew died August 15, 1862, aged 67 yrs., 2 days
Was soldier, War of 1812

Austin, Andrew died November 23, 1864, aged 30 yrs., 10 mos., 28 days
Member, 4th Indiana Cavalry

Grave for baby S.B.A.

Margaret Kidd died March 22, 1883, aged 86 yrsa., 7 days
(wife of David H. Lamb)

David H. Lamb died June 14, 1866, aged 73 yrs., 8 days

Richard Norris died April 18, 1838, aged 63 yrs., 1 day

Althea Norris died September 8, 1819, aged 46 yrs., 1 mo. 25 days
(first wife of Richard Norris)

Clarinda Norris died June 12, 1833, aged 24 yrs., 21 days
(second wife of Richard Norris)

Aaron Tuthill died October, 1866, aged 50 yrs., 8 mos. 2 days

Ira Wright died November 30, 1867, aged 80 yrs., 3 mos., 24 days

Benjamin Wright born February 13, 1830, died March 8, 1877

Mary died August 11, 1833, aged 30 yrs., 9 mos. 14 days
(wife of Cornelius V. Norris)

Mary died Feburary 29, 1829, aged 21 years
(wife of Justin Cure)

Altha Ann Cure died January 23, 1824, aged 11 days

Nathias North died January 19, 1819, aged 10 months

Eden Norris born May 28, 1815

Betsey Norris died May 6, 1818, aged 15 years

Samantha Norris died Oct. 21, 1828, aged 2 yrs., 11 mos., 5 days

Richard Cain died September 21, 1850, aged 84 years

Deborah Cain died June 26, 1865, aged 83 years

Amstedd Abbott born March 28, 1799, died May 5, 1866

Anna Suits born April 16, 1848, died December 6, 1864

Elizabeth Abbott born January 28, 1806, died August 17, 1833

John S. Alsey died 1832

Elizabeth Trester September 19, 1833

Marshall Madison born November 23, 1842, died June 21, 1844
(son of Joseph and Elizabeth Madison)

Elizabeth Green died march 26, 1847, aged 20 yrs., 6 mos., 13 days
(wife of William Green)

Clara Jane Emery died November 2, 1842, aged 15 yrs., 28 days
(daughter of John and Harriet Emery)

Another Listing
Top of Trester Hill--Off Highway 50--Dearborn County
(Some differences of name spellings and dates)

Debora Cain, died June 26, 1869

Armstead Abbott, born 1799, died 1866

Annie Suits, born September 16, 1818, died December 6, 1869

Richard Cain, died September 21, 1850

Abbott, born Feburary 16, 1831, died December 23, 1847

Ira Wright, born June 18, 1844, died May 22, 1855

George T. Wright, died December 11, 1865

John Fenton, died April 29, 1850

Wife of W. W. Fenton, died March 20, 1860

Mariba J. Green, born in Tennessee, Septermber 22, 1799, died February 13, 1867

J. and Hannah Trester, died April 15, 1859, age 10 years, 2 months and 6 days

Clara Norris, wife of Richard Norris, died June 12, 1833, age 24 years

Sarah Jane Emerie, died November 2, 1842

Thanks to the volunteer who submitted the information here!

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