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Dearborn County, Indiana Horham Cemetery

Horham Cemetery
Manchester Twp., Dearborn Co. Indiana

Dearborn County, Indiana
Section 21, T6N, R2W
Manchester township
Konradi Rd.

The below information was submitted by Steve Frevert. Thank you Steve!
Steve wrote concerning the research on the below transcriptions, "I'm attaching a transcription of Horham Cemetery in Manchester Twp. for use on the Dearborn Co. website. It is located on the east side of Konradi Road just north of its intersection with Bunnell Road at the north edge of Manchester Twp. I did not read the cemetery; this was sent to me by a relative who got it from someone else, and I re-typed it exactly as written for you. Because of that, the meanings of a couple things are not clear to me- "RO" and "H" mentioned with the footstones. I have left them in.
Presumably the cemetery was read in 1982 by the people named at the bottom. Dick Horrum, who sent me this list, visited the cemetery in 1988. He said it was absolutely covered with myrtle. Richardson is the name of the family who lived in Daniel Horham's house at that time, and I assume they are the ones who read the cemetery. I hope to visit it this summer when I get down to Dearborn Co."

NOTE: Steve sent me another transcription for Horham Cemetery that was read in 1999 by a relative. This is included here at the end of the 1982 transcription.

Nancy wife of Robert GLENN d. 25 Nov 1838 41 y 4 m

James M. son of Timothy and Laura G. HORRUM d 20 May 1852 1 y 1 m 15 d

George Munroe, son of William and Polly HORRUM d 31 Mar 1863 4 y 3 m 11 d

Charlotte Ann, daughter of William and Polly HORRUM d 13 Mar 1863 9 y 2 m 28 d

Polly wife of Daniel HORHAM d 18 Nov 1857 71 y 1 m 28 d

Daniel HORHAM 21 May 1780-1 Dec 1866

Footstone: MAMc
Robert BENNETT d 6 Feb 1835 aged 44 y 6 m
Hemon son of Daniel and Polly HORHAM d 28 Sep 1827 21 y 15 d

Martha Ann daughter of Hiram and Melinda HORRAM d 25 Aug 1846 4 y 5 m ------

This very old cemetery is completely overgrown with large trees and crepe myrtle. There are a large number of firled stone markers in addition to those copied. There are probably additional markers not found on this visit.

27 June 1982
Chris McHenry
Charles, Elizabeth and Chip Richardson

**Below is another transcription that was made in 1999. Steve writes;
"It (Horham Cemetery) is on private land off Konradi Rd., completely overgrown by trees and brush. A distant relative, Alwyn Horrom Reuther, transcribed the cemetery in 1999 and gave me permission to contribute it to the Dearborn Co. website."

March 31, 1999
Horham Family Cemetery
By Alwyn Horrom Reuther


In Memory of Hemon, son of Daniel and Polly Horham, Died Sept. the 28th, 1827, Aged 21 yrs and 15 days

Nancy, wife of Robert Glenn, Died 25 Nov, 1838, Aged 41y 4m

In Memory of Martha Ann, daughter of Hiram and Malinda Horram, who died Aug. 25th, 1846, Aged 4 yrs

Mercy Ann, wife of Alexander McKee, Died May 29, 1848, Aged 29 yrs, 3 months, 14 days

James M., son of Timothy and Laura G. Horrum, Died 20 May, 1852, 1y 1m 15d (I could not find the stone, but it was found in 1982 by Chris McHenry and the Richardsons)

H. H. Unfinished grave, full size, probably Harriet Horrum?, daughter of Luther Royal and Elcy Horrum, Harriet was born and died in 1855.

Martha Jane, daughter of Wm and Polly Horrum, Died Oct 24, 1857, Aged 20 days

Polly, wife of Daniel Horham, Died Nov 18, 1857, Aged 71y 1m 28d

Daniel Allen, son of Daniel and Polly Horham, who was born Jan 11th, 1828 and died Aug 27th, 1852

Charlotte Ann, daughter of Wm and Polly Horrum, Died March 10, 1863, Aged 9y 2m 28d

George Monroe, son of Wm and Polly Horrum, Died March 31, 1863, Aged 4y 3m 11d

Daniel Horham, Born May 21, 1780, Died Dec 1, 1866

Robert Bennet, Died Feb 6, 1885, Aged 44y 6m (did the Horhams still own this land at that time?)



Slabs of Stone
Approximately 29

Note: Charlotte Ann and George Monroe Horrum have a double stone at the farthest end of the cemetery.
Mercy Ann Moss married Alexander McKee on 10-2-1839 in Dearborn County, Indiana (found on Internet). Mercy Ann Moss is the sister of Jemima Morss , who married William Blodgett, brother of Polly Blodgett Horham.
The Bennets, and Glenns are buried in the cemetery, but it is unknown what their relationship is to the Horhams. Possibly neighbors. Robert Bennet was said by Charles Richardson's letter to be a neighbor.

Thanks to the Steve Frevert who submitted the information for this page!

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