Vol 19     Year 1997
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Issue : 70 Quarterly : 1

Marlena's Musings 2
In Memoriam: Rene ZABEAU, Leen INGHELS 3
Belgian Bayous, Micheline GAUDETTE 5
Johanna and Frank VENNE, Annie VENNE FOWLER 6
The Wisconsin Corner, by Mary Ann DEFNET 8
Passenger List of the SS Astoria 9
The ACM Epic, Claude MALOBERT 10
Foundlings, Pierre INGHELS 13
News from the Embassy 14
Passenger Lists, M. GAUDETTE and H THOMAS 18

Issue : 71 Quarterly : 2

The Bellicose Belgian, Della CLABOTS 22
Fifty Candles for Le Lombard, Wallonie-Bruxelles 23
The Wisconsin Corner, by Mary Ann DEFNET 25
Belgians Bring Along Their Customs, Math TLACHAC 27
The Epic of the ACM, Claude MALOBERT 29
History 101, M REDMON, subm. M DELBROUCK-VILLA 32
The Good Sister Eloi, Regine BRINDLE 32
Northwest News, L INGHELS 33
News from the Embassy 34
More Civil War Listings, Denise CORKE 37
Passenger List SS Tunesian, Dick IMPENS 38
Belgians in the Province of Luxemburg, P INGHELS 39

Issue : 72 Quarterly : 3

Gleanings 42
The Heathen Morini, Gazette van Detroit 42
The Belgian Comics, L INGHELS 43
Civil War Veterans Remembered, subm. By Judy HOLMAN 44
The Belgian Bayous, Micheline GAUDETTE 45
A Week in Belgium, Dolores FALLON 47
Northwest Corner, L INGHELS 48
Tournai - Doornik, Claude MALOBERT 49
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 52
A Pessemier Story, J E SIEGERT 54
News from the Embassy 55
Emigrants from Oud Heverlee, Brabant, Roger PAEPS Mary Ann DEFNET 58

Issue : 73 Quarterly : 4

Halifax's Days of Hell, Micheline GAUDETTE 62
A Taste of Belgian Folklore, Claude MALOBERT 62
"La Belgica", Emmanuel COLLET 63
Unexpected Belgian Ties, Micheline GAUDETTE 65
The Wisconsin Corner, by Mary Ann DEFNET 66
Belgo-American Heritage Society West Virginia, Victoria Renee 68
Emigration Sheets from Jodoigne, Belgium, J J GAZIAUX 68
News from the Embassy 71
The Belgian Community in Grandview, C PANSAERTS, sum by L 72
Luxembourgers- The Minority of, M F RICCI 74
Luxembourger or Belgian, Omer RAVEAU 74
Some Holiday goodies 77
Rhode Island Federal Censuses, Micheline GAUDETTE 78

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