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Vol 18     Year 1996

Issue : 66 Quarterly : 1

Belgians in the Civil War, John MERTENS 2
The "Meetjesland", Carol HAZLEWOOD 3
The Wisconsin Corner, by Mary Ann DEFNET 5
Cathedral Murals Create Controversy, Lilian PEREYRA 7
It's not just a beer. It's a Lambic!, Hans Michael VERMEERSCH 9
Belgium in Cyberspace, Hans Michael VERMEERSCH 10
Northwest News, Hans Michael VERMEERSCH 10
A Visit to the VANHOUWE Towns, Bob VOISINET 11
Sacred Encounters, Leen INGHELS 14
He Taught his People to Sing, Karel DENYS 15
WWII Memories, Albertina DEPROST 16
Val St Lambert, Gazette van Detroit 18
Info for Music Lovers 18
Passenger Lists, M. GAUDETTE and H THOMAS 19
Recipes, Leen INGHELS 20

Issue : 67 Quarterly : 2

The Brabantine Draughthorse, JP VISSERS R PIESSENS 23
Red River Township, J H MERTENS 25
My Trip to Belgium, Mary R BROWN 27
Map of Belgium's Regions 29
Northwest Corner, Hans Michael VERMEERSCH 29
The Fair of Libramont, Leen INGHELS 30
The Wisconsin Corner, by Mary Ann DEFNET 32
John McCRAE, Father DENYS 33
Archeological Digs in Belgium 35
More about Brussels 36
More about Floods, M GAUDETTE 36
Waasland Research, G PICAVET 38
Recipes 40

Issue : 68 Quarterly : 3

Message from the Belgian Embassador 41
Twenty Candles for the Belgian Researchers! Micheline GAUDETTE 43
Letter from Mary VERSLYPE 45
Obituary Henry VERSLYPE 45
How we became acquainted with the PICAVETs, Regina WHITEHILL 46
America Revisited!, Georges PICAVET 47
The Belgian National Anthem and Coat of Arms, M WHITTEMORE 49
My Trip to Belgium (conclusion), Mary BROWN 51
Northwest Corner, Hans Michael VERMEERSCH 52
Maaseik, Carol HAZLEWOOD 56
SS Buena Vista Passenger List, John MERTENS 57

Issue : 69 Quarterly : 4

The Medieval Modern Mix in Ghent, Ellen KLUGMAN
In Memoriam Dorothy LUTOMSKI 62
Twenty Candles for the Belgian Researchers!, Pierre INGHELS 63
First Newsletter - December 1976, Micheline GAUDETTE 65
When It Rains, It Pours, John VAN DORPE 66
The ACM - The First Armored Car, Claude MALOBERT 67
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 68
Gembloux, J M ANTOINE 70
Case of the Treadwell Shooting, submitted by Regina WHITEHILL 71
Thinking Globally, Marlena BELLAVIA 73
100 Years Comic Strips, Belgian Embassy 74
More Embassy News 75
Passenger List of the Astoria, Charlotte ROGERS 78
Waasland Research update, Georges PICAVET 78
Passenger Lists, M. GAUDETTE and H THOMAS 79

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