Vol 17     Year 1995
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Issue : 62 Quarterly : 1

Doornik-Tournai, by Leen INGHELS 2
Francois Alexandre DELFORGE, JF DELFORGE 3
Belgian Families in South Charleston, JF DELFORGE 4
From Grez Doiceau to Wisconsin, by Father Jean DUCAT 7
Reproduction of "Rose" by P J REDOUTE 9
Pierre Joseph REDOUTE, Micheline GAUDETTE 10
Wisconsin Corner - Door Co Records, Mary Ann DEFNET 11
Passengers Lists, M GAUDETTE H THOMAS 18

Issue : 63 Quarterly : 2

Belgian Gleanings 22
Historical Value of the Dollar 23
Where to go to Belgian Imports 23
WWII Memories, Howard F. THOMAS 24
Nivelles, Leen INGHELS 25
Emilius Julianus VANDENBOSCH, Jean BUSCH McMAHON 26
Leuven, A Capital again, Karen DENYS 29
Belgian American Society/West Virginia, by Rene ZABEAU 30
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 30
Declaration of Intention Kewaunee Co. WI, Mary Ann DEFNET 31
Belgian Conscripts in American Civil War, Jean DUCAT 32
Northwest Corner, Leen INGHELS 35
Recipes: Asparagus, Leen INGHELS 37
Passenger Lists, M. GAUDETTE and H THOMAS 39

Issue : 64 Quarterly : 3

Dinant, Leen INGHELS 42
The Cross of Piro de Jalhay, Patti PJERROU-PAYNTER 43
Of Names and Nuns, by Hans-Michael VERMEERSCH 45
Father Gustave Adolphe VERMEERSCH, Pierre L INGHELS 46
WWII Memories, Babrabr Van de Veere 47
From Grez Doiceau to Wisconsin, by Father Jean DUCAT and Mary Ann 49
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 50
Sheldon, NY, Jean DUCAT 51
Portrait, Greg VAN TIGHEM 52
Northwest Corner, Leen INGHELS and Greg VAN TIGHEM 53
Tongeren, Oldest Town in Belgium, Ghislain de SCHAETZEN 54
Belgian-American Heritage Society W VA, Rene ZABEAU 55
My Father the Bicycle Racer, August INGHELS 55
A Belgian Tradition, Gazette Van Detroit 56
Brussels, 300 Years Ago, Karel DENYS 56
Passenger Lists, M. GAUDETTE and H THOMAS 59

Issue : 65 Quarterly : 4

Member portrait: Don DALEBROUX 62
A Gold Mine of Data, Georges PICAVET 63
Le Vieux Chene, Leen INGHELS 63
Sheldon, NY, Micheline GAUDETTE 65
Wisconsin Corner, Mary Ann Defnet, 70
Perfect Timing, Don VAN HOUDENOS 72
Belgo-American Centenarian, Leen INGHELS 74
WWII Memories, John VAN DORPE 74
Where in Cyberspace is Belgium?, Hans Michael VERMEERSCH 75
Those Wacky Walloons!, Leen INGHELS 76
Manneken Pis 77
Passenger Lists, M. GAUDETTE and H THOMAS 79

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