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What's New Needs You!

We all want to see something new and helpful on the Boone County Genealogy website every time we visit, so please help us keep that goal by volunteering a service, transcribing data, look-ups, gravestone photos and/or cemetery readings, or just contributing something from your current Boone County research to add to our databases. If you can help, please let me know.

What's New Needs You!

What's New

It would be impossible to list every single item and entry that is added to the website on a daily basis, but I will attempt to keep this page updated to reflect the major addition of new sections, materials and databases. Some sections, such as obituaries and newspaper items, are updated with additions frequently. Other databases such as marriages, deaths, births, etc., are ongoing, and additions are made as the transcriptions are completed or contributions received. The easiest way to determine if new items may have been posted of particular interest to you, is to utilize the search engine to find surnames pertinent to your research.

November 2008

I'm still hoping to hear from any volunteers who would like to contribute a few hours to help transcribe some data for the website ... just drop me a line!

October 2008

I'll be posting many odds and ends of data I have for Boone County this month, some of which will be transcriptions from L. M. Crist's "History of Boone County, Indiana" published in 1914. Of course I'm still hoping to find some contributions in my email of data and materials from our researchers also!

I'd love to hear from any volunteers who would like to contribute a few hours to help transcribe some data for the website ... just drop me a line!

  • I'll be adding many new biographies from, "History of Boone County, Indiana" published in 1914 ... as quickly as I can transcribe them!
  • I'm transcribing more biographies from the 1878, "Combination Atlas Map of Boone County Indiana,"
  • Data added to Burials & Headstone Photos - 10/15/2008
  • Additions to Old School Photos - 10/21/2008

September 2008

Please continue to contribute your genealogical data and photographs to Boone County Genealogy. It's always appreciated. Some of the new data posted this month:

October 2007

I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing how our photo gallery has grown! Keep sending in those old family photos! This month I'll be posting many old portraits, etchings and various images, maps and plats from the 1878 publication, "Combination Atlas Map of Boone County Indiana." I've been a little behind updating What's New the last few weeks, but look around and use the search engine, as there are many new items that have been posted in various sections of the website!

  • Many etchings of Boone County farms and homes ca 1878 in the Gallery - 10/6/2007
  • Dozens of Boone County portrait/etchings added to the Gallery - 10/7/2007
  • New items in Burials and Deeds posted - 10/8/2007
  • Many thanks to Janet Isley Price who contributed dozens of old obituary transcriptions that I've begun to post on the site with more to come! - 10/9/2007
  • NEW Database! WWII Honor List of Dead & Missing - 10/13/2007
  • Many obituaries and death news items posted today - 10/14/2007
  • Items posted in Wills, Biographies, Obituaries & Decades - 10/17/2007
  • NEW Database! 1878 Landowner Atlas! - 10/21/2007
  • This week *many* items have been added to the site. Use the search engine to check for your names, and be sure and take a look in Biographies & Obituaries - 10/29/2007

September 2007

Great news this month has been getting the photo gallery back online and researchers responding by submitting many old photographs ... thank you to everyone that has contributed your old family photographs! I've also been adding many photograph/portraits from the 1887 edition of, "Early life and times in Boone County, Indiana," which will correspond with many biographies recently posted.

August 2007

Summer is always a busy time of the year ... vacations, travel and kids out of school. But hopefully this time of the year has also given you more opportunity to work on your family tree. Maybe a trip to do some courthouse research or prowl a cemetery or two with camera in tow searching for the gravesites of a few elusive ancestors. I hope if you are able to add to your research this summer or have a little extra time, you'll consider sharing some of your data with Boone County INGenWeb also!

July 2007

The good news ... Many biographies and items of historical interest from the book, "Early life and times in Boone County, Indiana" continue to be transcribed and ready to post on the website. The bad news ... Unfortunately the month has started off with difficulty or the inability to get them online due to problems with RootsWeb's servers going down or out of whack all week. Hopefully their problems will get fixed soon! :-) - Update! - Problems fixed as of July 7th! Yea!

June 2007

I'd like to extend a BIG thank you to Julie Townsend who has graciously volunteered to transcribe data for Boone County Genealogy. She is currently completing all the biographies from the 1887 edition of, "Early life and times in Boone County, Indiana," - so keep checking back often! Thanks Julie!

May 2007

April 2007

Last month I added the ability to post many more copies of *original* vital records, such as marriage and death certificates, obituaries and gravestone photographs to the website that have been contributed! I thank our generous Boone County contributors that have generously shared these records with us! If you can add more records to our data, please read the guidelines for submission information.

March 2007

March should be a good month for new additions! New Boone County cemetery transcriptions from Libbe Hoogeveen will be added all month as soon as I can get them reformatted and posted online! Looking forward to what our other researchers can provide also!

February 2007

Once again, a big thank you to our Boone County researchers who contributed lots of data last month and continuing this month. Your contributions keep Boone County Genealogy growing and are truly appreciated!

January 2007

Even during the busy holiday season our wonderful Boone County researchers have found time to submit new data to the site! Please consider submitting some things from your research as your New Year resolution for 2007 - Help Keep Online Genealogy FREE!

A special thank you to Boone County researcher, Roberta Lewis, who has contributed an enormous amount of records and data for the LANE family in Boone County this month ... descendant sheets, obituaries, copies of original Civil War records, photographs, burial records, historical news items, etc. Many are now posted, and more will be online as soon as they are transcribed. Use the search engine to find the LANE records currently online.

December 2006

November 2006

October 2006

What a fantastic kick-off we've had since introducing the new website at the beginning of the month! Our wonderful Boone County researchers have been actively submitting new records and data to the website ... many thanks to all of you for the support and participation! Listed below are some of the areas you'll find new data, and I'll continue to add to this list as the month continues.

July - September 2006

July through September have been busy and productive months, since I recently adopted the Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb, created a new website and have made some substantial additions of materials, resources and data. I hope you like the new look and design and find some helpful new resources. Of course all of the original information and data is still here, but it may have a new look. Many new entries have been added to the website with the new design, too many to list each and every one, but listed here are a few of the major NEW additions or updated data: