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What's New Needs You!

We all want to see something new and helpful for our research on the Boone County Genealogy website every time we visit, so please help us keep that goal by volunteering a service, transcribing data, look-ups, gravestone photos and/or cemetery readings, or just contributing something from your current Boone County research to add to our databases. If you can help, please let me know.

 What's New Needs You!

Submit Data

We encourage and appreciate any submissions of genealogical materials to Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb. You may send your data in plain text, HTML or attachments via email to the County Coordinator. Please be specific in the subject line and reference Boone County to avoid your email being mistaken for spam by my junk email filters; Example: "Boone County Data: William Brown's Biography." Don't forget to include your name and the email address you prefer to use for credits on the website for your submission.

Please read the guidelines below regarding materials submitted to the website, and if you have additional questions not covered below, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I thank you in advance for your generous contributions to Boone County Genealogy and helping in our quest to make as much free online information available for Boone County researchers as possible.


September 2008
Due to the loss of considerable data and email messages after my computer failure, I regrettably request  that you re-submit any contributions you may have made in the last few months and you find have not yet been posted on the website. So sorry for the inconvenience, but I thank you for your submissions!

Please read the guidelines below,
then click to send your Boone County data

Submit Data

Your comments and suggestions also welcome!


  • Copyright - Please be aware of copyright for material submitted and only contribute data that is used without copyright infringement, e.g., meets fair use criteria, within public domain, or if under copyright, you have received specific written permission to use it. However, certain vital facts such as names, birth, marriage and death dates, burial locations, etc., are public information facts and can not be copyrighted. It's only the "creative expression" of the material that can be copyrighted ... not the facts! When submitting your personal data; genealogy reports, photographs, compilations, etc., you will maintain your copyright of the material, but you have given Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb the right to publish that material online, and the rights of others to copy or use it for private family, non-commercial, non-profit genealogical purposes only, by your act of submission.
  • Sources - Whenever possible, include complete sources for material submitted, i.e.: name of publication, author, title, page number, publisher and date of publication, etc. If possible, include the repository (name of library, etc.) where the original is located.
  • Genealogy Reports - All descendant, ancestor and family group sheet reports sent in plain text or html are welcome. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept a GEDCOM file. However, you can upload and post genealogical files in GEDCOM format at RootsWeb.
  • Privatize Information - My policy is similar to the accepted guidelines that RootsWeb or follow regarding online genealogy, and that is to refrain from posting vital information regarding living individuals; birth dates, marriage dates, addresses, etc. When submitting genealogy reports, please temporarily change your settings on your genealogy software to "privatize" your data before generating your reports. Generally this will still allow the inclusion of all names and relationships in your reports, but it will not show the vital dates and information for living individuals. Deceased individuals will continue to show with all vital dates, etc. Another alternative if you prefer, is to produce a shorter standard report with less generations showing, and ending with births circa 1910. If you have questions, just send me a note.
  • Obituaries, Vital Records, Memorabilia & Newspaper Items - These items are always of interest and value to the genealogist, but I request that they generally be older items or those published more than 40 years ago, and thus more genealogical in nature. You may send your transcribed copies in any type of text format. If you would like to submit an actual digital copy (jpeg) of a news clipping, vital record, obituary, etc., please also send a transcribed text version to post. Search engines will only find names, etc., in text versions, but not within graphics.
  • Editing - Occasionally it may be necessary to edit or reformat data submitted for accuracy, clarity or website structure. However, I will always attempt to maintain the original content in its entirety.
  • Photographs - All photographs with Boone County connections are welcome, e.g.; individuals, homes, buildings, geographical locations, cemeteries and gravestones, etc. Please generally refrain from submitting photographs of living individuals, or only if their explicit consent has been given, or photographs taken more recently than 50 years ago, excepting of course, those of buildings, cemeteries, gravestones, etc. Please submit your scanned, digitized images in a large enough resolution for printing, e.g., 200-300dpi.

NOTE: All photographs, compilations, derivative and/or original creative works published on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb remain under copyright or license of the owner/creator and by the owner's submission, permission has been granted for these images and works to be displayed on Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb and copied by others for personal family genealogical use only. These images and works may not be redistributed or published in any other work, by any method, either commercially or non-commercially, without explicit written consent from the owner of the photograph or creative work, unless identified otherwise.