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What is the USGenWeb and INGenWeb?

  • The USGenWeb Project just celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2006 and consists of a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. The Project is non-commercial, non-profit and fully committed to free access for everyone. The INGenWeb Project is the state of Indiana's division of the USGenWeb, and this Boone County Genealogy website represents Boone County, Indiana for both Projects.

This website looks different ... Am I in the right place?

  • Yes! We have a brand new look! I adopted this Boone County Genealogy website in the late summer of 2006 as your new volunteer County Coordinator, and I did give the pages a new design and a slightly different navigation system, but hopefully you will be able to find all of the original data. It's all here just as before,  with lots of *NEW* data added, also!

Where is that little cabin pictured on all the pages located?

  • I've been asked this question numerous times ... everybody loves the little log cabin! However, I really don't know where it is located. When I was making the new website, I found the original color photograph on a royalty free website, but it did not list the location in the source. If I recall, the photographer was from Illinois ... so maybe close! Before using the photograph, I digitally enhanced it by; changing the color, adding effects and cropping it. I thought it was a fitting example of the type of cabin many of our Boone County pioneer ancestors built in the dense woods when they first settled, and listened to the wolves howl in the night!

Are you affiliated with a historical society or library in Boone County?

  • No, I'm not. Boone County Genealogy is a separate entity with no connections to the local genealogy societies or libraries. I'm a volunteer host coordinator for this INGenWeb Project site. This is a one-woman show, folks! So no, I'm not sitting in a damp and dusty old basement office surrounded by huge file cabinets overflowing with aged and yellowed Boone County records. I wish I was! Well, the old records part, anyway ... I've already got enough dust! ;-) However, I hope that this Boone County INGenWeb site is a good compliment to our wonderful Boone County libraries and historical societies by what we each are able to offer for those researching in Boone County.

I need someone to help me do further research and look-ups in Boone County ... Can you help me?

  • I'm sorry, but I do not live in Indiana, so I'm not able to help you do any additional personal research or provide records, other than what you find currently available on the website. All research materials or data I have for Boone County is posted online, and all new data is posted as soon as possible after I acquire it. I don't have access to any other Boone County materials, records or resources. However, I hope that I have presented here an abundant amount of resources, and links to Boone County genealogical and historical societies and local libraries with genealogical departments, where they *may* offer additional look-up or research services. We also have a few generous local area volunteers offering look-up services and Boone County cemetery photographs you can contact, and we're always on the lookout for more volunteers willing to help! I would also suggest you post a query or a look-up request on the various Boone County Message Boards. Please take a look at the County Research link for additional information and resources that I'm sure will help you with your research.

How can I get a birth, death or marriage certificate for my Boone County ancestor?

  • Take a look at our Research Resources page where you will find information for obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death certificates for Boone County, as well as many other types of records and information to help with your research.

Where is the new Query section?

  • All new Boone County queries are posted to the RootsWeb Message Board for Boone County now. You can browse the older archived queries here on the site from the link. You'll also find all the links for other Boone County related message boards and lists to allow you the most exposure and best response from your queries.

Where do you get all this Boone County data?

  • Much of the material on the website has been generously contributed by volunteers and researchers such as you! We are fortunate to have had many people, and past and present Coordinators, graciously give some time to volunteer to transcribe historical county records, cemeteries, old newspapers for obituaries and news items, old Boone County history books, etc. I also use items from my personal collection that I have purchased ... historical records, books, old school annuals, old photographs, etc.

Can I contribute something to Boone County Genealogy?

  • Yes!! Please do! I am *always* in need and searching for more data to add to the site, and I hope you will join us by contributing what you can from your research efforts. Everyone doing genealogy research in Boone County has *something* they could contribute that would help others ... obituaries, biographies, family group sheets, old photographs, etc. Contributions of material and data are what keep this website growing, and we couldn't thrive without them! I would also gladly welcome any volunteers that can locate and transcribe some records for us, or individuals that can take cemetery and gravestone photographs. Maybe you have other suggestions or ideas. As Martha says, "It's a good thing!" Please read more information on the "Submit Data" link.

Keep coming back, as these FAQ's are updated regularly!