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Old Harlan Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Old Harlan Cemetery, Springfield Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on the south side of State Road 37, on the east end of Harlan, across for Repp Road. This cemetery is no longer in use. The cemetery is now well cared since being adopted by Harlan Elementary School. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in September of 2009. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.
Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4, 1/4NW, 1/4SW, 1/4SE
Section 28, Twp 32N, Range 14E
Latitude 41.1968 Longitude 84.9128
Easting 675028 Northing 4562906

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. The DAR did a reading in 1932 and the Allen County Genealogical Society did a reading in the 1980s. The information from these readings was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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Old Harlan I-M
Old Harlan N-Z

Old Maysville Cemetery Marker
-----This cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering-always.
-----Harlan Elementary Sixth grade 1998
-----Milken Family Foundation
-----Festival For Youth

Old Maysville Cemetery Marker
-----List of every person buried in the cemetery at the time stone was erected.


Alderman Bathsheba Ann Died Aug 19, 1847 Aged 24 years 4 m. Wife of John W. Alderman
-----Here lies the Mother of four
-----Two are on Earth and two are in Heaven
Alderman Eliza Jane died Oct 22, 1816 aged 7 mos.

Alderman Katie A. Died Oct. 6, 1873 Aged 18 Ys. 3 Ds. Daughter of Wm. & M. J. Alderman Photo

Amstutz Aaron H. 1880-1922 Photo

Amstutz Bertha 1881-1976 Photo

Amstutz Robert Lee 1920 Aged 3 Mo. Photo

Anderson Francis Died Nov. 4, 1841 1Y 7M 4D Son of R. & M. Anderson Photo

Anderson Geo. R. Died June 18, 1890 Aged 14Y. 10M. 7D. Son of F. M. & C. Anderson
-----2 lines of inscribing at the top, then Mammas Boy

Anderson Richard Rev. Died Nov. 27, 1885 Aged 75Y 1M 22D Father Inscription unreadable
Anderson Hestella Died Nov. 22, 1894 Aged 77Y 11M. & 18D. Wife of R. Anderson

Ashley Darwin Died Oct. 1, 1854 Aged 8 Ys. 1 Mo. 22 D. Son of E. D. & H. L. Ashley Photo

Ashley Harriet L. Died Feb. 12, 1853 37 Y Wife of E. D. Ashley Photo

Ashley James _. Died Oct 1, 1860 Aged 11. M. 22 D. Son of E. B. & Susan E. Ashley Photo

Ashley Jess Oct. 11, 1854 1y 1m 4d (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Ashley Jessie May Apr. 18, 1874 Dau. of E.G. & E.E. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Ashley Zenas Died Sept. 31, 1854 Aged ____ years Photo

Ashley Zenas Jr Oct. 12, 1854 2y 11m 11d Son of E.D. & H. L.
-----Left side unreadable, could be Jess Ashley listed above as not found.

Astry Daisy E. Died Feb. 20, 1885 Aged 9Y 11M 3D Dau. of D. & M. Astry Photo

Astry David Died Feb. 26, 1877 Aged 23Y 5M 9D Son of Jonas and Sarah Astry Photo

Astry Evangeline 1873-1888 Photo

Astry Hattie A. Died Mar. 31, 1866 Aged 6 M. 11 Ds. Dau. of J. & M. E. Astry Photo

Astry Jonas was born Nov. 14, 1899 and died Dec. 1, 1886 Aged 77 Yrs. 17 Ds
Astry Sarah Ann was born Dec. 18, 1819 and died Jan 15, 1890 Aged 70 Rs. 27 Ds.

Astry Mattie May 31, 1866 6m 14d (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Banserman S A Co C 74 Ind. Inf. GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Bartlett Simon S. 1872-1944
Bartlett Cora B, 1874-1960

Bathurst Mary Died March 26, 1879 Aged 74 yrs. 3Mo. & 17 D.
-----O spirit freed from bondage Rejoice, thy work is done!

Bauserman Samuel B Died Dec, 3, 1863 Aged 1 Y 2 M 11 D Son of S. A. & Mary Bauserman Photo

Baylor Elizabeth Died May 3, 1871 Wife of Jacob (Could be Jason.) Photo

Beechgood Abner Gerard Died April 27, A. D. 1854 Aged 4 Years Son of John & Martha J.

Bickhart Isaac Died May 11, 1893 Aged 66Y. 13 D.
Bickhart Margaret Died Apr. 10, 1889 Aged 59Y. 5M. 29D. Wife of I. Bickhart

Boger Charles E. Died May 11, 1872, Aged 7 days Son of G. & R. Boger Photo

Boger Christian Oct. 22, 1836-April 14, 1904
Boger Rebecca Nov 11, 1835 His Wife
-----Come Ye Blessed

Boger Mary E. Died Sept 17, 1870 Aged 1Y. 6M. 8 D. Dau. Of G. & R. Boger Photo

Boston George Born Oct. 19, 1800 Died Oct. 11, 1878 Aged 77Y 11M 25D
-----Dying is but going home.
Boston Mary Born Jan 12, 1800 died July 12, 1879 Aged 79 Yrs. 6 Mo.
-----Gone but not forgotten.

Boulton Henry 1821-1915 Photo

Boulton Ida J. 1864-1927 Photo

Brand James W. Died May 25, 1862 Civil War Indiana Co D. Infantry Civil War Star: GAR

Brown Sarah E. Apr. 16, 1881 14y 3m 29d Dau. of E. & E. (No stone found DAR listing.)

Brunkhart Martha Ann Mar. 13, 1866 7y 8m 24d dau of S & M (No stone found DAR listing.)

Carr W. A. Co. F 148th N.Y. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Carrington Andrew 1824-1908 Photo

Carrington Elizabeth Webb Died Dec. 27, 1897 Aged 69Y. 6M. 12D. Wife of A. Carrington
-----Erected by her brother J. D. Webb Photo

Carvin Abraham Died at Gallatin, Tenn. Feb. 16, 1863 Aged 36 Y, 12 D, 88th Ind. Re. Vol. Photo

Carvin Harriet L. Died Jan 8, 1863 16Y. 5M. & 7D. Daut. of A. M. & A. J. Carvins Photo

Closson Lillie M. Died May 11, 1871 Aged 2M 4D Dau of E. & M. Closson Photo

Closson Lizzie H. Died Apr 2, 1877 Aged 6Yr. 2Mo. Dau of E. & M. Closson Photo

Closson Nettie Died Sept. 1876 Aged 1Y 4D Dau of E. & M. Closson Photo

Cochrane George Died Jan 12, 1879; Aged 49 Y. 2 M. 13 DS.
Cochrane Charlotte Died Jan 19, 1861; Aged 43 Y. 6 M. 29 DS
-----Blest thought, not last, but gone before.

Conner Robert D. Died Jan. 31, 1857 Aged 24 Yrs. 3 Mo. 6 Ds. Photo

Conway Joseph Died Aug 30, 1864 Aged 60Y. 2M. & 19 D. Photo

Conway Mary 1810-1896 86Ys. Wife of J. Conway Photo

Conway Zidana Hatch Died Oct. 5, 1864 Aged 20 Y 1 M 5 D Wife of E. Conway Photo

Coomer Mary M. Died Feb 13, 1864 Aged 23 Ys. 5 Mos. & 8 Ds. Wife of L. Coomer
Coomer Mellie Died June 17, 1881 Aged 33 Ys & 5Ms. Wife of L. Coomer
Coomer Mellie M. Died July 17, 1881 Aged 1 Mo. & 10 Ds. Infant Dau. of L. & Mellie Coomer

Copenhaver Jacob C. Died May 8, 1871 Aged 15Y 11M 1D Son of J. & M. A. Copenhaver Photo

Copenhaver Jacob Died Oct. 22, 1886 Aged 73Ys. 6Ms. & 15Ds.
Copenhaver Mary A. Died July 2, 1890 Aged 65YS. 11M. 28D. Wife of J. Copenhaver

Copp Jacob Mar. 2, 1812-Oct. 2, 1878
Copp Sabella Oct. 11, 1816-Sep. 26, 1900 His Wife

Corcoran James Born in Ireland, Died Feb. 9, 1875 Aged 29Y. 6M. 24D. Photo

Cosgrove George C. Died March 20, 1853 Aged 27 Y 4 M 17 D (On tall marker)
-----Pvt. 2 Ky. Inf. Mexican War March 20, 1853 (On small marker)
-----Mexican War Star: US Mexican War Veteran

Cosgrove Harry Mar. 25, 1878 24y 5d (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Crall Ira Died Nov. 6, 1876 Aged 8Y. 7M. 8D Son of M. & H. Crall Photo

Crall Nettie Died Oct. 13, 1876 Aged 1Y 9M 12D Dau. of M. & M. Crall Photo

Cummins Head Stone
Cummins Abbie S. 1854-19 (footstone)
Cummins Marion R. 1849-1922 (footstone)

Cummins Bernice Only says: Orsie Photo

Cummins Joseph Co. D 88 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Cutts Sarah Alice Died Mar. 10, 1861 Aged 9M Dau. of Wm. & M. D. Cutts Photo

Daniel Sarah A. Died April 2, 1873 Wife of J. R. Daniel Age and inscription unreadable Photo

Daniels Francis M. Died March 21, 1861 Aged 28yrs 8mos 13ds.
-----Friendship & love have done their last
-----And now can do no more.
-----Bitterness of death is past
-----And all thy sufferings oer.

Daniels Martha May 2, 1872 21y 4m 25d wife of J. R. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Deitrick Emanuel Corp. Co. D 44 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Deitrick John Died Dec. 19, 1860 Photo

Derby Maria Died Oct. 3, 1870 Aged 29Y. 2M. 28D. Wife of J. W. Derby Photo

Dowell Children of J. & S. A.
Dowell Alta A. Died Mar 21, 1869 Aged 10 Y. 11 M. 9 D.
Dowell Infant Died Mar. 22, 1869

Eckles Ava Mitchell 1858-1923 I John H. Eckles erect this monument here at my
-----future burial place in memory of my beloved wife.

Eckles Mary D. Died Feb 3, 1878 Aged 25 Y 26 D Wife of Wm. P.
Eckles Olive Died May 6, 1878 25 Y. 10 M. & 8 Days. Wife of N. P. Eckles

Eninger Samuel Died May 5, 1889 Aged 50 Ys 7 Ms 19 Ds Photo

Estry Catharine E. Died Nov. 25, 1855 Aged 6M 11D Dau of I. & S. A. Estry Photo

Estry Isaac 1811-188170 Y.
Estry Sarah A. 1814-190086Y. His Wife

Farmer Adda Died Nov. 28, 1877 Aged 39Ys. 11M. & 18 Days. Wife of John W. Farmer Photo

Farmer John W. Co. D 44 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Faust Eleanor Died Oct. 7, 1866 Aged 3Y. 15 D. Children of A. & S. Faust
Faust Sophia Died Mar 11, 1858 Aged 1 yr. 2 m. 3 d.
Faust Lydia Died Sept. 16, 1879 Aged 9 m. 10 d.

Feigley Garry Died Sept. 22, 1871 Aged 2M Son of G. W. & S. M. Feigley Photo

Feigley John W. B. Sep. 21, 1833-D. Mar. 29, 1886
Feigley Matilda B. Nov. 12, 1835-D. May 20, 1888 His Wife
-----At Rest

Flick George A. Died April 21, 1855 Aged 24 Yrs.
-----The least of these is blessed. ____ 10; 12-13

Flickinger Cornelius June 11, 1855 7m 15d son of J & A (No stone found DAR listing.)

Flickinger Sarah C. Died June 6, 1859 Aged 8 Y, 11 M, Dau of J. & A. Flickinger Photo

Foote Eliza Ann Died Nov. 23, 1853 Aged 11Y 11M 3 D Dau of J. B. & C. Foote Photo

Foote John B. Died Apr. 29, 1877 Aged 58Y. 4 M. 24 D. Unreadable inscription. Photo

Foote Squire A. Born June 4, 1855 Died June 10, 1879 Son of J. B. & C. Foote Photo

Friedt John Died Dec. 12, 1877 Aged 76Y. 10M. 18D. Inscription unreadable
Friedt Susan Died Dec 31, 1884 Aged 71Y. 7M. 21D. Wife of John Friedt

Fry Ida V. Died Sept. 17, 1864 Aged 1 Y 6 M 18 D Dau of J. W. & S. Fry
----- ____ lost Ida but gone before
-----Where we shall meet
-----To Part no more

Fry John W. 1839-1906 Photo

Fry Martha Died Aug. 11, 1878 Aged 81Y 3M. 9D. 2 Tim. 7&8 V. Photo

Fry Sarah Died April 23, 1893 Aged 54 Y. 10 M. 5 D. Wife of J. W. Fry
-----Earth holds no other Like to thee or if it doth in vain for me

Funk Mathias C. Died Feb 1, 1892 Aged 12 Y. 10 M. 6 D. Son of M. V. B. & C. M. Funk
-----At Rest

Furney Nora J. Died June 22, 1869 Aged 11 mos. Dau. ofJ. & I. Furney Photo

Garver Abigal G/C Died Jan 17, 1873 aged 27 Ys, 7 Ms, 10 Ds Wife of David Garver. Photo

Garver David Born Feb. 20, 1886-Died May 2, 1913 Photo

Garver Margaret Died Mar. 20, 1863 Aged 19 Ys, 5 Ms, 17 Ds, Wife of David Photo

Garvity Mary F Sept 23, 1860 8m dau of O & M J (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

George Mariette Born May 30, 1852 Died July 30, 1886 Wife of R. N. George Photo

Gibbons Eliza J. Died Feb 15, 1869 Aged 1M 8D Dau of J. H. & S. M. Gibbons Photo

Gibbons George W. Son of J. H. & S. Gibbons Photo

Gibbons John H. 1832-1905
Gibbons Susanah M. 1835-1912 His Wife

Gibbons Mary A. Dau of J. H. & S. Gibbons Photo

Gibbons Sabina C. 1861-1902 Dau. of J. H. & S. M. Gibbons
Gibbons Mary A. 1872-1896 Dau. of J. H. & S. M. Gibbons

Gibford Saloma Died June 17, 1863 Aged 54y. 10m. & 11d. Wife of A. Gibford Photo

Gibford Sarah Houser Died Jan 4, 1865 67 Y 1M 20D Wife of Abraham Gibford Photo

Gone Ida Emma Born Mar. 12, 1860-Died May 10, 1888 Wife of Alvin G. Gone Photo

Gorrell Infant Sep. 1, 1896 Sone of A. C. & J. E. Gorrell Photo

Gorrell J. R. Rev. Died Mar. 2, 1863 Aged 27Y. 8M. 17D. Photo

Gorrell Jacob P. 23 Btry. Ind. Lt. Arty. WWI Star: US World War 1917-1918 Photo

Gorrell John died June 15, 1886 Aged 89 Y 6 M 2 D Photo

Gorrell Pluma E. Died Jan. 26, 1872 Aged 10M. 16 D. Dau of I. N. & R. M. Gorrell Photo

Gorrell Sarah A. 1823-1910 Photo

Gourlie Thomas D. Died Oct 5, 1851 Aged 29 years 6 mo. & 6 Days. Photo

Grice Angelia Died Mar. 23, 1873 Aged 16Y. 2M. Wife of Jesse V. Grice Photo

Grice Walla Died Jan 12, 1880 Son of J. & D. Grice Photo

Gross Harry Civil War Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Gross Susan Died Sept. 16, 1870 Aged 46Y 1M 1D Wife of E. M. Gross Photo

Gruber Benjamin Died July 5, 1849 Aged 22 dy Photo

Gruber Henry Died Dec. 16, 1841 Agd. 2 Years 25 Days Photo

Guenther James C. Died Dec. 15, 1862 Aged 3 Y. 7 M Son of J. W. & I. M. Guenther Photo

Guenther John W. Dr. Born June 11, 1820-Died Feb. 17, 1908 Aged 78 YS 8 MO 6 DS
Guenther Isabel Born Nov 10, 1834-Died Aug. 20, 1881 Age 46 Years, 9 Months & 10
-----Days Wife of Dr. J. W. Guenther

Guenther Laura E. Died Dec 2, 1869 6 Y 1 M 17d Dau of J. W. & I. M. Guenther Photo

Guilford Ezra E. 1874-1943
Guilford Gertrude 1876-1970

Hannen C. B. Born July 24, 1811 Died Apr. 25, 1894 Aged 82Y 9M 1D
Hannen Sarah A. Born Dec 31, 1819 Died May 2, 1896 Aged 76Y 4M 1D Wife of C. B.

Hannen David B. Died Apr 20, 1851 Aged 3Y & 15 D. Son of C. B. & Sarah Hannen Photo

Hannen James W. Died May 25, 1862 Aged 18 Ys. 5 Mo. 4 D. Son of Christian B. and Sarah
-----Hannen Comp. D 44 Ind. Vol.
-----Stop and look as you pass by
-----As you are so once was I.
----- (The rest is obscured,)

Happ John H Indiana Co. G. 23 Inf (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Hartzell Eddie Died Sep. 2, 1887 Aged 16y. 5m. 7d. Son of P. & N. Hartzell Photo

Hartzell Elias S. Died Sept. 19, 1875 Aged 11 Y. 8 M. & 8 D. Son of P. & N. Hartzell
Hartzell Normandy Died July 24, 1907 Aged 74Y. 3M. 21 D.
Harzell Peter Died Dec. 10, 1875 Aged 56Y. 10M. & 21 D.

Hartzell John B. Died May 22, 1882 Aged 21 Yrs. 27 Ds.
-----Tho lost to sight, To memory dear

Hatch Betsy Jan. 12, 1891 89y 5m 15d wife of James (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Hatch Helen M. 1831-1908 Wife of H. Boulton Photo

Hatch James Died June 9, 1882 Aged 84Ys. 10Mo. 16D. Photo

Hayes C. A. Co. D. 44th ___ Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865Photo

Henderson J. M. Co D 88 Ind. Inf Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Henderson Martin Luther Died May 27, 1889 Aged 43Y, 5M, 14 D
Henderson Nettie Died Jan 15, 1934 Aged 81Y 9M 2D His Wife

Herrick Arunda Co. D. 155th Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Herrick Daniel 1797-1877
Herrick Susan 1800-1848 His Wife

Herrick John F. Died June 17, 1878 Aged 30Yr. 11M. 11D. Photo

Hickman Charles F. May 26, 1886 40y 4m 17d Indiana Co D 44 Inf

Hickman Fanny Nov. 27, 1860 wife of E. 28y 7m 11d (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Higgins Charles H. Died Jan 4, 1899 Aged 52Y. 25D.
Higgins Louisa B 1853-D 1901 Aged 51Y. 9M.
Higgins Anna Died Dec. 15, 1887 Aged 11Y 11M.

Hill Porter Co. F. 142 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Hollopeter Augusta G. Died Sep.19, 1854 Ae. 5Y. 2M. & 19D. Dau of J. & F. H. Photo

Hollopeter J. Died Sept __ 1876 Aged 49 Y. 10 M. 9D. Masonic emblem engraved above name.
Hollopeter Eliza B. Died Jan.1 5, 1868 Aged 39 Y. 3 M. 14 D. Wife of J. Hollopeter

Holt George W. Died Nov. 17, 1897 Aged 50 Y 10M 22D Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865
-----Gone Home

Holt Mary 1843-1919 (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Holt Thomas Co. D 155 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Holt Thomas 1848-1921
Holt Ellen B. 1848-1918 His Wife

Hood Monument-no names on any side Photo

Hood James W. Died May 11 1882 Aged 44 Y. 1 M. 2 D. Photo

Hoover Catherine Nov. 9, 1834-Jan 30, 1908 Aged 73Y 2M 21D Photo

Horn John Died May 22, 1898 Aged 81Y. 5M. 22D.
Horn Susanah M. Knauss Died July 1, 1894 73Y. 3M. 16D. His Wife

Horn Susannah M. Died Feb 22, 1867 Aged 6Y 6M 24D Dau. of J. & S. Horn Photo

Howe Estes Born May 30, 1812 Died Nov. 3, 1899 Aged 87 Ys. 5 M. 3 Ds.
Howe Susan Died Nov. 20, 1895 Aged 78 Ys. 7 Ms. 3 Ds. Wife of Estes Howe

Howe Henry F. (Looks like Benby F) Died Apr. 2, 1873 Aged 32Ys 2 Mo. & 13 Days Photo

Howe Leander C. Died July 16, 1826 Aged 18Yrs. 10M. & 7D Photo

Howe Martha Died Dec 17, 1864 Aged 22Y 11M. 25 D Wife of Geo. B. Howe
Howe Susan M. Died Dec 7, 1864 Aged 6 Ms. & 24 D Dau of G. B. & M. Howe

Hupp John Co G 23 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

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