Gar Creek Union Cemetery Milan Township Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project
Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project

Gar Creek Union Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Gar Creek Union Cemetery, MilanTownship, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on Gar Creek Road, .3 mile east of Berthaud Road. The cemetery is next to a house. It has been mowed and is in pretty good condition. This cemetery is in use. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in November of 2008. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.

Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4 1/4SW 1/4SE 1/4SW
Section 34, Twp 31N, Range 14E
Latitude 41.0942 Longitude 84.9383
Easting 673154 Northing 4551278
The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. The DAR did a reading in 1932 and the Allen County Genealogical Society did a reading in the 1980’s. The information from these readings was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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Baker Albert S 1868-1956 Photo

Baker Cain Co. B 157 IND. INF. SP. AM. War Photo

Baker Harley E. son of J.A. and A.C. Baker 1915-1930 Photo

Baker Jacob E. son of J. & R. Baker born June 9, 1875 died Nov. 27, 1894 aged 19y. 5m. 19d. Photo

Baker Jacob Jr PVT Co D 5 Ind Cavalry Civil War 1845 Mar 14 1928 Photo

Baker James A. 1888-1967
Baker Amelia C. 1895-1990

Baker Josepha B. June 21 1871 D. Dec. 30, 1929 Photo

Baker Lillie Ellen dau. of J. & R. Baker born Mar. 17, 1878 died Jan. 4, 1895 aged 16y. 9m. 17d. Photo

Baker Nora L. dau. of J. & R. Baker born Jan. 12, 1880 died Sep. 29, 1894 aged 14y. 8m. 17d. Photo

Baker Rosannah wife of Jacob Baker born May 1, 1847 died Nov. 20, 1894 aged 47y. 6m. 19d. Photo

Bieber Photo

Bieber Ella N. Fullmer wife of Wm. H. Bieber died Mar. 6, 1902 aged 28y. Photo

Bieber Infant Son of Allen & Daisy Bieber died 1906 Photo

Bieber Infant Son of Wm. H. & Ella Bieber Photo

Bieber Jonathan born Nov. 20, 1835 died Nov. 12, 1901 Father Photo

Bissell-Solt William E. 1886-1971
Bissell-Solt Pearl R. 1893-1987

Bixler Jacob died Feb. 21, 1886 aged 70y. 7m. 21d. Photo

Bixler Phoebe 1820-1909 Photo

Blevins Wilda Caroline 1922-1983 Photo

Brothers Gideon died Oct. 2, 1899 aged 68y 7m 25d Photo

Brothers Gideon PVT Co F 162 Ohio Infantry National Guard Civil War 1831 Oct 12 1899 Photo

Brothers Jacob C son of C. & M. Brothers died May 9, 1882 aged 19y 7m 25d Photo

Brothers John T. 1860-1944 Photo

Brothers Mary died Jan. 24, 1903 aged 72y. 11m. 29d. Photo

Cook Estella Ellen Mar. 5, 1909 aged 5y & 9d Photo

Cook Polly 1846-1923 Mother Photo

Cook Samuel 1867-1952
Cook Sarah A. 1867-1945

Crow Clyde W 1912-1982 Father
Crow Eva G. 1913-1991 Mother
---- Married Nov. 12, 1932 In Loving Memory

Dawkins Matilda 1858-1935
Dawkins James 1854-1932

Dean Baby Apr. 13, 1937 Photo

Dean Edna M. Mar. 26, 1914 Mar. 3, 1990
Dean Walter V. May 9, 1913 Nov. 24, 1981
----- Married Nov 18 1931

Doehrman Wilmer Mar. 24-27 1930 Son of Wm. E. & Agnes Photo

Driscoll Arthur M. 1906-1956 Photo

Driscoll Cecil L. 1915-2002 Photo

Driscoll Madeline S. Mar 31, 1913 Nov. 2, 2000 Photo

Driscoll Melville 1873-1959
Driscoll Linnie 1884-1963

Evard Viola May dau of D.M. & M.J. Evard born June 12, 1902 died Jan. 2, 1903 aged 6m 26d. Photo

Felger George J. Apr. 27, 1875 June 5, 1886 Photo

Felger Louise Dec. 14, 1837 Mar. 6, 1914
Felger Gottlieb Oct. 13, 1837 Aug. 15, 1922

Frantz Edward J PFC US Army Air Corps World War II Oct 8 1920 Dec 26 1992 Photo

Frantz Melba Lavern 1925 2008 Loving Wife and Mother Photo

Furniss Christenia Dec. 29, 1836 Feb. 20, 1911 Mother Photo

Gill David S C PVT Co K 19 Ohio Inf Civil War Sep 9 1836 Oct 24 1901 Photo

Guerrero Ida B. 1902-1977 (No stone found ACGSI listing)

Handerson Fay C. 1889-1972
Handerson Joseph 1888-1956

Handerson Johnny Lee Sept. 2, 1946 April 26, 1997 The years passed like the wind Photo

Handerson Joseph R 1922
Handerson Ella I. 1921-1992 She loved and was loved

Hill William J Dec 22, 1936 Sept. 2, 1978 Son Photo

Hill William R. March 16, 1915 Jan. 4, 1979
Hill Genevieve G. April 19, 1915

Hostetler Madeline wife of J.A. Hostetler 1918-1938 Photo

Jewell Ida B. Guerrero 1902 1977 Mother Photo

Jewell Lupus F. Jan. 7 1937 Sept. 6 1994 Pops Photo

Jewell Walden Doc air Force Vet World War II Feb 4 1926 Feb 25 1985 In Loving Memory Photo

Johnson Charles 1835-1898
Johnson Ellen M. 1851-1934

Johnson Fannie dau. of C. & M.E. Johnson died Jan. 25, 1905 aged 19y. 9m. 21d. Photo

Lange August Indiana SFC Quartermaster Corps World War I Dec 30 1886 Jan 4 1955 Photo

Lange Mary Ort 1884-1967 Photo

Longardner Photo

Longardner Joseph 1833-1917
Longardner Mary B. Longardner 1837-1914

Longardner Liddie B. dau. of J.W. & C. Longardner born May 28 1897 died Feb. 6, 1899 aged 1y. 8m. 9d. Photo

Longardner Lottie O. dau of J.W. & C. Longardner born May 28, 1897 died Feb. 16, 1899 aged 1y. 8m. 19d. Photo

McMillan Ananias Ohio Pvt 5 Cav February 5, 1940 Photo

McMillan Jacob P. 1855-1943
McMillan Ella 1870-1924

Mull Edna Mae Infant 1946 Photo

Mull Elvin L. 1908-1989
Mull Zella B. 1913-1973

Mull Elzie 1898-1902 Photo

Mull Philena 1876-1929
Mull William 1874-1970

Nuttle Elizabeth R. 1885-1965
Nuttle George C. 1884-1957

Nuttle Mae E. dau. of G.C. & E.R. Nuttle 1910-1915 Photo

Nuttle Melvin S. sonof G.C. & E.R. Nuttle 1911-1924 Photo

Ort James 1874-1917 Photo

Paterson William H 1903-1981 Photo

Rothgeb Amanda 1854-1901 Mother
Rothgeb Michael 1854-1927 Father

Rothgeb Carol K. 1969 Photo

Rothgeb Charles T. 1883-1942 Photo

Rothgeb Emma 1883-19
Rothgeb Will S. 1865-1944

Rothgeb Halcie P. 1889-1979 Photo

Rothgeb Hattie A. 1879-1965
Rothgeb Jesse J 1873-1949

Rothgeb Hezekiah died Dec. 25, 1892 aged 26yrs.
Rothgeb Malinda died Sep. 17, 1908 aged 78y. 8m. 22d.

Rothgeb Infant dau. of C.T. & M. Rothgeb 1909 Photo

Rothgeb Jan D. 1943-1991
Rothgeb Keith A. 1946-

Rothgeb John W. Sr. 1936-
Rothgeb Barbara J. 1950-1994

Rothgeb Lee W Indiana PFC Inf Repl Tng Center world War II BSM May 13 1911 April 6 1965 Photo

Rothgeb Magdalena 1877-1958
Rothgeb Henry 1862-1936

Rothgeb Margaret 1829-1915 At Rest Photo

Rothgeb Mary wife of C.T. Rothgeb Feb. 14, 1884 June 24, 1909 Photo

Rothgeb Mary wife of Jesse Rothgeb 1856+1912
Rothgeb Jesse 1853+1927

Rothgeb Maurice M. July 27, 1901 Mar. 6, 1920 Photo

Rothgeb Noble J Nov. 25, 1922 Mar. 7, 1994
Rothgeb Mary F. Jan. 6, 1922 Jan. 4, 2008

Rothgeb Paul R. 1938-2001 Photo

Rothgeb Raymond A. Feb. 20, 1958 Photo

Rothgeb Stella dau. of S. & L. Rothgeb died Aug. 6, 1894 aged 7d. Photo

Rothgeb Wayne P Capt US Army Air Corps World War II 1920 1993 Photo

Ruffing Earl C Pennsylvania F2 US Navy Nov 15 1902 April 19 1972 Photo

Rushart Orville R. 1915-1916 Photo

Rushart Philip died Jan. 28, 1899 aged 79y. 7m. 27d. Photo

Simons Evelyn L. 1917-2005
Simons Claude H Rev. 1890-1977 Ministry 45 years

Sink Elias 1852-1908
Sink Louisa 1848-1911

Sowers Roselyn 1926
Sowers Floyd 1925-1990

Stephen Andrew 1853-1924 Photo

Stephen John Jr. 1853-1912 Photo

Stephen John Sr. 1813-1900 Photo

Stephen Samuel 1839-1910
Stephen Elizabeth 1843-1899

Stratmeier Barbara Jean 1929 1999 Photo

Stratmeier Herman W. 1887-1972
Stratmeier Easter L. 1896-1971
----- Married Nov. 4, 1915

Stratmeier Virgil Infant 1916 Photo

Stratmeier Willard L 1924 1996 Photo

Thompson Mary L. Apr. 10, 1863 Oct. 6, 1917 Rest in Peace Photo

Tucker Donna Dean 1932 Photo

Walker Michael J Scuz’s Place August 19, 1928 October 29, 1992 Photo

Wells John PVT Co D 30 Ind Inf Civil War Apr 20 1824 Feb 2 1901 Photo

Wesseler Joseph PFC US Army World War II 1917 1978 Photo

Wesseler Joseph W Jr SP4 US Army Vietnam Sep 29 1947 Apr 16 2003 Photo

Wesseler Lillian O 1922 1961 Beloved Wife and Mother Photo

White Naomi L. Feb. 18, 1932
White Elvin E. “Buck” Jan. 18, 1930

White Sandra Kay 1944-1945 Photo

White Silas 1889-1962
White Effie 1894-1959

White William E PFC US Army World War II Aug 19 1918 Aug 23 2006 Photo

Wolf Creighton D. 1881-1970
Wolf Luetta M. 1875-1958

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