Diehl Cemetery Maumee Township Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project
Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project

Diehl Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Diehl Cemetery, Maumee Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on River Road, east of the golf course, on the south side of the road, just west of the Ohio state line. This cemetery is in use. The cemetery is mowed but otherwise in terrible condition. Many of the stones are on the ground or damaged. It looks like an earthquake hit the cemetery. Many hugh monuments have fallen over and many stones that are still upright are leaning and could fall at any time. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in November of 2008. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.

Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4 1/4NE 1/4SE 1/4SE
Section, Twp 31N, Range 15E
Latitude 41.1722 Longitude 84.805
Easting 684130Northing 4560201

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. The DAR did a reading in 1932 and the Allen County Genealogical Society did a reading in the 1980s. The information from these readings was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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More photos of the cemetery.


Applegate Henry born July 10, 1833 died Apr. 12, 1888
Applegate Mary wife of Henry Applegate born Jan 28, 1838 died Feb. 7, 1879

Applegate J.H. born 1857 died Jan. 21, 1919
Applegate Sarah E. his wife died July 2, 1912 aged 55y 8m 9d
-----Not my will but thine be done.

Armbruster Florence M. Born Aug. 31, 1878 Died Nov. 9, 1906 aged 27y. 2m. 9d. Mother Photo

Armbruster Sherman Sept. 27, 1904 Aug. 22, 1905 Son of S. & F.M Armbruster Photo

Ashley Elizabeth wife of John Ashley died October 18, 1842 aged 68 years.
-----Yer last request was tell my children all to prepare to ____

Ashley Magdalene died June 29, 1840 aged 6m 10d
Ashley John B. died Feb. 1, 1846 aged 8m 28d
-----Children of Geo. H. & E.A. Ashley

Bailey William 1817-1899 Photo

Bainbridge Wm. C. died Feb. 16, 1900 aged 79y 9m 26d
Bainbridge Leovisa wife of Wm. C. 1822-1913

Baker Jenny E. 1888-1911 Mother Photo

Baker Marion died Sept. 31, 1909 aged 12d Son of M. & J. Baker Photo

Ballor Debbie Born Sept. 22, 1955 Died Apr. 8, 1900 Mother of Staci Chaffee Photo

Beamer Estella M. died Feb. 3, 1911 aged 23y 8m 15d wife of Ed Beamer Photo

Beemer C.R. 1850-1919 At Rest Photo

Beemer Edward 1870 1941 Photo

Benjamin Bessie C 1895-1922 Photo

Bishop Mary E. died Nov. 28, 1878 aged 5y 4m 24d Photo

Bowers Steven Arthur SP 5 US Army Vietnam Nov 21 1948 May 6 1980 Photo

Burk Rosie A. 1896-1966
Burk Russell J. 1888-1951

Bush Jesse L. July 19, 1900 Nov. 3, 1986
Bush Gladys L. Feb. 4, 1911 April 11, 2001
-----Together Forever

Bush Velma Marie 1948-1999 Knowledge and sunshine are the best soldiers. Photo

Daniels Asa F. Apr. 18Sept. 22, 1879 Photo

Daniels Enos E. son of H.E. & M.E. Daniels Oct. 1, 1898 Mar. 1, 1899 Photo

Daniels Joseph L. Jan. 28, 1828 Mar. 26, 1893
Daniels Harriet A. his wife Sept. 19, 1836 June 7, 1910

Daniels Lasilvia Rosellen dau. of G.L. & S.L. Daniels died Sept. 17, 1901 aged 18y 2m 15d Photo

Davidson Ella Ruth 1970-1970 Photo

Davidson Margaret A. Jan. 24, 1939 Nov. 9, 2006
Davidson Ronald F. Dec. 14, 1936

Diehl John died May 13, 1895 aged 80y 8m. At Rest
Diehl Abigail wife of J. Diehl died July 20, 1880 aged 73y 3m 5d At Rest

Doctor Henry H. son of N.C. & S.A. Doctor Born Dec. 11, 1874 Died Feb. 28, 1903 aged 28y. 2m. 17d.
-----Gone but not forgotten

Doctor Nathan C. 1911-1986
Doctor Irma E. 1919-2004

Doctor Nathaniel C. Co. F 142, Ind. Born Apr. 13, 1845 Died June 18, 1922
Doctor Sarah A. his wife Born Aug. 3, 1849 Died July 14, 1940

Doering Margaret A. died Sept. 13, 1860 aged 27y 2m wife of W.H. Doering Photo

Dollarhite Frances E. 1861 1931 Photo

DuVall William 1888-1922
DuVall Zelma D. his wife 1883-1923

Fatt Mary P. dau. of J.H. & E. Fatt died June 17, 1886 aged 7y 21d Gone but not forgotten.
Fatt Edith D. Infant dau of J.H. & E. Fatt
-----(Information on Edith is from ACGSI. Stone has fallen and is too heavy to move)

Fett Henrietta 1861-1917 (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Fett Joseph H. 1858-1905 (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Franklen Margurett H. wife of Zackariah Franklen died Jan. 16, 1910 aged 59y. 11m. 5d. May she rest in peace Photo

Franklin Golda M dau. of J.A. & L. Franklin born May 28, 1901 died Jan. 1, 1903 aged 1y 4m 7d Photo

Franklin James Asa 1870-1905 Photo

Franklin Zachariah Mar. 17, 1847 Oct. 29, 1919 (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Franklin Zelda May 1907-1908 Photo

Fritcha August B. Oct. 31, 1994 Aug. 28, 1958 Photo

Fulton Juliann died Mar. 12, 1891 aged 74y. 5m. 13d. Photo

Goer John son of R. & E. Goer died Sept. 16, 1853 aged 4mo. & 13ds. Photo

Goer Rufus died April 26, 1869 aged 30yrs 11mo & 29days. Photo

Goer Ulysses c. son of R. & E. Goer died Jan. 16, 1869 aged 16 days.
-----Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home, he thought it best.

Gooding Infant son of G.P. & N.R. Gooding Aug. 22, 1898 (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Gooding Rosetta wife of R.P. Gooding born Nov. 17, 1859 died Dec. 3, 1901 Photo

Groom Nora Goff 1883-1969 Photo

Gustin Earl H. Son of J. & G. Gustin Aug. 29, 1918 Mar. 25, 1923 At Rest Photo

Gustin Mary M. Oct. 1, 1910 June 8, 1992
Gustin Geo. Harold Dec. 13, 1913 June 11, 1953

Hart Dora Maree dau. of R.C. & E.K. Hart died Sept. 21, 1902 aged 1m 25d Photo

Hawk Benjamin July 24, 1811 Feb. 22, 1900
Hawk Catharine July 22, 1815 May 16, 1902

Hawk Zackariah 1851-1937 Photo

Hawthorne Minnie L. 1871-1919

Hemrick Brenda Jane Aug. 2, 1948 Sept. 22, 2005 Photo

Hissong Alfred J. 1890-1932 Photo

Hissong Cordelia 1868-1920
Hissong William 1861-1930

Hissong Eddie 1893-1919 Photo

Hoover Sabry E. dau of Rachel Sweet died Nov. 17, 1873 aged 13y 27d Photo

Husted Andrew H. son of S.L. & M.C. Husted June 14 Oct. 26, 1902 Photo

Husted Benjamin died April 20, 1881 aged 92y. 3m. Photo

Husted Edith D. 1888-1952
Husted T. Donald 1886-1965

Husted Floyd Dewey son of G.E. & N.E. Husted died Oct. 13, 1898 aged 2m 22d Photo

Husted George W. Jan. 4,--1861 Jan. 29, --1907
Husted Pamelia J. Feb. 14, 1864 Apr. 27, 1924

Husted Hattie Z. Nov. 1, 1878 Oct. 25, 1907 Photo

Husted Irwin Ray Jan. 7, 1887 2y 2m 9d son of L. & M.J. Husted
-----(No stone found ACGSI listing)

Husted Lewis B. 1833-1917
Husted Margaret J. 1842-1934

Husted Mary C. 1871-1959
Husted S. Leslie 1864-1934

Husted Orpha dau. of S.L. & M.C. Husted Nov. 13, 1904 Sep. 13, 1905 Photo

Johnson Dora B. dau. of Richard M. & M.E. Johnson died July 13, 1886 aged 9y 7m 4d Our Loved One Photo

Johnson Faye Mar. 30, 1894 Apr. 6, 1965 Photo

Johnson Frederick Wayne June 28, 1914 Apr. 24, 1988 Photo

Johnson James Blain Oct. 27, 1884 Dec. 24, 1960 Photo

Johnson Mabel Infant dau of T.S. & E. Johnson died Sept. 19, 1906 Photo

Johnson Mary died Oct. 14, 1904 aged 76ys 12ds Photo

Johnson Merrub died August 1, 1842 aged 72 years. Photo

Johnson Richard M. 1858-1948
Johnson Mary E. 1848-1924
-----Gone but not forgotten

Johnson Robert Lee son of James & Fay Johnson 1920-1923 Photo

Johnson William died Feb. 11, 1873 aged 64y. 6m. 23d. Photo

Jump Ada E. 1879-1962
Jump Bert 1879-1952

Jump Giles E. 1900-1928 Photo

Jump Mildred M. dau. of Bert & A.E. Jump Apr. 20, 1905 May 10, 1906 Photo

Keesler Angelina Franklin 1873-1955 Photo

Killian John J. died Jan. 13, 1907 aged 30y 9m Photo

King Billy J. 1933-1981
King Barbara K. 1938

Kinsey Chad Michael June 23, 1974 Dec. 5, 1993 In Gods Care
-----My strength, my son, the sunshine of our lives.
-----Well love you always. Rest in Gods peace Chadly

Kneubuhler Frederick died Jan. 2, 1901 aged 58y 8n 8d Father
Kneubuhler Anna died Mar. 8, 1911 aged 70y 2m 12d Mother

Kneubuhler Gottfried 1870-1919 Photo

Kneubuhler Mary Anna 1886-1949
Kneubuhler Gottlieb 1875-1960
Kneubuhler Glen D. 1908-1985

Kneubuhler Mildred dau of G.K. & M.A. died Feb. 27, 1913 aged 2y.9m.27d. Photo

Kyburz Anna E. 1840-1900 60y 4m 18d. his wife
Kyburz Joseph 1839-1909
-----(only photo of side with Anna. Stone has fallen and to heavy to move.)

Lindemuth Dale son of E. & D. Lindemuth May 4, 1905 Sep. 20, 1920 Photo

Lindemuth Dell 1871-1941 Photo

Lindemuth Edward 1864-1864 Photo

Lindemuth Nina M. dau. of E. & D. Lindemuth died Apr. 11, 1901 aged 11y 11m 12d Photo

Lothamer Janet A Mar. 8, 193? Feb. 16, 1995
Lothamer Robert L. Apr. 16, 1941

Lutz Ephriam 1855-1912
Lutz Jane 1861-1951

Lyons Floyd 1902-1963 Photo

Lyons Henry Jasper 1874-1953 Photo

Lyons Louis Henry 1904-1958 Photo

Lyons Rachel Jennie 1880-1946 Photo

Mabee Arthur H US Navy World War II Aug 15 1922 Oct 19 1986 Photo

Mann Susie Viola wife of Augustus Mann died Sept. 2, 1886 aged 26y. & 2d. Gone but not forgotten. Photo

Mettert Francis M. May 21, 1864 aged 15y 9m 16d Son of S.G. & M.A. Mettert
-----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Mettert James Wesley son of Saml G. & Mary A. Mettert born Apr. 7, 1891
-----died Oct. 12, 1892 Born on earth to bloom in heaven

Mettert Levi 1841-1909
Mettert Matilda 1840-1917
-----Mother Father

Mettert Mary A. wife of S.G. Mettert died Oct. 22, 1871 aged 47ys. 6ms. 27ds.
-----Farewell my husband and children. From you a Mother Christ doth call.
-----Mourn not for me it is in vain. To call me to your sight again.

Mettert Mary Elizabeth dau. of Saml G. & Mary A. Mettert born May 16, 1891 died May 18, 1896 Gone but not forgotten Photo

Mettert Samuel G. 1819-1902 Photo

Mettert William H. March 21, 1879 June 28, 1951 Be not afraid Photo

Miller Nellie E. wife of W.W. Miller 1886-1906 Photo

Moore Pauline I. Aug. 28, 1923 Feb. 5, 1963 Beloved wife & mother Photo

Mulligan Martha J dau. of C.G. & M.M. Mulligan died Feb. 11, 187? Aged 15y 1m 23d. Photo

Nelson Susan A. 1946 1973 Photo

Overmier Eliza J. wife of Edward L. Overmier died Feb. 19, 1894 aged 27y 5m 10d

Overmyer Daughter of U.S. & M.A. Overmyer Our Baby Photo

Overmyer Erna J. son of H.A. & Phianna Overmyer died Sept. 21m 1898 aged 9y 2d Photo

Overmyer H. Co. D. 68 Ohio Inf. Photo

Overmyer Hiram died Sept. 13, 1899 aged 68y 11m 21d
Overmyer Malinda A. born Feb. 16, 1834 died Feb. 10, 1902

Overmyer Nida Leona dau of H.A. & Phianna Overmyer died June 10, 1909 aged 13y 2m 28d Photo

Overmyer Phianna 1864-1939 Mother
Overmyer Hiram A. 1862-1946 Father

Overmyer U.S. 1865-1941
Overmyer Maggie A. 1871-1942

Pickering Gertrude R. 1892-1963 Photo

Reeb Elizabeth May 121840 Sept. 231923
Reeb Susan V. Mann Aug. 311860 Sept. 21886

Rumbaugh A.A. 1872-1892 Photo

Rumbaugh Abrahm Co. A. 132 Ohio N.C. Inf. Photo

Rumbaugh Abraham died Feb. 4, 1905 aged 65y 15d Photo

Rumbaugh Arley L. son of T.D. & N. E. Rumbaugh died Aug. 18, 1913 aged 1y 11m Photo

Rumbaugh Dannie 1888-1912 At Rest Photo

Rumbaugh James June 6, 1842 Jan. 17, 1927
-----James Rumbaugh Ohio PVT 152 Regt Ohio Infantry Civil War
-----June 6 1842 Jan 17 1927
Rumbaugh Nancy D. his wife May 20, 1851 Jan. 27, 1937

Rumbaugh James T died Sep. 21, 1892 aged 83y 8m 24d
Rumbaugh Julia died Feb. 5, 1890 aged 84y 18d
-----At Rest

Rumbaugh Maudie R. dau. of A.B. & R.M. Rumbaugh died May 21, 1901 aged 8y 6m 23d Photo

Rumbaugh Otha O. May 24, 1894 April 10, 1925
Rumbaugh Otho O Rumbaugh Ohio CPL Co A 112 Supply Tn Qmc World War I
-----May 24 1894 April 10 1925

Rumbaugh Rosella 1858-1937 Mother Photo

Rumbaugh W.R. 1886-1888 Photo

Rush Clyde R. 1887-1951 Photo

Saylor Chester L. 1910-1972 Photo

Saylor Flossie E. dau. of J.F. & M.E. Saylor died May 6, 1900 aged 5y 7m 28d.
-----Little rosebud sweet and ___ ___ gone to Heaven to blossom there

Saylor Frank died Feb, 4, 1920 aged 70y 1m 8d
Saylor Jane A. died Nov. 3, 1897 aged 45y 4m 17d

Saylor Jacob died Aug. 1, 1870 aged 25y. 10m. 15d. Photo

Saylor Jacob Co. C. 14th Ohio Inf. Photo

Saylor John D. son of U.& M. Saylor died Aug. 20, 1837 aged 18y 9m Photo

Saylor John W. Mar. 7, 1866 Aug. 19, 1962
Saylor Sarah Jane Nov. 7, 1868 Nov. 13, 1960
----- Married 72 years

Saylor Lottie M. died Feb. 16, 1884 aged 1y 6m 11d
Saylor Lewie S. died Sept. 13, 1897 aged 1y 8m 12d
-----Children of J.W. & S.J. Saylor

Saylor Margaret wife of Ulerick Saylor died Mar. 24, 1854 aged 65yrs 2mo &21ds Photo

Saylor Matthew 18-- 19 Photo

Saylor Ulerick died June 27, 1860 aged 72 years. Photo

Saylor Ulrich died Dec. 7, 1871 aged 60y 6m 16d

Scheiderer Beverly Ann July 9, 1947
Scheiderer Paul Arthur Sept. 24, 1943 July 13, 2005
-----Married May 13, 1967
-----Our loving children Timothy Andrew Adam

Schenk Bonnie E. Phillips Oct. 8, 1936 Aug. 1, 2002
Schenk Kenneth M. Sept. 18, 1935 Feb. 5, 1999
-----(Married) Mar. 18, 1956 On the wings of a dove
-----Our children Debra Lynn Raymond Edward Kenneth Allen

Scovel Harman H. 1819-1895
Scovel Cornelia his wife 1826-1896

Scovel Rosella L. daughter of H. & C Scovel died May 1, 1867 aged 1mo. & 17ds. Photo

Scovel William F. son of H. & C. Scovel died Dec. 7, 1861 aged 1yr. 11mos. & 5ds.
-----Rest, little Willie in happiness rest. Mingling with angels, we knows thou art blest,
-----far from the trials that tempt us to stray, God in his mercy has called thee away.

Shackelford Charles B. May 8, 1950 May 11, 1950 Photo

Shaffer Phyllis G. Dec. 21, 1916 Mar. 8, 1998 Photo

Shirley Hariet Alice wife of George W. Shirley B. Nov. 2, 1856 D. Dec. 5, 1885
-----Meet me in Heaven

Shuler Florence S. died Oct. 30, 1904 aged 2y 1m 10d
-----Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home, he thought it best.

Shuler Glen F. son of I.R. & I. M. Shuler died Apr, 12, 1907 aged 6m Photo

Shuler Jacob R. 1879-1965
Shuler Ida M. 1884-1953

Shuler Sarah A. wife of Jacob Shuler died Apr. 26, 1884 aged 54y 3m 11d
Shuler Jacob died May 15, 1913 aged 64y 2m 23d

Slusher Forest Aug. 4, 1891 Oct. 2, 1918 Photo

Smith A. J. died June 13, 1892 aged 76y 3m 10d Photo

Smith Andrew J. son of A.J. & N. Smith died Nov. 20, 1853 aged 9mos & 20 days Photo

Smith Catharine 1840-1927 Mother Photo

Smith Dora Ann died Nov. 5, 1881 aged 6y 21d dau. of A.J. & ? Smith
-----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Smith Henry L. son of A.J. & N. Smith died April 24, 1855 aged 2yrs 5mos & 12 days Photo

Smith Nancy wife of A.J. Smith died April 20, 1855 aged 21yrs 2mos & 2 days Photo

Smith Rose Husted 1908-1997 Photo

Smith T.F. son of A.J. & N. Smith died March 23, 1868 aged 16yrs. 11ms. 3ds Photo

Sprunger Christian 1849-1918 The Lord is my shepherd Photo

Sprunger Ida A. died Sept. 11, 1905 aged 23y 4m 12s Photo

Sprunger Mariann 1854-1912 She was faithful unto death. Photo

Stanger Orlan 1860-1919 Photo

Stenger Marie E. daug of O.M. & R.E. Stenger died May 4, 1897 aged 2y 4m 9d
------(Next to Orlan Stanger)

Stevenson Alphonso 1892-1952
Stevenson Adeline 1898-1977

Stevenson Amy Marie 1899-1926
Stevenson Cecil R. 1920-1945
-----In loving memory or her son
-----Killed in action serving his country

Stevenson Cecil R Tec 5 US Army World War II Sep 15 1921 Mar 22 1945 Photo

Stevenson Edgar W. 1919-1973 Photo

Stevenson Edward 1894-1956
Stevenson Mabel G. 1898-1951

Stevenson Frank Leroy 1913-2008
Stevenson Ruth Kathryn 1912-2005
-----Holy Matrimony June 21, 1939
-----Our children Kay James Leroy The clock of life is wound but once and no man has
-----the power to tell just when the hands will stop at late or early hour. Now is the only
------time you own live love toil with a will place no faith in time for the clock
------may soon be still

Stevenson George A. 1919 1926 Photo

Stevenson Harmon G. Co C. 329th Inf. 1921 1943 Photo

Stevenson Jean 1933
Stevenson Marshal 1929

Stevenson Mamie L. dau. of H. & L. Stevenson died Sept. 28, 1899 aged 9y 2m 25d Photo

Stevenson Marie June 14, 1922 Sept. 12, 1922 Photo

Stevenson Maxine Mae Jan. 12, 1916 Jan. 30, 1916 Photo

Stevenson Vernon A. 1897-1953
Stevenson Amy M. 1899-1926

Stevenson Virgil Edward CPL US Army World War II Jun 17 1919 Jun 4 1987 Photo

Stevenson Walter A. July 1, 1923 Nov. 5, 2003
Stevenson June Jeanette June 21, 1921 Dec. 18, 2005

Stevenson Walter G. 1886-1964
Stevenson Ruby R. 1888-1978
------Married Nov. 7, 1906

Stevenson William H. 1860-1954
Stevenson Lovina 1861-1944

Sweet Daniel 1847-1926
Sweet Alice L. his wife 1851-1922

Sweet Eber son of J.N. & Mary Sweet died Dec. 27, 1873 aged 15y. 9m. 2d. Photo

Sweet Edward died Feb. 7, 1888 aged 35y.
Sweet Magga died Nov. 4, 1888 aged 34y.

Sweet Harold R. 1908-1979
Sweet Mildred A. 1905-1980

Sweet Horatio N. son of J.D. & C. Sweet died Dec. 22, 1871 aged 5m 8d Photo

Sweet Infant son of J.D. & C. Sweet (rest of stone is unreadable) Photo

Sweet John M. son of M. & R. Sweet died July 24, 1870 aged 4m 2d Photo

Sweet John N. died Sept.7, 1866 aged 57y 11m 20d
Sweet Mary died Sept. 23, 1898 aged 80y. 1d.

Sweet Joseph D. Apr. 2, 1845
Sweet Cathrin his wife Jan. 15, 1852 May 15, 1920 aged 68y 4m

Sweet Larry Dean 1943 1943 Photo

Sweet Lenora died May 23, 1887 aged 13y. 5m. 25d.
Sweet Lorena M. died Sept. 27, 1897 aged 21y 11m 1d
-----Daughters of J.D. & C. Sweet

Sweet Leora E. 1891-1957
Sweet Blanche M. 1911-1962

Sweet Pauline Louise 1941-1966 Photo

Sweet Rachel wife of Henry Sweet died Nov. 11, 1873 aged 35y 9m 9d Photo

Sweet Terry G. 1943-1999
Sweet Richard R. 1947-2002
-----Sons of Harold & Mildred

Sweet Thomas W. 1883-1923
Sweet Julia E. 1885-1965

Sweet Vernon Dale 1910 Photo

Swisher Eliza H. died May 19, 1897 aged 59y 3m 18d
Swisher John died Mar. 8, 1925 aged 84y 10m 10d
-----Father and Mother
------(Information for John taken from ACGSI listing)

Swisher Eliza J. died Oct. 27, 1874 aged 1m 29d dau. of Solomon & Eliza Swisher
-----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Swisher John M Corp. Co C 124 Ind. Inf. Photo

Swisher Solomon Co. K. 100th Ind. Inf. Photo

Swisher Solomon died Oct. 3, 1888 aged 44y 3m 5d
-----Eliza B. Mar. 3, 1852 D. Oct. 3, 1907 aged 55y 7m

Thomas Floyd B. Sept. 8, 1890 Jan. 20, 1965
Thomas Rosella T. July 18, 1894 Jan. 3, 1973

Thompson Edgar H. son of H.R. V. H. Thompson died Dec. 18, 1918 aged 3y 7m 8d Photo

Toth Francis J. Aug. 22, 1933 June 2, 1989
Toth Corinne E. Dec. 27, 1934
-----Poem--How Do I Love Thee? By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Tracy Lottie O. Oct. 4, 1895 May 16, 1987 Photo

Tracy Wayne Lavon Aug. 24, 1918 Mar. 1, 1919 Photo

Wetter Raymond H. 1902-1978
Wetter Mildred B. 1908-2001
------Our Children Robert Corinne Jerome Allen

Wetter Robert Our baby Raymond & Mildred Wetter Dec. 24, 1933 Dec, 27, 1933 Photo

Woods Margaret 1889 1985 Photo

Wright Frank M Indiana SFC Medical Department World War I Dec 27 1888 Feb 5 1963 Photo

Yarrington Charles A. son of W.M. & C.M. Yarrington died July 21, 1902 aged 16y 11d Photo

Yarrington Mary C. wife of William B. Nov. 6, 1864 D. May 1, 1906 aged 43yrs 5mos 24ds Photo

Yarrington Willie F. son of W.M. & C.M. Yarrington died Mar. 11, 1892 aged 1y 2m 7d Photo

Yarrington Wm. Aug. 6, 1858 June 11, 1940 Photo

Yoder Amanda Jane 1990 Photo

Zartman Wesley F. 1926-2007
Zartman Lelia R. 1925-1991
-----Wesley F Zartman Tec 5 US Army World War II Mar 15 1926 Feb 21 2007 Jake

Four stones could not be read.

Unknown #1 Photo

Unknown #2 Photo

Unknown #3 Photo

Unknown #4 Photo

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