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Kelsey Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Kelsey Cemetery, Lafayette Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on Aboite Road, between Hamilton and Yoder (Shelton) Roads. The cemetery can not be seen from the road. It is on the east side of the road back in the woods. This cemetery is no longer in use. The cemetery is mowed, however many of the stones have been knocked down. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in October of 2008. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.

Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4 1/4NW 1/4SW 1/4NW
Section 29, Twp 29N, Range 11E
Latitude 40.9403 Longitude 85.3176
Easting 646162 Northing 4533494

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

Many stones are very worn and hard to read and information was taken from the 1932 DAR reading and the 1980ís Allen County Genealogical Society (ACGSI) reading. Also if a person is listed and a notation of no stone found has been made, the information for this person came from the 1932 DAR or 1980ís ACGSI readings.

At this time, requests to photograph specific tombstones are not being taken. There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.


Ambler Laurabell dau. of G.D. & A. J Ambler died Dec. 24, 1872 aged 10m 15d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Austin Grace 1877-1892 Photo

Bower Wayne Baby 1912 Photo

Bowman Annie M. dau. of M. & S. Bowman died Nov. 5, 1873 aged 22y 11m 2d Photo

Bowman Barbara Belle dau.of Matthias & Sarah died Jan. 12, 1882 aged 20yrs 1mo Photo

Bowman Darling Almira dau. of M. & S. Bowman died Nov. 5, 1873 aged 14y 2m 9d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Bowman Ida L. dau. of Matthias & Sarah Bowman died Aug. 8, 1887 aged 20y 9m 29d Photo

Bowman Ira G. son of M. & S. Bowman died Oct. 28, 1873 aged 4y 7m 5d Photo

Bowman Mary J dau. of Matthias & Sarah Bowman died July 1, 1887 aged 32y 10m 6d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Bowman Matthias died Dec. 7, 1873 aged 52y 4d Photo

Bowman Sarah wife of Mathias Bowman Born Jan. 31, 1829 Died Oct. 25, 1888
----- We will meet again

Bowman Sarah E. dau. of Matthias & Sarah Bowman died Nov. 8, 1873 aged 16y 8m 21d Photo

Bracy Carl A. son of D.F. & E. Bracy died Dec. 7, 1896 aged 4y 2m 6d Photo

Bracy Elizabeth wife of Frank D. Bracy 1859-1907 Photo

Bracy Frank D. 1861-1923 Photo

Bump Sarah A. 1845-1912 Photo

Bump Uzel 1842-19 Co. G. 34 I.V.I. Photo

Chaney Anna M. wife of M. Chaney Feb. 17, 1859 Jan. 12, 1909 Mother Photo

Chaney Edsel S. son of E. & M.E. Chaney died Mar. 8, 1854 aged 4y 2m Photo

Chaney Elias 1824-1877
Chaney Martha his wife 1833-1914

Chaney Elias Nov. 22, 1857 Sept 3, 1880 aged 22y 10m 9d
----- (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading)

Chaney Eva dau of M. & A.M. Chaney died Mar. 8, 1882 aged 2m 6d Photo

Chaney Geo. Born Apr. 13, 1828 died Nov. 28, 1883 aged 55y 7m 15d Photo

Chaney Infant son of G. & N. Chaney Aug. 26, 1855 June 10, 1850
----- (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading. This is the way it is listed in their book.)

Chaney Maggie Dennis 1863-1887 Photo

Chaney Mandilla M dau. of M. & A. Chaney died Mar. 5, 1878 aged 2m 11d Photo

Chaney Martin May 23, 1862 Mar. 5, 1914 Photo

Chaney Michael died Aug. 21, 1888 aged 34y 4m Photo

Chaney Nancy Born May 24, 1833 Died Mar. 17, 1897 aged 62y 9m 24d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Chaney Nora D. dau. of M. & A.M. Chaney born Jan. 24, 1888 died June 18, 1898 Photo

Chaney Oatho Died May 10, 1908 aged 54 years Photo

Craig Arminda dau. of E.B. & A. Craig died Sept. 7, 1871 aged 10y 7m 12d Photo

Craig Enoch B. born Feb. 4, 1829 died Aug. 10, 1892
Craig Aurilla died June 22, 1920 aged 88y
Craig Arminda daug of E.B. & A. Craig born Jan. 25, 1861 died Sept. 7, 1871
----- aged 10y 7m 12d
Craig Milton E.W. son of E.B. & A. born Apr. 12, 1855 died Nov. 14, 1895

DeWitt Belanda 1852-1940 Photo

DeWitt D.W. 1834-1921 Photo

DeWitt Daniel died Jan. 12, 1873 aged 76y 2m 12d Photo

DeWitt Daniel May 28, 1920 aged 87y 10m 9d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

DeWitt Doris D. dau. of E.E. & S.E. DeWitt Apr. 23, 1900 July 9, 1900 Photo

DeWitt Mary J. wife of D.W. DeWitt died June 9, 1884 aged 48y. 3m. 23d. Farewell Photo

DeWitt Matilda wife of T.H. DeWitt died May 10, 1895 aged 30y 6m 18d Photo

DeWitt Rebecca wife of Daniel died Feb. 22, 1875 aged 72y 10m 21d Photo

DeWitt Son son of B. & M. DeWitt died June 16, 1895 aged 1m 8d
----- (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading)

Flaugh Infant dau of W. Flaugh & wife 1912 Photo

Flaugh Jacob born Aug. 28, 1875 at Kalida Ohio died Aug. 29, 1895 Photo

Flaugh John 1840-1914 Photo

Gaskill Abraham 1836-1908
Gaskill Ann L. 1838-1922

Gaskill Abraham P Co. K 42 Ind. Inf. Photo

Gaskill Arthur 1868 1927 (1932 DAR lists died Feb. 13, 1927 aged 58y 10m 15d) Photo

Gaskill Bertha 1872 1961 Photo

Gaskill Elmira wife of Abel D.K. Gaskill died Oct. 25, 1867 aged 23y 1m 26d Photo

Gaskill Fay 1897 1899 Photo

Gaskill Infant Girl 1901 Photo

Gaskill Margaret H. wife of Mark Gaskill died (stone broken) Photo

Gaskill Royal K. died May 30, 1908 aged 30y. 9m. 28d. Photo

Hausbach Elva B. March 14, 1891 August 21, 1954 Photo

Hausbach Raymond F. February 28, 1889 September 15, 1959 Photo

Henderson Calvin died July 5 1890 aged 41y 4m 20d
Henderson Noah died Aug. 31, 1870 aged 28y 5m 30d

Henderson Editha E. 1855-1925 Photo

Jackson John H. 1853-1921
Jackson Elizabeth J. his wife 1855-1932

Kelsey Aaron C. died Oct. 12, 1877 aged 63y 9m 26d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Kelsey Abner April 5, 1833 Sep. 18, 1909 One Lord one faith on baptism Photo

Kelsey Aden Calvin 1875-1956 Photo

Kelsey Annabell dau. of Abner & Nancy L. Kelsey died Oct 27, 1873 aged 16yrs 6m 29days Photo

Kelsey Daniel H son of H.S. & J.H. Kelsey died Sept. 12, 1867 aged 22yírs 8moís 29dís Photo

Kelsey Gregg S. son of J. & C. Kelsey died Sept. 17, 1854 aged 10ys 11ms 21ds Photo

Kelsey Infant Dau. of J.M. & D. Kelsey Dec. 4, 1888 Photo

Kelsey Jefferson Orville 1878-1938 Photo

Kelsey Joanna born May 5, 1822 died Mar. 18, 1907
Kelsey Henry S. died Sep. 2, 1892 aged 70y 1m 2d
-----Father and Mother

Kelsey John July 4, 1795 Aug. 23, 1888
Kelsey Clarissa Aug. 2, 1804- July 7, 1886

Kelsey John B son of H.S. & J.H. Kelsey died Sept. 24, 1866 aged 19y 7m & 1d Photo

Kelsey John H son of Abner & Nancy Kelsey died Oct. 22, 1869 aged 6y 5d Photo

Kelsey Jonathan died Apr. 12, 1874 aged 65y 11m 17d Photo

Kelsey Levi died Feb 27, 1872 aged 29y 4m 17d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Kelsey Mary A. wife of Abner Kelsey 1843-1924 Mother Photo

Kelsey Minnie A. dau. of F.E. & M.M. Kelsey died Feb. 21, 1870 aged 2y 5m 7d Photo

Kelsey Nancy L. wife of Abner Kelsey died Aug. 28, 1868 aged 32y 9m 22d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Kelsey Sarah wife of Jonathan Kelsey died Nov. 14, 1872 aged 62yrs 7mo 16days Photo

Kelsey Sarah E dau. of A. & N. L. Kelsey died March 5, 1867 aged 8years 2mo 8ds Photo

Kelsey Wm. S. died Dec 19, 1883 aged 17yís 6mo 7ds Photo

Kirkley William died Aug. 1, 1880 aged 60y 3m 12d
Kirkley Eliza died Jan. 1, 1871 aged 42y 9m 13d

Lawrence Jacob L died Apr. 28, 1880 aged 70y 26d Photo

Lawrence Margaret died Jan. 7, 1878 aged 67y 5m 16d Photo

Lawrence Martha J dau. of J.J. & M.F. Lawrence died Feb. 27, 1878 aged 2y 8d Photo

Lawrence Martha M. wife of Amos Lawrence died Aug. 23, 1879 aged 24y 1m 22d Photo

Lawrence Minnie J no other markings Photo

Lawrence Minnie J died Feb. 27, 1878 aged 2y 8d (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading)

Lawrence Rozella Dau of J.J. & M.F. died Sept. 9, 1872 aged 1y 5m 18d Photo

Maxell Margarett E Rinehart Born June 9, 1864 died Apr. 10, 1910 Photo

Maxwell Joseph W. born April 3, 1858 died Feb. 15, 1938
----- (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading)

Piatt (only base is left) Photo

Piatt Benj. F. died Feb. 11, 1873 aged 29y 6m 21d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Piatt Calvin A. son of B.F. & Lucinda Piatt died Feb. 9, 1873 aged 1y. 11d.
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Piatt Elizabeth born Apr. 5, 1823 died June 18, 1904 (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Piatt John H. died Feb. 15, 1883 aged 61y 9m 3d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Reddin Adren W. son of F.M. & E. Reddin died Jan. 30, 1893 aged 20y 10m 18d Photo

Reddin Eliza Ann Buffington wife of F. Reddin died Feb. 20, 1879 aged 49y 4m 10d
----- (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading)

Reddin Francis M. 1840-1889 Co. G 34th. IND. Vol. Photo

Reddin Francis M. died July 2, 1887 aged 49y 9m 19d
Reddin Margaret wife of F. died Jan. 9, 1875 aged 32y 1m 22d

Reddin Infant dau. of F.M. & E. Reddin died Bev. 25, 1883 Photo

Reddin Jana dau. of F.M. & S.E. Reddin died Sept. 22, 1896 aged 11y 3m 26d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Reddin Jasper C. son of F.M. & E. Reddin died Oct. 1, 1887 aged 1y 7m Photo

Reddin William died Nov. 4 1868 aged 50y 10m 21d
Reddin Catharine died Aug. 7, 1905 aged 85y 8m 26d
----- Mother-Father

Reddin Wilson died April 10, 1925 aged 63y 2m 24d (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI reading)

Reddin Wm. died Nov. 4, 1889 aged 50y 10m 1d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Rinehart Elisha died Feb. 21m 1890 aged 37y. 3m. 29d. Photo

Rinehart Fredie son of E. & O.L. Rinehart died Mar. 17, 1890 aged 4m. 28d. Photo

Rinehart Samuel born Sept. 2, 1858 died Oct. 30, 1888 (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Robertson Elizabeth H. Jan. 4, 1831 May 6, 1907 Mother Gone but not forgotten Photo

Robertson Ely B. daughter of J.H. & E.H. Robertson died Sept 13, 1867
----- aged 10yrs 7mn 1days

Robertson John H. died Sept. 26, 1868 aged 40y 5m 25d Photo

Robertson Mary E. 1858-1950
Robertson Franklin P. 1853-1928

Robertson Waldo C. 1899-1900 Photo

Robertson William H. son of J.H. & E.H. Robertson died Mar. 25, 1868 aged 13y 7m 24d Photo

Runyan Denean 1830-1918
Runyan Mary 1821-1909

Runyan Monroe 1867-1915 Father Photo

Story Mary B. 1842 1917 Photo

Stump Elizabeth wife of Jonathan Stump born Mar. 16, 1841 died May 27, 1881 Photo

Stump Elmore H. son of A.E. & L.A. Stump born Mar. 30, 1884 died Apr. 6, 1886 Photo

Stump Ira H. son of J. & S. Stump died Feb. 21, 1868 aged 2y 1m 1d Photo

Stump Jonathan born Mar. 12, 1825 died Mar 13, 1906 Photo

Stump Mary dau. of Samuel & Rhoda Stump died Oct. 28, 1859 aged 3y 4m 26d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Stump Sarah wife of J. Stump died June 4, 1868 aged 40y 10m 16d
----- (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Stump Sarah Elnora dau. of Jonathan Stump born Sept. 19, 1861 died June 19, 1881 Photo

Unknown aged 20yís 6m 2?ds Photo

Unknown died June 12, 1864 aged 52y 1m Photo

Unknown Elias no other writing near Chaney stones Photo

Unknown Nancy not other writing Photo

Walker Sarah A our mother wife of William Walker died July 2, 1880 aged 63y 4m 11d Photo

Wallace Ruth wife of Wm Wallace died July 13, 1859 aged 23y 1m 2d Photo

Wallace William K. died July 20, 1866 aged 28 yrs.
Wallace William L. infant son of Wm. K. & M.C. Wallace died July 1866
----- Farewell my wife and children all. From you a father Christ doth call.
----- Mourn not for me, it is in vain. To call me to your sight again.

Weaver Frank June 17, 1923 Photo

Weaver James Elwood March 7, 1928óMarch 11, 1928 Photo

Weaver Paul Edward February 18, 1926óSeptember 24, 1926 Photo

Wilkerson Mary D. Nov 26, 1831 Apr. 15, 1898 Photo

Wilkerson Nancy wife of Thos. Wilkerson died June 24, 1874 aged 64y 7m 18d Photo

Wilkerson Nancy Alice dau. of Wm. & Frances Wilkerson died Jan. 17, 1866 aged 4y 2m 22d Photo

Wilkerson Thomas died Mar. 12, 1883 aged 76y 2m 2d (No stone found 1932 DAR reading)

Wilkerson Thomas J. 1836-1897 Photo

Unknown #1 Photo

Unknown #2 Photo

Unknown #3 Photo

Unknown #4 Photo

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