Old Leo Cemetery Cedar Creek Township Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project
Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project

Old Leo Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in Old Leo Cemetery, Cedar Creek Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is currently in use. The cemetery is located on the east side of Leo Road, on the corner of Holser/Grabill Road in Leo IN. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in October of 2008. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.

Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4 1/4 1/4NE 1/4NW
Section 22, Twp 32N, Range 13E
Latitude 41.2206 Longitude 85.0142
Easting 666458 Northing 4565157

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. In 1932 the DAR did a reading of the cemetery. Also the Allen County Genealogical Society did readings in the 1980’s. The information from these readings were used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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Names A-D
Names E-H
Names I-M
Names N-S
Names T-Z

Akey Denny Aug. 27, 1955-Mar. 19, 1996 Photo

Akey Georgia N. 1914-1923 Photo

Aley Glen A. Dec 24 1928 June 16 2004 Pvt US Army Korea Photo

Akey Leavitt L. 1892 1961 Father
Akey Edith C. 1894 1986 Mother

Akey Marietta 1869-1941
Akey James E. 1866-1953

Akey Marion R. 1922 1937 Photo

Akey Vera M 1899-1931
Akey Donald W. 1893-1936 15th Balloon Co. Aviation Signal C.

Alexander Henry 1921-1936 Photo

Amstutz Betty Ruth 1923-1995
-----Aunt Betty’s life reflects love and service, strength and compassion.

Amstutz Delbert G. 1882-1931 Father Photo

Amstutz Elias b. Oct. 28, 1870 d. May 7, 1907 Also Father stone
Amstutz Queen V. Lawhead his wife B. June 2, 1875 d. Oct. 28, 1917 Also Mother stone

Amstutz Gerald M. 1927-2004
Amstutz Zola L. 1927-1994

Amstutz Hannah M. d. May 6, 1907 aged 4m. 3d. Photo

Amstutz Harvey 1883-1954
Amstutz Fern 1887-1941
Amstutz Marjorie L. dau. of H. & F. Amstutz 1909-1918

Amstutz John 1872 1953 Photo

Amstutz John G. B. May 6, 1907 aged 2m. 14d. Photo

Amstutz Joseph 1880-1961
Amstutz Rosa 1884-1974

Amstutz Peter S. 1853-1920
Amstutz Anna his wife 1855-1903
Amstutz Lydia his wife 1872-1923

Anderson Betty J. 1924
Anderson John W. 1924-1992

Anspach L.G. 1884-1940
Anspach Aldora 1888-1961

Arnold Clarence A. 1874-1944
Arnold Orpha E. 1879-1952

Arnold Eli April 9, 1838 Oct. 17, 1911
Arnold Narcissa his wife July 15, 1845 Jan. 1, 1911

Arnold Franklin son of E. & N.M. Arnold died Aug. 26, 1876 aged 4y. 3m. 5d. Photo

Arnold Hettie 1882 (No stone found but on ACGSI list)

Arnold John J. 1856-1912 Photo

Arnold Marion E. Pvt Co H5 Regt Mo Inf Spanish American War
-----Feb 15 1879 Jan 27 1958

Arnold Mary L. 1865-1944 Photo

Arnold Merton W. 1879-1933
Arnold Walter D. 1903-1978

Ash Rosali Bell daughter of J.H. & M Ash died Sept. 9, 1859 aged 3y. 9m. 12d. Photo

Ashley Martha E. wife of T.H. Ashley & dau. of N.& S.E. Hollopeter Died Oct. 1882
-----Aged 18 y’rs. 8m’s

Ashton Lillie 1893-1920 Photo

Astry James L. 1854-1922
Astry Elizabeth his wife 1862-1933

Astry Winifred G. 1892-1982 Daughter Photo

Ayers Elenore B. 1868-19—
Ayers James A. 1864-1934

Bacon Infant dau of Henry & Nancy A. Bacon born Sept. 14, 1857
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing)

Bahr Peter H. 1890-1938
Bahr Eugene F. Sgt. 1921-1944
Bahr Phoebe H. 1890-1956

Bailey Polly wife of S.E. Bailey died Dec. 24, 1863 aged 43y. 6m. 18d. Photo

Bailey S.E. died May 8, 1885 aged 68y. 18d.
Bailey Barbara his wife 1840-1917

Bailey William B. 1847 1899
Bailey Narcissa A. his wife 1850 1926

Baird Mehetabel wife of A. W. Baird died Mar. 7, 1889 aged 30y. 1m. 9ds. Photo

Barber Hazel Feb. 8, 1901 Aug. 2, 1939 (also in mausoleum Birtrum, Hettie and Martha
Barber V. Hollopeter and George W and Beatrice F McCrory)

Barve Etta 1861-1927 (No stone found from 1932 DAR listing)

Barve Henry 1862 (No stone found from 1932 DAR listing)

Bates Garie S. 1867-19
Bates Roxie J. 1870-1945

Bates Virginia Conrad 1917-1938 Photo

Bauman Hattie 1877-1948
Bauman George 1870-1930

Bauman Rose E. 1901-1990
Bauman Burlen 1905-1984

Beatty Charles son of W. & R. Beatty died Nov. 3, 1877 aged 6y. 2m. 14d.
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Beaty Amos 1873-1942 Father Photo

Beaty James P. 1865-1925 Photo

Beaty John L. son of W. & R. Beaty died Mar. 24, 1859 aged 11 days. Photo

Beaty Josaphean dau. of W. & R. Beaty died Feb. 14, 1871 ae 4y. 4m. 11d. Photo

Beaty Rebecca wife of Wm. Beaty died Mar. 10, 1864 aged 42y. 1m. 23d. Photo

Beaty Samuel J. son of W. & R. Beaty died Mar. 4, 1875 aged 11y. 7m. 22d. Photo

Beaty Wm. Died Mar. 23, 1882 aged 59y. 5m. 17d.
Beaty Rachel died Dec. 12, 1899 aged 63y. 10m. 1d. At Rest

Beck Donald E. 1930-1930 Photo

Beck Simon H 1883-1944
Beck Caroline 1882-1945

Beeching Libbie E. B.8.13.1868 D.1.19.1890 Photo

Beedy Eva B. 1900-1983
Beedy Mathew 1890-1970

Begthle Wilbur T. son of Martin & Maria Begthle born in Ashland Co. Ohio
-----Dec. 6, 1843 died Apr. 19, 1863 aged 19y. 4m. 13d.

Beightle Children of Geo. F. and Sarah Beightle (no other information) Photo

Beightle George F. 1839-1928
Beightle Sarah his wife 1844-1918

Bellinger Children of Geo. B. Bellinger Aug. 22, 1917 Apr. 26, 1918 Photo

Bellinger Gerald 1927-1929
Bellinger Doris 1922-1922

Bellinger Henry F. 1898 1954 Father Photo

Bellinger Lucille E. 1905 1966 Mother Photo

Bellinger Mary L. 1893-1924
Bellinger Fred D. 1859-1937

Bellinger Mary Lou 1941-1942 Photo

Bellinger Robert Irish Jun 20 1932 Aug 30 1987 US Navy Korea Photo

Bellinger Stanly W. son of A.J. & Emma Bellinger Dec. 16, 1918 Photo

Bender Wm. H. 1842-1917 co. A. 104 O.V.L.
Bender Anna M. 1855-1929 Mother

Berry Wm. Died Jan. 18, 1842 in the 77 year of his age Photo

Bertsch Andrew H. 1902-1995 Photo

Bertsch Anna dau. of J. & M. Bertsch died Jan. 16, 1898 aged 1mo. 7d. Photo

Bertsch Cynthia A. 1951- Photo

Bertsch David Mar. 5, 1920
Bertsch Marie Jan. 6, 1921
-----Married Aug. 9, 1941 Parents of Sandra, Cynthia, & Pamela

Bertsch Edward 1886-1975 Photo

Bertsch Emma dau. of J. & M. Bertsch died Dec. 19, 1906 aged (rest buried) Photo

Bertsch Frances M. 1909-1994
Bertsch Otto W. 1904-2000

Bertsch Frieda M 1909-1995 Photo

Bertsch Henry Feb. 21, 1899 Oct. 27, 1917 Photo

Bertsch Henry 1865-1958
Bertsch Julia 1865-1930

Bertsch John July 14, 1821 Mar. 6, 1918 Father on top of stone. Photo

Bertsch John 1857-1924 Also Father stone
Bertsch Malissa his wife 1868-1937 Also Mother stone

Berstch Magdelena 1896-1922 Photo

Bertsch Matilda 1901-1948 Photo

Bertsch Mina 1894-1984 Photo

Bertsch Rosa 1887-1983 Photo

Bertsch Sandra K. 1947- Photo

Bertsch Susanna wife of John Bertsch born Jan. 6, 1821 died Oct. 2, 1887 Mother Photo

Betz Molisse A. 1873-1948
Betz George V. 1862-1930

Bevard James E. 1867-1896 In Memory of Photo

Beyerle Nancy 1854-1928 Photo

Bigelow Leon E. 1868-1944 Father Photo

Bishop Benjamin son of J. & E. Bishop died Apr. 10, 1861 aged 1y. 8m. 9d. Photo

Bishop Elizabeth 1831-1923 Photo

Bishop John died Jan. 18, 1863 aged 36y. 10m. 10d. Photo

Bishop Sarah J. dau of J. & E. Bishop (No stone found from 1932 DAR listing)

Blaising Albert S. 1886-1949
Blaising Mae S. 1888-1977

Blakley Alda L. dau of T. & M.A. Blakley died Nov. 20, 1881 aged 16y’s. 1m. 17d’s. Photo

Blakley Harman son of T. & M.A. Blakley died Feb. 9, 1863 aged 1y. 2m. 26d. Photo

Blough Bertha P. 1863-1960
Blough John 1866-1939

Blough James W. (no dates)
Blough Jack W. (no dates)

Blough Marie E. 1896 1958 Photo

Blough Victor E. 1891 1943 Photo

Blue Sarah wife of John E. Blue died Dec. 10, 1865 aged 46y. 9m. 4d. Photo

Blume Callie 1882-1914
Blume Elnora 1883-1951
Blume Albert 1882-1954

Bodine John E. Reverend 1868-1938 Photo

Bodine Manerva J. wife of Wesley Bodine d. Nov. 28, 1862 aged 33y. 6m. 17d. Photo

Bodine Manilla wife of Allen Bodine died Sept. 30, 1854 aged 26yrs. 7mo. & 15days Photo

Bodine Tisby A. 1836-1923 Photo

Boger Bessie G. 1891-1920 Photo

Boger Clyde Ordillas Aug. 15, 1880-Nov. 28, 1942 I know that my redeemer liveth Photo

Boger Florence Hemrick Sept. 19, 1894-Feb. 22, 1988 I am the resurrection and the life. Photo

Boger Perry W. 1885-1965
Boger Leora A. 1891-1976

Bollier Amelia 1868-1939
Bollier Theodore 1867-1947

Bollman Orville F. 1914-1936 Photo

Boner Theophilus son of J. & M. Boner died Dec. 14, 1853 aged 13yrs 8mo & 21ds Photo

Botts Kenneth C. 1889-1941
Botts Edith A. 1888-1983

Bouser David F. son of Wm. & R. Bouser died Aug. 28, 1854 ae 2y. 7m. 10d. Photo

Bowen John B. died Jan. 26, 1881 aged 32yrs. 1m. 25ds. Photo

Bowen Marvin L. born Oct. 30, 1821 died Feb. 1, 1890
Bowen Triphosa Strong born May 31, 1821 died Mar. 13, 1885
Bowen John A. their son born Dec. 1, 1848 died Jan. 26, 1881
Bowen Louisa. Born May 27, 1842 died Jan. 11, 1910

Bowen M. Bird son of M.L. & T. Bowen died Jan. 23, 1867 aged 3y. 6m. 23d.
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing)

Bracken Hal Lantz Oct. 22, 1938-Dec. 31, 1990 He is the wind beneath our wings.
-----Husband Father Son Nephew Friend Our Hero Hall Lantz Bracken US Navy
-----Korea Oct 22, 1838 Dec 31 1990

Bradtmiller Clarence W. 1902-1969 Photo

Bradtmiller Victorean 1904-1963 Photo

Brinker Jack Leroy 1920-1942 Lost at sea U.S.N.R. Photo

Britton Andrew R. Aug. 19, 1984 May 1, 1992 Scientist God is to rely on, not to deny
-----on. A.R.B. 4-92

Brown Pearl Oct. 15, 1884 Nov. 2, 1982 Photo

Brownell Albertus son of N.M. & M.R. Brownell Apr. 23, 1863 aged 1y. 4m. 1d.
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing)

Bruner Curtis A. 1866-1941 Photo

Bruner Lydia 1866-1942 Photo

Burkholder David born Nov. 2, 1829 died May 7, 1896 aged 66y. 5m. 18d.
-----Also Father stone.
Burkholder Mary Ann wife of David Burkholder born Nov. 5, 1832 died July 6, 1902
-----Aged 69y. 8m. 1d. Also Mother stone

Buss Mary E. 1872-1942
Buss William H. 1869-1954

Butler Daniel 1865-1917 (No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Butler Ettie wife of D. Butler daughter of B. & C. Shannon born Feb. 12, 1870
-----Died Oct. 10, 1898

Butt Amasa J. b. July 30, 1850 d. July 27, 1905
Butt Henrietta A. his wife b. Nov. 29, 1852 d. Aug. 31, 1911

Byers Andrew born Apr. 1, 1823 died Jan. 27, 1898 Also Father stone.
Byers Rosannah his wife born May 8, 1826 died Mar. 23, 1915 Also Mother stone
Byers Samuel A. 1879-1930

Byers Cloe L. born Sept. 22, 1868 died Apr. 4, 1869
Byers Manilla C. born Oct. 15, 1858 died Apr. 18, 1859
-----Children of A. and R. Byers

Byers Enos A. 1854-1935 Photo

Byers Mary C. 1860-1935 Photo

Byers Richard K. 1926-2000 Photo

Byers Samuel A. 1879-1930 Photo

Byers Samuel E. 1862-1927 Photo

Byers William A. 1866-1947 Photo

Cain Julia 1857 1942 At Rest Photo

Calloway Ruth F. 1896-1969 Mother Photo

Cameron Eva Myrtle 1880-1951 Photo

Carman Maholn Sept. 4, 1868 Sept. 30, 1917
Carman Mary A. his wife. Feb. 19, 1869 Apr. 1, 1910
(No stone found from ACGSI lisitng.)

Carnes Branden Matthew Dec. 23, 2002 Oct. 1, 2003 Our Son 1st Samuel 1:27-28
-----Son of Brad & Mindy

Carnes Brock Montgomery Jan. 8, 2002 Mark 10:13-16 Son of Brad and Mindy Photo

Carpenter Harry M. 1888-1925 Photo

Carrington Darrell D. Sept. 30, 1892 Dec. 1, 1897 Photo

Carrington Joseph M. Sept. 13, 1896 Dec. 3, 1897 (No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Carrington Mary 1863-1919
Carrington John 1858-1938

Carroll John born June 5, 1852 died May 19, 1888 Photo

Carson Susanne d. May 6, 1928 aged 75y. 6m. (No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Cender David F. Co.C. 136 Ohio Inf. Photo

Cender David Rev. 1836-1912
Cender Mary A. his wife 1836-19—

Champir John C. died Feb. 3, 1862 aged 35y. 5m. 3d. Photo

Chapman Charles L. Co. F. 15 PA. Inf. Sp. Am. War Photo

Chapman Irene 1886-1960 Photo

Chapman Sarah P. dau of G.W. & Hannah Chapman died Mar. 13, 1864 aged 18y. 4m. 21d. Photo

Chilcote Mary Jane dau of H. & Anne Chilcote born Sept. 20, 1844 died Nov. 4, 1852
-----Aged 8Yrs. 1mo. & 14days

Childs Elizabeth wife of Wm. P. Childs died Dec. 6, 1884 aged 75yrs. 11d. Photo

Childs William P. died Apr. 13, 1871 aged 77y. 10m. 29d. Photo

Chilson Colleen 1924 1966 Mother The eyes of memory sleep not Photo

Clark John A. 1868-1938
Clark Anna D. 1875-1950

Clark Mary E. 1903-1936 Photo

Claton Maraba Depew wife of Daniel Claton died Nov. 8, 1852 in the 24 year of her age Photo

Claton Mary Craig wife of Daniel Claton d. Dec. 17, 1846 in the 28y of her age
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Claton Minerva daughter of D. & Maraba Claton died Jan. 15, 1852 aged 1yr. 1mo. & 24d. Photo

Clayton Andrew Aug. 22, 1859 Aged 6Y 2M 27D Son of H. & S.A. Clayton
-----(No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Clayton Emily L wife of H. Clayton died Mar 7, 1874 aged 43y. 2m. 16d.
Clayton Samantha J. dau. of H. & S.A. Clayton died July 12, 1878 aged 23y. 9m. 18d.

Clayton George W. son of H. & S.A. Clayton died Aug. 27, 1859 aged 6yrs. 5mo. & 27ds. Photo

Clayton John died June 9, 1847 ae 78yrs. Photo

Coles Judith Dee 1946 Photo

Conrad Clara Gerig May 14, 1905 May 31, 2004 Photo

Conrad Earmel A. 1894-1938
Conrad Herman A. 1890-1968

Conrad Henry son of J.E. & L. Conrad 1876-1895 (Henry on top of stone) Photo

Conrad Jacob E. 1841-1919
Conrad Lizzie 1848-1896

Conrad John 1858-1938 Father
Conrad Mary 1856-1930 Mother
Conrad Persida 1891-1949
Conrad Leah 1882-1951
Conrad Diane 1886-1974
Conrad Adele 1892-1984
Conrad Rose 1885-1978

Conrad John 1869-1954 Husband of Elizabeth C. Photo

Conrad Lizzie dau. of J.E. & L. Conrad 1878-1895 (Lizzie on top of stone) Photo

Conrad Lydia 1885-1971 Her “labour of love” I thes. 1:3 Photo

Conrad Mary Alice Jan. 4, 1924 Photo

Conrad Matilda Aug. 11, 1888 May 11, 1952
Conrad Albert Sept. 9, 1888 Dec. 13, 1973

Conway Bessie M. 1890-19
Conway Herman J. 1888-1940

Cook Edward A. 1942-1990 Father Photo

Cook Emma Nute 1878 1958 Photo

Cook Eugene W. 1854-1927
Cook Minnie his wife 1858-1924

Cook Frank L. 1872 1933 Photo

Cook Reuben 1831-1914
Cook Sarah E. his wife 1834-1908

Council Winston A. 1923-2007
Council Orpha N. 1925
-----Wed Sept. 28, 1947

Cox Florence 1878-1941 Photo

Cox Sherman 1866-1928 Photo

Crall Malissa L. 1871-1944
Crall Laurence J. 1867-1944

Crane Olive daughter of Wm. & Ellen Crane died Aug. 9, 1857 ae 2m. 13d. Photo

Crane Oliver D. son of Oliver G. & H. Crane died Feb. 9, 1857 ae 25y. 4m. 29d
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Crawford L.C. Rev. died Dec. 14, 1884 aged 75y. 7m. 7d.
Crawford Mary his wife died Oct. 8, 1931 aged 92y. 10m. 13d.

Creig Orlan W. died Mar. 25, 1865 aged 15y. 6m. 22ds.
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Crick Michael A. Jan. 12, 1968 Nov. 7, 1990 son of Donald & Patricia

Crick Patrica J. July 21, 1942
Crick Donald O. March 28, 1942 Oct. 17, 1989
-----Married Oct. 12, 1963

Criswell A.J. 1843-1919 Also Father stone
Criswell Barbara A. his wife 1852-1924 Also Mother stone

Criswell Lawrence 60th R.R. Eng’rs. Assn. A.E.F. 1890-1979 Photo

Criswell Susannah dau. of Wm. & B. Criswell died Nov. 6, 1867 ae 15y. 13d. Photo

Criswell William was born in Lower Oxford Twp. Chester Co. Penn.
-----A.D. 1807 died Oct. 15, 1888
Criswell Barbara wife of Wm. Criswell born in Chambersburg, Franklin Co. Pa.
-----March 24, 1821 died June 24, 1901

Crockett Bertha M. 1888-1923 Photo

Crosby Edward C. 1880-1941 Father
Crosby Bertha M. 1888-1969 Mother

Crosby Janet H. 1933
Crosby Thomas W. 1929-1999
-----Beloved Mother Father

Crosby Mary W. 1917-2005
Crosby Abner E. 1914-1989

Crosby Rosella M. 1916-1923 Photo

Dailey Abner F. 1875-1963 (No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Dailey Samuel 1831-1897 66y.
Dailey Mary 1832-1924 91y

Dailey Wm. T. died Jan. 13, 1877 aged 74y. 2m. 21d.
Dailey Sarah consort of Wm. Dailey born May 9, 1804 died Sept. 3, 1875
-----Aged 71y. 3m. 24d.

Dannells George E. 1896-1970 Photo

Depew Eunice B. Moore wife of William Depew died Oct. 3, 1878 aged 60y. 8m. 18d. Photo

Depew Isaac died Sept. 3, 1871 aged 81y. 3m. (No stone found from ACGSI listing.)

Depew Isaac N. died Jan. 17, 1870 aged 30y. 5m. 29d.
Depew Mary T.R. dau. of I.N. & L.B. Depew died June 26, 1869 aged 1y. 1m. 30d.
Depew Marcus W. son of I.N. & L.B. Depew died Apr. 17, 1870 aged 4mo. 5d.

Depew Margaret wife of Isaac Depew d. Mar. 20, 1871 aged 70y. 5m. 11d.
-----(No stone found from ACGSI listing.)

Devall Austin son of Austin & Elizabeth Devall Dec. 8, 1849 aged 4years 6mo.
-----This lovely bud so young and fair. Called hence to early doom. Just came to
-----show how sweet a flower in paradise would bloom.

Develbiss Keith J. Mar 21 1950 Oct 28 2000 L Cpl US Marine Corps Vietnam
-----Co B 1/8 2 Mar div

Deventer Edward R. 1921 1952 317th Inf. 80th Div. Peace be thy port Photo

Deventer Fred A. 1857-1938
Deventer Mary M. 1869-1951

Deventer Garnet J. 1917 1935 Peace be thy port Photo

Deventer Gladys M. 1907-2002
Deventer Walter G. 1905-1954

Deventer Gracie b. July 24, 1888 d. Jan. 26, 1896
Deventer Hattie B. b. Jan. 7, 1896 d. May 25, 1906
Deventer Hettie b. July 25, 1897 d. Mar. 1899

Deventer Lewis J. son of F. & L Deventer died May 2, 1879 aged 18y. 3m. 17d. Photo

Deventer Myrtle B. 1897-1984
Deventer Homer 1891-1967

Dever Clara E. dau. of J. & E. Dever died Aug. 7, 1866 aged 2y. 7m. 6d. Photo

Dever E.M. wife of John Dever died Apr. 12, 1876 aged 50y. 7m. 2d.
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Dever Ellen 1824-1875 Photo

Dever Mary E. dau. of J. & E. Dever Apr. 6, 1872 ae 16y. 9m. 9d. Photo

Dietzel Kevin Sept. 29, 1956 Our little boy Photo

Dietzel Mildred A. 1925
Dietzel Harlan A. 1923

Dils Charles died Oct. 19, 1863 aged 68y. 11d. Photo

Dils Charles E. died Nov. 16, 1863 aged 32y. 3m. 2d. Photo

Dilworth Gara Katharine Wheelock 1884 1952 Photo

Disler Abraham died May 31, 1866 aged 60y. 5m. 15d. Photo

Disler Catharine S. died Feb. 2, 1880 aged 14y. 1m. 25d.
-----(No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Disler Clara A. 1883-1964
Disler William S. 1876-1950

Disler Daniel SFC US Army World War II Korea May 13 1913 Sep 22 1977 Photo

Disler Florence dau. of J.F. & A.L. Disler Nov. 24, 1910 Jan. 1, 1911 Photo

Disler Franklin Pierce 1852-1942 Photo

Disler Henry died Oct. 2, 1873 aged 2Y 4M 15D (No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Disler Henry died Mar. 19, 1919 aged 80y. 6m. 9d.
Disler Sarah E. wife of H. Disler died Dec. 23, 1897 aged 52y. 3m. 23d.

Disler Jacob d. Mar. 12, 1873 aged 38y. 7m. 23d. (No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Disler John A. son of S. & C. Disler died Oct. 1, 1861 aged 10m. 2d. Photo

Disler Johnnie W. son of J.H. & A.M. Disler born July 20, 1904 died Feb. 18, 1905 Photo

Disler Mahala 1857-1926
Disler Ira Willis 1852-1947

Disler Mary 1854-1925 Photo

Disler Mary wife of Abraham Disler died Feb. 14, 1873 aged 65y. 7m. 8d. Photo

Disler Merryitta dau of S.& C. Disler died Dec. 28, 1870 aged 3y. 9m. 2d. Photo

Disler Samuel 1836-1913 Also Father stone
Disler Catharine his wife 1841-1912 Also Mother stone

Disler Timothy F. Oct. 25, 1861 Jan. 23, 1906 At Rest Photo

Doty Ercel M. 1901-1994 Aunt Ercel to all. Loved the Lord, life, and all mankind. Photo

Douglass Albert died Dec. 15, 1884 aged 36y. 5m. 26d.
Douglass Jane L. died July 24, 1907 aged 56y. 8m. 15d.
Douglass Harry G. born Feb. 8, 1880 died Feb. 24, 1894
Douglass Allas dau. of A. & J. Douglass died Feb. 20, 1877 aged 2y. 11m. 20d.

Douglass Charles E. son of J. & A. Douglass died Feb. 14, 1879 aged 5m. Photo

Douglass Cora A. died Apr. 22, 1870 aged 8m 27d (No stone found from ACGSI listing.)

Douglass Cora B. died Feb. 26, 1862 aged 3y 3m 12d
-----(No stone found from ACGSI listing.)

Douglass James died Aug. 29, 1846 ae 36y. 16d. Photo

Douglass James P. son of S. & D. Douglass died Aug. 22, 1865 aged 30y. 7m. 17d. Photo

Douglass John born Mar. 8, 1842 died July 6, 1895 Photo

Douglass Joseph C. son of S. & D. Douglass died Sept. 2, 1855 ae 11y. 10m. 6d. Photo

Douglass Samuel died Mar. 18, 1878 aged 77y. 11m. 4d. Father all is well.
Douglass Hattie G. d. Apr. 26, 1878 aged 24ys. 25d.

Douglass Samuel D. son fo J. & A. Douglass died Dec. 23, 1871 aged 1y. 2m. 3d.
-----(No stone found from ACGSI listing)

Douglass Sarah Ann dau. of S. & D. Douglass died Jan. 12, 1848 ae 2y. 1m. 10d.
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Douglass William son of S. & D. Douglass died Aug. 7, 1838 ae 5y. 8m.
Douglass Clarissa died Sept. 15, 1845 aged 7y. 3m. 24d.

Dove Minnie dau. of D. & M.M. Dove born Jan. 30, 1877 died Dec. 23, 1891
-----Aged 14y. 10m. 23d. At Rest

Doyle Frances 1902-1936 Photo

Ducat Joseph A. born Apr. 29, 1857 died Mar. 1, 1903 Photo

Duck Benjaman F. son of D.B.F. and E. Duck died Dec. 21, 1871 aged 4y. 3m. 7ds.
Duck Mary F. dau. of D.B.F. & E. Duck died Dec. 31, 1871 aged 2y. 4m. 2ds

Duck Charles F. son of F. & E. Duck b. Sept, 2, 1871 d. Aug. 29, 1872
-----(No stone found from 1932 DAR listing.)

Duly Catherine A. 1855-1918 Photo

Dunbar Alice M. 1865-1937
Dunbar Samuel 1869-1940

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