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Marshall County Entries

A post office of Marshall county, 10 miles south-east of Plymouth the county seat, about 85 miles from Chicago, Ill. It contains two blacksmiths, three boot and shoe dealers, two carpenters, one lawyer, two cabinet and furniture makers, three clergymen, one clothier, one general store, one dry goods house, one flour and grain dealer, one hat, cap and fur establishment, one steam grist mill, one lumber dealer, two hotels, two physicians, one tailor, two groceries, two churches, and one school with an average attendance of 40 pupils. It contains about 100 inhabitants.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Baker R., clergyman.
Ball Jackson, farmer.
Catton & Ashcraft, proprietors shingle manufactory.
Baxter H. H., proprietor Baxter House.
Baxter John, blacksmith.
Bennett William, town trustee.
Boyer David, grocer.
Boylon A. C, carpenter and builder.
Chamberlain Luther, blacksmith.
Copeland & Shoultz, dealers in hardware and cuttlery.
Coxen Emanual R., carpenter and builder.
Coxen Emanuel R., justice of peace.
Davis Joseph W., town trustee.
Davis Onier, proprietor steam grist mill.
Davis C. & J. W., proprietors steam saw mill.
Davis Omer, proprietor steam saw mill.
Gartner Joseph &. Bro., boot and shoe dealers.
Griffith W., clergvmin.
Heller N. D., boot and shoe dealer.
Heller N. D., clothier.
Heller N. D., general store.
Heller N. D., Hour and grain dealer.
Heller N. D., dealer in hardware and cutlery.
Heller N. D., hat, cap and fur dealer.
Hill John T., Rev. Methodist.
Hill, Linn & Cook, dry goods dealers.
Jackson & Morgan, lumber dealers.
Jackson & Morgan, proprietors steam saw mill.
Linn T. T., physician and surgeon.
Linn James, town treasurer.
Lockwood & Rounds, cabinet and furniture dealers.
Martin Franklin, farmer.
Parks James, notary public.
Parks John F., physician and surgeon.
Perrin James, proprietor Perrin house.
Plummer Mrs. E., tailoress.
Rounds H. N. & Co., furniture dealers.
Shadle Isaac, cabinet and furniture dealer.
Sherwood W. F., grocer.
Sparling, town trustee.

A post office of Marshall county.

A post office of Marshall county.

A post office of Marshall county.

A post office of Marshall county.

The county seat of Marshall county, is pleasantly situated on the north bank of Yellow River, 2-3 miles from its confluence with the Kankakee River, and on the Michigan Road, 112 miles north of Indianapolis, forty-two miles north of Logansport, 24 miles south of South Bend, and at the intersection of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, with the Chicago, Peru and Union Railroad, finished from Laporte to Plymouth, 65miles from Fort Wayne, and about 28 miles from Laporte. It is situated in a fine farming district, and has an active trade. A plank road connects it with Michigan City. It has several churches, a branch bank, several stores, hotels, schools, court house, county offices, fine dwelling houses, and is destined to become a place of some importance, ihe line of the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad will be shortly completed and in full operation from Plymouth to Chicago, which eventually will be of great value to the interests of Plymouth. It is distant 8S miles from Chicago, and contains a newspaper office, the Marshall County Republican, published weekly by T. Mattingly. Population, 1,500.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Baldwin House, A. Baldwin, proprietor.
Baldwin A., proprietor Baldwin House.
Bank of the State of Indiana, Branch at Plymouth. E. S. Organ, Pres't; H. Early, Cashier.
Baynard 0. M., manufacturer of harness, saddles, etc.; shop over Pershing a drug store.
Becker S. & M., dealers in dry goods, groceries, etc.
Bennett J. W., physician and surgeon; office, third door north of the Edwards House.
Billows Alfred, barber and hair dresser.
Boyd A., agent of the Warsaw marble works.
Brown R. M. & Co., dealers in hardware, &c.
Brown R., physician and obstratician; office at R. M. Brown & Co.'s stove and hardware depot.
Brown Rufus, of R. M. Brown & Co.
Carbutt J., photograph, ambrotype, melaineotype and sterograph artist, Cosmopolitan gallery.
Cleveland & Hewett, dry goods dealers.
Corbin & Packard, attorneys and counselors at law and collecting agents.
Corbin H., of Corbin & Packard, attorney and counselor at law and collecting agent.
Crane L. & Co., dealers in hardware, stoves, glass, sash, putty, etc.
Davidson & Co., dealers in clothing, hats, caps and gents furnishing goods.
Dennis Hiram, proprietor livery, sale and exchange stables, Washington street, east of Michigan.
Dorton A. 0., surgeon dentist, Michigan street, over Pershing's drug store.
Early H., cashier of the Branch Bank of the State of Indiana.
Edwards House, George B. Stedman, proprietor.
Harran M., of Sample & Harran, attorney and counselor at law.
Higinbotham Samuel, county coroner.
Houghton Thomas E., county recorder.
Jelly J. G., saloon and eating house.
Johnson A., attorney at law; office, Corbine Block.
Klinger Jacob B. N., county surveyor.
Lindsey A. & D., dealers in dry goods, groceries, &c.
McDonald, Thomas E., county auditor,
Marshall County Republican, I. Mattingly editor and publisher.
MATTINGLY I., job printer and publisher
Marshall County Republican.
Mattingly A., physician and surgeon, office west side Michigan st.
Metcalf George A., justice of peace.
Myers Adolph, dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry.
Noll & Kontz, meat market, Michigan St., south of Baldwin House.
Organ E. S., president of Branch Bank of the State of Indiana.
Osborne John G., attorney at law and notary public, office first door north of Boyd's furniture store.
Packard M. A. 0., of Corbin & Packard, attorney and counselor at law and collecting agent.
Packard Newton R., county clerk.
Paul E., boot and shoe dealer.
Persing & Co., dealers in books and stationery.
Rice & Smith, general merchants.
Sample & Harran, attorneys and counselors at law.
Sample D. R., of Sample & Harran, attorney and counselor at law..
Sherman N., physician and surgeon, office and residence corner Michigan and Monroe.
Sherwood T. J., dealer in groceries, provisions, &c.
Shoemaker John H., dealer in jewelry, &c, Laporte st.
Smith M, W., justice of peace, office in Corbin's block.
Smith M. W., attorney at law, office in Corbin's block.
Spaulding G. F., stone and lime dealer.
Stedman George B., proprietor Edwards House.
Van Valkenburgh Jas. F., county sheriff.
Vinall J. J., homeopathic physician, office over Palmer's store, corner Michigan and Laporte sts.
Vinnedge David, county treasurer.
Watkins W. P. Rev., Methodist.
Westervelt John L., dealer in dry goods, groceries, &c.

A post office of Marshall county, 115 miles north of Indianapolis.

A post office of Marshall county.

A post office of Marshall county.

A post office of Marshall county.

A post office of Marshall county. Population 60.

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