Adams County, Indiana


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Updated 3/14/2014
  1. Yager, Deborah Louise (Newton)
  2. Yager, James Jerome
  3. Yager, Jane Maxine (Hubbard)
  4. Yager, Magdalena (Beitler)
  5. Ybarra, Devin
  6. Yocum, Ada (Drummond)
  7. Yocum, Henry E
  8. Yoder, Andrew William III
  9. Yoder, Carol L
  10. Yoder, DeWayne E
  11. Yoder, Doris E
  12. Yoder, Elizabeth K (Zuercher)
  13. Yoder, Ellen
  14. Yoder, Evanna M
  15. Yoder, Felix
  16. Yoder, Florence (Meyer)
  17. Yoder, Helen L (Galloway)
  18. Yoder, Ilva R
  19. Yoder, James L
  20. Yoder, Kathryn A (Eschbach)
  21. Yoder, Kermit
  22. Yoder, L Stanley
  23. Yoder, Leroy W
  24. Yoder, Naomi L (Hoffman)
  25. Yoder, Ronald Lyle
  26. Yoder, Shauna E (Sutton)
  27. Yoder, Ted David
  28. Yoder, Tina Katherine (Payne)
  29. Yoder, Warren L
  30. Yoquelet, Colleen (Mossburg)
  31. York, Brian J
  32. York, Rodney Eugene
  33. Yoss, Daisy M (Runkle)
  34. Yoss, Delbert G
  35. Yoss, Garfield G
  36. Yoss, Jacqueline (Moses)
  37. Yoss, Treva Furn (Dailey)
  38. Yost, Ida S (Borne)
  39. Yost, Jay Jacob
  40. Young, Carl R
  41. Young, D Mildred (Helm)
  42. Young, Donald Eugene
  43. Young, Donald R
  44. Young, Frank, Jr
  45. Young, Harry E
  46. Young, Holloway O "Holly"
  47. Young, Orpha M (Merritt)
  48. Young, Oscar C
  49. Young, Raymond
  50. Young, Romaine I (Raudenbush)
  51. Young, Sarah J
  52. Young, Vernon W
  53. Young, Wilma L

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