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  1. Painter, Clarence O
  2. Painter, Ferne A (Franz)
  3. Painter, Harold O
  4. Painter, Vivian L (Beam)
  5. Palmer, Leroy Bryan "Bud"
  6. Parent, Phoebe A (Troutner)
  7. Parker, Eunice M (Dieter)
  8. Parker, Howard
  9. Parker, James M
  10. Parker, Nora A (Jacobs)
  11. Parr, Larry Dale
  12. Parrish, Abner S
  13. Parrish, Benevieve L (Walters)
  14. Parrish, Halfred S
  15. Parrish, Helen Juanita (Ray)
  16. Parrish, John R
  17. Parrish, John W
  18. Parrish, Joshua R
  19. Parrish, Lee Eugene
  20. Parrish, Margaret (Martin)
  21. Parrish, Mary K (Ulman)
  22. Parrish, Mary S (Elzey)
  23. Parrish, Myles Franklin
  24. Parrish, Nellie M (Krick)
  25. Parrish, Nettie (Baker)
  26. Parrish, Robert J
  27. Passon, Henry Sanford
  28. Patch, Esther (Luginbill)
  29. Patch, Francis Robert
  30. Patch, James Mitchell (Rev)
  31. Patch, Jesse L
  32. Patrick, Leona R (Selking)
  33. Patrick, Paul D
  34. Patrick, Waymon F
  35. Patterson, H Lavire
  36. Patterson, Herman H
  37. Patterson, Michael Donavan
  38. Patterson, Mildred L
  39. Patterson-Andorfer, Patricia Ann
  40. Paulison, Rachel (Niblick)
  41. Pax, Daniel L
  42. Pax, Gerald F
  43. Paxson, Penny Louise
  44. Payne, Alma
  45. Peck, Irene A (Hildebrand)
  46. Peck Walter B
  47. Peoples, Alexander J
  48. Perry, Allena Michelle
  49. Peters, Isaac
  50. Peterson, Charles Melville
  51. Peterson, Mary I (Frisinger)
  52. Peterson, Ralph T
  53. Peterson, Cal F
  54. Peterson, Calvin E
  55. Peterson, Charles A
  56. Peterson, Don R
  57. Peterson, Edna L (Neukom)
  58. Peterson, Eliza J (Blossom)
  59. Peterson, Esther L (Sheets)
  60. Peterson, Francis A (Schneider)
  61. Peterson, Frank S
  62. Peterson, Henry C
  63. Peterson, Ina P (Everett)
  64. Peterson, Kenneth L
  65. Peterson, Richard
  66. Peterson, Mary I (Frisinger)
  67. Peterson, Maude T (Fuller)
  68. Peterson, Omar V
  69. Peterson, Opal M (Lovelette)
  70. Peterson, Phyllis I (Mitchell)
  71. Peterson, Violet Elaine (Boice)
  72. Petrie, Ruth M (Glenn)
  73. Pettibone, Daniel D
  74. Pfeiffer, Howard
  75. Pharr, Alexandria R
  76. Pherson, Donald R
  77. Pherson, Vivian (Myers)
  78. Pierce, Jerry Ray
  79. Pierce, Kay (Kindell)
  80. Pietosi, Cheryl E (Eyanson)
  81. Pillars, Benjamin
  82. Pillars, Jennie
  83. Pillars, Mary J (Auten)
  84. Pillars, Mary J (McConnehey)
  85. Pillars, Sampson
  86. Pingry, Edith C (Haffner)
  87. Pinkerton, Richard W
  88. Plasterer, Daniel E
  89. Plasterer, Evelyn I
  90. Plasterer, Jess E
  91. Ploughe, Dale N
  92. Ploughe, Elma S (Slater)
  93. Plummer, Betty L (Griggs)
  94. Plummer, Robert F
  95. Pochodzay, Elisha L
  96. Pochodzay, Ruby L (Barnes)
  97. Poling, Arthur L
  98. Poling, Dannie L
  99. Poling, Dora (Fryback)
  100. Poling, Estella M (Roop)
  101. Poling, Harry F
  102. Poling, Theola E (Fry)
  103. Pollock, Harriet (Roggenkemper)
  104. Poole, Margery D (Ranly)
  105. Poorman, John H
  106. Porter, Chester W
  107. Porter, Margaret (McGee)
  108. Potts, Hiram C
  109. Potts, Sarah (Ault)
  110. Potts, Velma R
  111. Powell, Devin R
  112. Powers, Barbara C (Albertson)
  113. Price, Earl R
  114. Price, Elenora K (Ross)
  115. Price, Margaret A (Hudson)
  116. Price, Nellie E (Brodbeck)
  117. Price, Opal (Ellenberger)
  118. Price, Vera Elizabeth
  119. Pumphrey, Mary E
  120. Purdy, Roscoe Jay
  121. Putman, Steve P
  122. Pyle, Agnes Harriet (Norr)
  123. Pyle, Andrew Jackson
  124. Pyle, Anna R
  125. Pyle, Berniece E (Habegger)
  126. Pyle, James

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