Adams County, Indiana


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  1. Oberlin, Otto H
  2. O'Campo, David Benjamin
  3. O'Campo, Monica A
  4. Ochsenrider, Catherine D (Eady)
  5. Ochsenrider, Niland D
  6. Odle, Aaron
  7. Odle Ada M
  8. Odle, Grover, M
  9. Odle, Marjorie J (Swanson)
  10. Odle, Nettie M (Reynolds)
  11. Odle, Robert W
  12. Oechsle, Dorothy M (Peterson)
  13. Ogg, A Merle (Niblick)
  14. Ogg, Arlene J (Rawley)
  15. Ogg, Catherine M (Snyder)
  16. Ogg, George W
  17. Ogg, Ida B (Womack)
  18. Ogg, Laura L (Gause)
  19. Ogg, Max E
  20. Ogg, Perry J
  21. Ogg, Rebecca K
  22. Ogg, Terry D
  23. Ogg, Woodson G
  24. Ohler, Donald E
  25. Okeley, Amber C (Michael)
  26. Okeley, Ralph O
  27. Okeley, William B
  28. Okeley-Roop, Goldie R (Burkhead)
  29. Olalde, Benito "Benny"
  30. Oliver, Arvilla M (Hower)
  31. Oliver, Daryl J
  32. Oliver, Frederick T
  33. Oliver, Martha A (Buckmaster)
  34. Oliver, Thomas
  35. Oliver, Webster C
  36. Omlor, James F
  37. Omlor, Stephen C
  38. Onstott, Walter E
  39. Orchard, Theresa M
  40. Orme, Andrea (Geels)
  41. Ort, Donald H
  42. Osborn, Esther F (Smith)
  43. Osborn, Jerry C
  44. Osborn, Troy W
  45. O'Shaughnessey, Florence L (Meyer)
  46. O'Shaughnessey, Norma V (Meyer)
  47. Osterman, Enos H
  48. Osterman, Goldie M (Martz)
  49. Osterman, Robert L
  50. Osterman, Rolla E
  51. Osterman, Virginia R (Keller)
  52. Ostermeyer, Ernest
  53. Ostermeyer, Evelyn
  54. Ott, Cinthia Marie
  55. Otto, Robert J IV
  56. Owens, Ada M (Repert)
  57. Owens, Emmit J
  58. Owens, Erma B (Gage)
  59. Owens, Forest E
  60. Owens, Gromania K (Hannie)
  61. Owens, Harold D
  62. Owens, Lee V
  63. Owens, Robert L
  64. Owens, Russell
  65. Oyer, Russell S

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