Adams County, Indiana - First City Cemetery - Washington Township
Adams County, Indiana

First City Cemetery
in American Legion Memorial Park

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."

Located in American Legion Memorial Park on the east side of Winchester Street just south of the former Erie Railroad, in Decatur, Washington Township.
According to the DAR reading: "It is believed that a list of all grave stones was published in the Decatur Daily Democrat at the time the stones were removed from the graves and piled in a heap in the southeast corner of the park where they were placed after World War I when the cemetery was made into a park. This lists only those still in Memorial Park as of September 9, 1958."

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First City Cemetery in American Legion Memorial Park
Deceased Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit
Ayers, Elizabeth 4-30-1823 1-2-1878 D M      
Ayers, Harvey W 2-11-1808 1-11-1830        
Ayers, Catherine 1814 3-15-1883        
Ayers, Catherine R 8-28-1861 3-28-1864   E & E Z    
Barnett, Jane 10-30-1812 7-26-1884 Henry      
Boyd, Bertha   1877   J & M    
Crabb, Destenore   8-25-1846   J & E    
Elzey, Rebecca I     E   stone broken  
Johnston, Byron       Samuel stone broken  
Robison, Abraham         stone broken  
Smith, Arthur E 5-16-1865 9-11-1871   J E & S M    
Zimmerman, Polly (Steele) 4-24-1803 3-21-1871 Eli      
Zimmerman, Eli   illegible        
Unknown, Don 1800 1869        
"Inscriptions found on head stones that made side walks at home of Mrs. Wm. Wade Bedwell, 1203 N. Second St., Decatur, IN"
Boissenet, Pierre Paul 5-26-1817 1-26-1869        
Coffee, Bridget 1788 3-26-1852 Humphrey      
Meibers, Rosina 1-20-1840 4-4-1853   John & Christina    
Smith, Catharina 11-6-1800 6-14-1876 Louis      

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