Adams County Indiana - Snow Cemetery - Wabash Township

Adams County, Indiana

Snow Cemetery

The cemetery of the victims of human cruelty in our century
is extended to include yet another vast cemetery, that of the unborn.
~ Pope John Paul II

Located on Road 27, one mile north of Geneva, IN in Wabash Township, Adams Co, IN, south of the Wabash River Bridge. Access by right-of-way from County Road 950 South.

Read by Penny Baughman North & Jim Cox September 2010
Submitted/Reformatted by Margie Roop Pearce

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Updated 1/18/2013

Snow Cemetery
Deceased Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Obit Info Stone
Military Info Bio
Bailey, Ida E 3-15-1859 6-15-1881   J & E          
Bailey, Mary S 3-15-1877 12-20-1880   J & E          
Beardslee, David 6-22-1801 7-6-1876              
Beardslee, Elizabeth 1807 6-9-1882       yes    
Boan, R B             Co A 152nd OH NGI  
Clevenger, Sylvester           yes Civil War 22nd IN Inf  
Ellsworth, Angeline 7-16-1833 3-27-1914       yes    
Ellsworth, Oscar 6-6-1834 5-18-1882 Angeline Quackenbush Joseph & Lucinda   yes   Bio
Hoskinson, Andrew J 1830 1899       yes    
Hoskinson, Mary F 1839 9-14-1927     abstract yes    
Hoskinson, Dan M 2-15-1861 3-12-1901            
McManus, George V 5-8-1872 3-11-1903       yes    
McManus, Ormonde 5/23/1901 9/24/1901   G V & M   yes    
Mocabee, Jno             Co K 89th IN Inf  
North, A J             Co F 99th OH Inf  
North, Rachel 12-16-1827 9-7-1897            
Perry, Benjamin Franklin (Rev) 1818 4-5-1876 from burial records - no stone found          
Ruckman, Ellen J 4-29-1827 3-10-1882            
Ruckman, John M 1-21-1812 12-3-1889       yes    
Snow, Barton B (Dr) 4-15-1820 12-3-1875   James & Eleanor Tate Snow   yes   see John F. Snow bio
Snow, Edwin Earl 9-3-1882 8-13-1945 Myrtle Miller - 4/15/1906 John F & Sadie Hoskinson Snow abstract yes      
Snow, Florence 9-2-1861 6-11-1863   B B & R H   yes    
Snow, Homer B 2-25-1872 5-9-1873   B B & R H        
Snow, Infant daughter 12-2-1869 12-2-1869   B B & R H   yes    
Snow, John F 6-17-1854 Nov 1933 Sadie Alice Hoskinson - 8/25/1881 Barton B & Rebecca H McDonald Snow abstract   no dates on marker Bio
Snow, Luella 1-26-1857 4-20-1874   B B & R H          
Snow, Mary M 11-9-1851 10-25-1853            
Snow, Rebecca Hannah (McDonald) 6-10-1829 3-24-1873 w/o Barton B     yes   see John F Snow bio
Snow, Solon (McDonald) 10-11-1863 10-27-1890   Barton B & Rebecca H McDonald Snow abstract yes    
Snow, Sarah Alice 11-11-1857 7-8-1952 w/o John F          
Waltz, Daniel F 1858 1878       yes    
Waltz, Daniel 1822 1886       yes    
Waltz, Elmira B 1868 1879       yes    
Waltz, Fidelia 1860 1876       yes    
Waltz, Lula B 1870 1883       yes    
Waltz, Sally 1829 1905       yes    
Watson, George             Co C 185th OH Inf  
Watson, Harley Leroy 1-5-1874 2-6-1881   adopted s/o G W & SE - from burial records          
Watson, John J 2-3-1844 no dates on marker Ella G. Jackson - 3/22/1871 Richard & Mary McCarty Watson     Sgt Co C 185th OH Inf Bio

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