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Adams County, Indiana

Amish Bunker Hill Cemetery

"All was in God's plan, and he had to accept even as he didn't understand."
~ Barbara Cameron, A Time to Love

The Amish Bunker Hill Cemetery is located across the road from Bunker Hill Cemetery in Wabash Township.

Records for the Bunker Hill Amish cemetery were discovered in the Heritage Room of the Berne Library.
Anna Hilty did an amazing job of collecting life stories of most of the people who are buried in this cemetery.
Many thanks to Kathy Rauch, Heritage Room librarian, for her help!
The cemetery listing did not contain dates, but names were matched with those in the Adams County Public Library online obit abstracts and obituaries.

To access the abstracts listed: Adams County News Index

Updated 3/26/2014
Amish Bunker Hill Cemetery
Deceased Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Obit Bio Military
Bascom, Noah              
Christner, Alvin S 7/15/1917 1/20/2012 Carline E Schwartz Sam & Elzabeth A Miller Christner obit    
Christner, Amanda              
Christner, Amos C              
Christner, Caroline E (Schwartz) 6/21/1920 3/14/1992 Alvin S - 5/28/1939 Jacob P & Emily Graber Schwartz abstract    
Christner, Cletus S 10/18/1911 11/8/1990 Rebecca Wickey - 11/10/1938 Samuel & Elizabeth Miller Christner abstract    
Christner, Daniel R              
Christner, Edna C              
Christner, Elizabeth A              
Christner, Ida M              
Christner, John C              
Christner, Josephine J              
Christner, Levi S 7/6/1920 2/10/2011 Josephine M Sam J & Elizabeth Miller Christner obit    
Christner, Rebecca D (Wickey) 7/13/1916 1/26/2006 Cletus S - 11/10/1938 David A & Mary P Schwartz Wickey obit    
Christner, Samuel C J              
Christner, Samuel J J 3/27/1888 12/14/1980 Elizabeth Miller - 10/12/1907 John & Emma Christner Christner abstract    
Christner, unnamed son       Samuel M      
Coblentz, Benjamin A "Ben" 2/17/1931 5/20/2000 Elizabeth Graber - 10/17/1957 Albert J & Verena Eicher Coblentz abstract    
Coblentz, Elizabeth (Graber) 7/18/1936 9/17/2002 Ben - 10/17/   abstract    
Eicher, Chris L 1/2/1963 1/9/2013 Esther Raber Ernest V & Lydia Graber Eicher obit    
Eicher, David A J 6/25/1953 8/16/1996 Adeline Graber - 4/3/1975 Amos N & Sarah Schwartz Eicher abstract    
Eicher, Elizabeth E S              
Eicher, Ernest M 5/27/1977 9/3/1977   Ben B & Margaret N Wengerd Eicher abstract    
Eicher, Fannie E (Schwartz) 7/7/1916 3/18/1994 Menno Eicher - 11/27/1934 Joseph G & Elizabeth Graber Schwartz abstract    
Eicher, John E 3/27/1901 3/0/1975 Catherine J Schwartz - 3/11/1920 Jacob J & Elizabeth P Schwartz Eicher abstract    
Eicher, Joseph L              
Eicher, Kristi              
Eicher, Leah H 1/16/1999 1/16/1999   Andy A J & Amanda M Hilty Eicher abstract    
Eicher, Lydia (Graber) 12/28/1933 9/18/1973 Ernest V Amos & Leah Schwartz Graber abstract    
Eicher, Magdalena S (Schwartz) 8/16/1932 11/21/2012 John H Peter L & Sarah Zook Schwartz obit    
Eicher, Mandy              
Eicher, Margaret J L 2/18/1998 2/18/1998   John A J & Leah E Hilty Eicher abstract    
Eicher, Marie S              
Eicher, Mark E              
Eicher, Matthew E              
Eicher, Menno E              
Eicher, Menno L              
Eicher, Samuel E              
Eicher, Verena M              
Gingerich, Daniel E 5/31/1922 6/10/1951 Frances Wickey - 12/20/1951 Eli & Emma Miller Gingerich abstract    
Girod, Amos J              
Girod, Andrew J              
Girod, John L              
Girod, Noah J              
Girod, Reuben S              
Girod, Salome S 9/20/1987 5/2/1991   Samuel E & Salome V Schwartz Girod abstract    
Graber, Amos              
Graber, Anna C (Schwartz 2/8/1918 3/15/1985 Reuben R Graber - 2/16/1939 Christian & Leah Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Graber, Daniel J              
Graber, Elmer J L 5/8/2002 5/8/2002   Jonas H & Leah E S Hilty Graber abstract    
Graber, Esther A M 1/4/2012 1/4/2012   Alvin L & Martha H B Schwartz Graber obit    
Graber, John A R              
Graber, Jonas              
Graber, Leah 4/5/1905 11/2/1996 Amos - 1/26/1933 Christian J & Leah Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Graber, Lovina D 11/3/1972 2/18/1973   David R abstract    
Graber, Lydia A E              
Graber, Margaret (Schwartz) 12/31/1913 2/3/2007 Jonas Graber - 2/6/1936 Christian & Leah Schwartz Schwartz obit    
Graber, Mary R              
Graber, Reuben              
Graber, Reuben J 5/9/1945 2/28/2008 Barbara Ann Hochstetler - 9/22/1966 Jonas & Margaret Schwartz Graber obit    
Graber, Samuel J              
Hilty, Adeline K              
Hilty, Amanda (Coblentz) 9/14/1905 7/8/1968 Bishop Sam Hilty - 4/19/1925 Jacob & Mary Miller Coblentz abstract    
Hilty, Amanda B              
Hilty, Amos J 3/4/1935 2/9/1987 Violet Newell Jacob & Adeline K Schwartz Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Anna P              
Hilty, Annie H 3/25/1997 3/25/1997   John Henry & Annie B H Schwartz Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Christian B              
Hilty, Elizabeth E J 2/9/1984 10/2/1999   Joni E & Emma J Graber Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Esther D E 11/1/1996 11/1/1996   David M & Esther E Coblentz Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Fannie J              
Hilty, Jacob              
Hilty, John              
Hilty, John S 1938 9/17/1982   Sam & Amanda Coblentz Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Johnny J M 6/25/1987 9/10/1987     abstract    
Hilty, Jonas E 3/12/1974 9/16/1974   Jonia & Emma J Graber Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Joni E J 4/19/1975 6/8/1975   Joni E & Emma J Graber Hilty abstract    
Hilty, Katie (Coblentz) 10/10/1903 5/2/1982 John - 2/8/1923 Jacob & Mary Miller Coblentz obit    
Hilty, Leah R (Graber) 12/24/1939 10/0/1986 Reuben S - 4/24/1958 Reuben & Anna C Schwartz Graber      
Hilty, Leah R              
Hilty, Lydia J R (Schwartz) 5/28/1968 7/12/1991 Daniel B - 10/11/1990 John P & Rachel S Graber Schwartz abstract    
Hilty, Pete E              
Hilty, Samuel 8/6/1902 5/24/1982 Amanda Coblentz, then Ida J Miller Joe & Hanna P Schwartz Hilty obit    
Hilty, Samuel R 3/17/1977 3/17/1977   Reuben S & Leah Graber Hilty abstract    
Lambright, Joni J              
Mast, Anna D (Schwartz) 1/22/1916 8/25/1999 Andrew D - 3/18/1956 Dan J & Katie Frey Schwartz abstract    
Neuenschwander, David              
Neuenschwander, Jonas C 11/4/1919 12/25/1997 Lovina C Schwartz - 2/16/1939 Chris P & Mary P Eicher Neuenschwander abstract    
Neuenschwander, Lovina E              
Schwartz, Aaron B 1/11/1975 5/30/2007 Margaret Wengard Christian E & Bertha D obit    
Schwartz, Amos W 9/7/1979 1/14/1981   William M & Marie A Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Andrew J              
Schwartz, Anna              
Schwartz, Anna G              
Schwartz, Anna I              
Schwartz, Anna S (Hilty) 9/6/1927 4/23/2000 Levi K - 1/18/1951 Samuel & Amanda Coblentz Hilty abstract    
Schwartz, Anna U              
Schwartz, Anna Z   5/0/1968   Jonas abstract    
Schwartz, Barbara              
Schwartz, Barbara H              
Schwartz, Christian E 1/15/1927 3/1/2003 Bertha D Schwartz - 11/24/1948 Dan J & Esther Ebersol Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Christian I 5/2/1943 1/11/1974   Dan C & Mary Wickey Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Christian N 7/10/1943 4/8/1990   John C & Margaret Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Daniel C 10/10/1916 6/25/1990 Mary J Wickey - 4/17/1941 Christian J & Leah P Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Daniel C 3/11/1974 3/22/1975   Ernest K & Elizabeth Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Daniel D              
Schwartz, Daniel D K 12/21/1977 10/2/1990   David I & Katherine Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Daniel I 3/3/1945 12/22/1987 Lizzie Schmucker - 5/25/1967   abstract    
Schwartz, Daniel J              
Schwartz, Daniel L              
Schwartz, Daniel P L              
Schwartz, David J              
Schwartz, David U 11 years old 7/0/1958     abstract    
Schwartz, David Y 3/16/1938 10/24/1970 Ada Hilty - 3/10/1960 Samuel C & Emma Graber Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Edna E (Schwartz) 7/5/1952 3/15/2013 Joe V - 4/12/1973 Simon D & Katie M Bontrager Schwartz obit not in book  
Schwartz, Edward J S              
Schwartz, Elizabeth N              
Schwartz, Elizabeth T              
Schwartz, Ella C (Neuenschwander) 6/4/1926 1/22/2001 Andrew J Schwartz - 12/5/1943 Chris P & Mary Eicher Neuenschwander abstract    
Schwartz, Elmer K              
Schwartz, Emma B (Eicher) 12/4/1987 2/29/2012 Daniel D M - 3/11/2007 Pete A J & Ruby E Schwartz Eicher obit    
Schwartz, Emma R              
Schwartz, Enos T 10/22/1957 1/7/1992   Christian M & Susan W Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Enos U              
Schwartz, Fannie M              
Schwartz, Henry B              
Schwartz, Henry H K 10/6/1944 2/28/2014 Adeline Eicher Henry H & Kate D obit not in book  
Schwartz, Henry M L 12/18/1989 3/24/1991   Menno J L & Leah H B Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Ida T              
Schwartz, Jacob M              
Schwartz, Jacob N              
Schwartz, Jerry S              
Schwartz, Joe T 10/10/1951 12/5/2012   Christie M & Susan Schwartz Schwartz obit not in book  
Schwartz, John B 5/28/1991 5/28/1991   Menno J M & Rosie B Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, John B              
Schwartz, John C              
Schwartz, John E 6/1/1925 7/2/1990 Anna M Coblentz - 11/19/1953 Daniel J & Esther B Ebersol Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, John G              
Schwartz, John J J              
Schwartz, John S              
Schwartz, John U              
Schwartz, Johnny I 10/29/1999 10/29/1999   Jake J M & Ida S Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Jonas E 9/7/1935 1/10/1992 Emma M Eicher - 3/25/1962 Dan J & Esther Ebersol Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Joseph B S              
Schwartz, Joseph D S              
Schwartz, Joseph E 3/23/1931 4/12/1992 Martha E Eicher - 6/12/1955 Dan J & Esther Ebersol Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Joseph N S 1/13/2005 1/23/2005   Simon & Sarah      
Schwartz, Joseph Q              
Schwartz, Josephine S 6/24/1988 6/25/1988   Daniel U & Rosie K Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Katherine D              
Schwartz, Katherine E (Schwartz) 8/25/1918 5/15/1995 Dan D - 11/27/1938 Jacob P & Emily Graber Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Katherine E M              
Schwartz, Katie L 1/19/1973 10/14/1973   William D & Lizzie K Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Katie T 8/13/1950 4/6/1995   Christian M & Susan Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Laura J 6/2/1973 6/6/1973   Jonas & Ann Eicher Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Leah A R              
Schwartz, Leah N S              
Schwartz, Levi N              
Schwartz, Levi U              
Schwartz, Lovina E              
Schwartz, Lydia A R              
Schwartz, Lydia U              
Schwartz, Mahlon W              
Schwartz, Margaret S 5 years old 11/0/1977   Jacob T & Rosa Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Margaret T 8/26/1949 8/6/2012   Christie T & Susan W Schwartz obit not in book  
Schwartz, Margaret W              
Schwartz, Margueritte V 9/20/1890 7/24/1982 Jacob F Peter & Elizabeth Stuckey Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Martha C              
Schwartz, Martha J R              
Schwartz, Martin H V 7/26/1991 7/26/1991   Henry M & Verena Schwartzentruber Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Mary              
Schwartz, Mary J              
Schwartz, Mary S              
Schwartz, Mary V              
Schwartz, Mattie J M 7/14/1970 7/9/1975   Joseph abstract    
Schwartz, Menno M 1/2/1936 9/30/2006 Barbara Ann Eicher Jacob E & Mary N Miller Schwartz obit    
Schwartz, Menno N              
Schwartz, Noah H              
Schwartz, Noah Q              
Schwartz, Peter A 3/24/1918 1/9/1994 Elizabeth Schwartz - 12/22/1938 Peter C & Anna Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Rebecca G              
Schwartz, Reuben U              
Schwartz, Robert L R              
Schwartz, Rosie C L 7/10/2008 7/29/2008   David M & Rosie P obit    
Schwartz, Rosie R 7/10/2008 7/28/2008   David M & Rosie P Schwartz Schwartz      
Schwartz, Ruth D 12/4/1992 12/7/1992   Daniel K L & Becky U Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Ryan D 7/26/2004 7/28/2004   Enos & Susan obit    
Schwartz, Salome A 2/13/1999 9/20/1999   Jacob J M & Anna P Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Samuel & Emanuel E K              
Schwartz, Samuel J              
Schwartz, Samuel K              
Schwartz, Samuel W              
Schwartz, Sarah J              
Schwartz, Sarah S (Wickey) 6/24/1925 4/27/2001 Christian P Schwartz - 4/26/1945 Sam D & Elizabeth Schmidt Wickey      
Schwartz, Simon R T              
Schwartz, Susan              
Schwartz, Susan B 6/20/2003 6/20/2003   Menno J M & Rosie B Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Susan W 12/27/1926 6/6/1997 Christian M Schwartz - 1/14/1947 Joseph L & Lizzie D Wickey Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, Sylvia E              
Schwartz, Sylvia U              
Schwartz, unnamed daughter       Joe B      
Schwartz, unnamed son       Dan S      
Schwartz, unnamed son       David K      
Schwartz, unnamed son       David W      
Schwartz, unnamed son       Jacob E P      
Schwartz, unnamed son       Noah A      
Schwartz, Verna L 6/19/1981 1/24/1998   William G & Elizabeth K Schwartz Schwartz abstract    
Schwartz, William H              
Shetler, Esther S 6/21/1991 5/27/1992   Mahlon K & Martha Schwartz Shetler abstract    
Shetler, Mary B 8/20/1991 6/25/1997   Paul M & Leah B Coblentz Shetler abstract    
Steckly, Rachel 3/17/1881 5/18/1975 David W        
Swartzenruber, Tobe M              
Troyer, Mary S       Jesse      
Troyer, Rebecca J       Jesse      
Wengerd, Ada J              
Wengerd, Joseph J              
Wengerd, Noah D 5/23/1994 2/15/1999   Dan G & Katie Yoder Wengerd abstract    
Wengerd, triplets              
Wengerd, unnamed daughter       Menno G      
Wickey, Amanda 9/6/2013 11/29/2013   Solomon S & Mary A R obit not in book  
Wickey, Amanda J 7/21/1999 7/12/2000   Jake S & Amy J Schwartz Wickey abstract    
Wickey, Christ S M              
Wickey, Christina E              
Wickey, Daniel D 4/5/1943 12/21/1994 Mary U Schwartz - 8/11/1966 Dan S & Mary C Schwartz Wickey abstract    
Wickey, Daniel S 12/28/1905 5/6/1989 Mary C Schwartz - 11/19/1931 Sam & Barbara Schwartz Wickey abstract    
Wickey, David D 1/2/1902 7/22/1980 Rose K Schwartz - 10/11/1923 David A & Mary Schwartz Wickey abstract    
Wickey, Elizabeth I (Schwartz) 12/13/1953 6/5/1976 Levi L Wickey, Jr - 11/0/1973 Dan C & Mary Wickey Schwartz abstract    
Wickey, Elizabeth M S              
Wickey, Emma J              
Wickey, Emma M              
Wickey, Emma R              
Wickey, Fannie M              
Wickey, Joe R              
Wickey, John H              
Wickey, Lovina              
Wickey, Margaret              
Wickey, Mary E J              
Wickey, Rosa K              
Wickey, Susan W              
Yoder, Anna J              
Yoder, Jacob R              
Yoder, Mervin M              
Yoder, unnamed son       Jesse      
Yoder, unnamed son       Jesse      
Zook, Eli 6/12/1905 9/23/1982 Anna Keufser, then Lovina Eash Aaron & Mary Schwartz Zook      
Zook, Fannie E 12/20/1957 4/14/2002     abstract    
Zook, Lovina              

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