Adams County Indiana - Mt. Zion UBC Cemetery - St. Mary's Township
Adams County, Indiana

Mt. Zion UBC Cemetery
Located on the northeast corner of County Road 450 North and County Road 500 East at Rivarre or Bobo, in St. Mary's Township, Adams County, IN. The church was organized in 1891. The cemetery is in back of the church.

Contributed by Jim Cox, Penny North & Margie Pearce.
Louise Lambert walked the cemetery in September, 2011 and took pictures of many of the tombstones. Thanks, Louise!!
Updated 7/4/2012.

Mt. Zion United Brethren in Christ Cemetery
Deceased Name Birth Date Death Date Add'l Information Headstone Image Obit Info Bio
Andrews, Audrey Mary 1916 10/21/1918 d/o Charles and Maggie   obit        
Bodle, David R 7/4/1867 3/4/1949 s/o Abraham and Rachel            
Bodle, Sarah E (Thatcher) 1/12/1869 9/18/1941 1st w/o David R; d/o James Thatcher   obit        
Boothby, James J 1967 1967   photo          
Boothby, Martha E 1941 1977   photo          
Brothers, Oscar 1845 1917 Co C 47th IN Vol Inf photo          
Brothers, Sarah 1846 1915 w/o Oscar photo          
Chronister, Catharine (Lenhart) 12/14/1827 10/7/1917 w/o Conrad C; d/o John Lenhart photo          
Chronister, Conrad C 1827 11/7/1905   photo obit        
Chronister, Cora A 1871 1932   photo          
Chronister, Ida M (Merrill) 1/16/1860 3/6/1896 1st w/o Josiah Leander photo          
Chronister, Infant 1/21/1885 2/11/1885 s/o JL & Ida M photo          
Chronister, Josiah Leander 4/25/1857 3/12/1928 buried in Decatur Cemetery w/ 2nd wife photo          
Chronister, Unknown 7/12/1895 9/8/1895 d/o JL & Ida M photo          
Geier, Frances P 12/12/1895 7/26/1906 w/o Fred photo          
Geier, Frances R E 7/26/1906 9/18/1906 d/o F & F photo          
Heath, Alphes W 1/24/1896 8/4/1897 s/o PA & MM photo          
Heath, Delilah F 10/12/1857 1/31/1915 w/o J E photo          
Heath, Lilly Ann 2/3/1900 8/4/1900 d/o PA & MM photo          
Heath, Mary M 7/18/1861 7/9/1905 w/o Peter A photo          
Heath, Peter A 7/2/1891 12/29/1913   photo          
Hilton, Elmina 1880 1964 w/o Fred photo          
Hilton, Fred 1872 1958   photo          
Hilton, Harold 1906 1938   photo          
Hilton, Laura Alice Unknown 1931 d/o AN & EL photo          
Jackson, Nelson 6/18/1898 8/19/1900 s/o A & AJ photo          
Jones, Stella M 3/21/1881 9/17/1901 w/o Frank photo          
Koos, George 1/0/1855 2/12/1941   photo abstract        
Koos, John Frederick 11/11/1877 5/20/1897 s/o G & C photo          
Koos, Mary Catherine (Lillich) 2/6/1857 2/9/1929 w/o George; d/o Frederick & Sarah Lillich photo obit        
Manley, Marie S 1908 1954   photo          
Marquart, Edward Raymond 12/24/1891 5/13/1918 US Marine Corps; s/o Jack E & Neva Johnson Marquart photo obit        
Rash, Emma 1860 1927   photo          
Rash, Isaac 1838 1920   photo          
Shell, Benjamin F 1883 1965   photo          
Shell, Lucy B (Brothers) 1/17/1887 10/10/1969 w/o Benjamin; d/o : Oscar & Sarah Helm Brothers photo abstract        
Shell, Sarah M 1907 1908   photo          
Smith, Jerry A 1941 1971   photo          
Thatcher, George W 10/21/1865 5/4/1933 s/o John & Elizabeth photo obit        
Thatcher, John W 11/7/1862 2/9/1955 s/o John and Bell Ruby Thatcher photo obit        
Thatcher, Margaret (Williams) 1866 1956 w/o George W photo          
Thatcher, Mary Jane (Troutner) 9/25/1867 5/6/1934 w/o John W; d/o Martha and Ezekial Troutner photo obit        
Unknown, Rachel                  
Welker, Harley V 1896 1954   photo          

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