Adams County Indiana - Blue Creek Amish Cemetery

Adams County, Indiana

Blue Creek Amish Cemetery

"Our children are the only treasures we can take to heaven" ~Amish quote

The Amish Blue Creek Cemetery is located on the southeast corner of County Road 525 East and County Road 500 South in Blue Creek Township.

Records for the Blue Creek Amish were discovered in the Heritage Room of the Berne Library.
Many thanks to the staff for their help!

Updated 3/14/2014
Blue Creek Amish Cemetery
Deceased Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Photo Obit Bio Military
Eicher, Daniel G 9/9/1990 5/9/1999   Joseph D   abstract    
Eicher, Dena L B 6/7/1998 9/15//1998   Levi D & Rebecca M Yoder Eicher   abstract    
Eicher, Elizabeth E 8/8/1992 10/30/1992   Jacob D & Emma M Schwartz Eicher   abstract    
Eicher, Jacob J 6/27/1939 11/12/2000 Edith Schwartz - February 4,1960 Joe E (bishop) & Elizabeth Girod Eicher   obit    
Eicher, Noah J E 8/22/1986 8/22/1986   Jake D        
Schwartz, Amanda E 10/24/2008 8/22/1986 2/13/2011 Enos E S & Wilma M Schwartz Schwartz obit    
Schwartz, Andy J 10/27/1985 11/17/1986   Joe A L & Rebecca Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Anna R 3/24/1978 2/8/1987   David A & Rosie A Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Atlee M 9/28/1934 4/15/2002 Catherine K Schwartz - March 21, 1947 Jacob E & Mary Miller Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Catherine K (Schwartz) 9/12/1934 4/26/2012 Atlee M - 3/21/1957 Sam K & Sylvia Springer Schwartz   obit    
Schwartz, Dehlia E (Miller) 3/30/1912 5/4/1997 Joseph E Levi A & Gertrude Weaver Miller   abstract    
Schwartz, Edith E 7/20/1999 7/24/1999   Sam F & Edith A L Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Emma A       Jake O J Plot 33      
Schwartz, Emma J S 11/17/1989 11/18/1989   John A L & Susan Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Enos D J 2/12/1936 9/14/2003 Sylvia K Schwartz - April 3, 1958 Joe E & Dehlia Miller Schwartz Plot 34 abstract    
Schwartz, Esther B 3/13/2001 3/18/2001   Peter J M & Barbara Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Gertie E 9/7/2000 9/11/2000   Sam F & Edith A L Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Jacob E "Jake" 10/23/1908 11/13/2001 Mary N Miller - November 30,1933 Jacob P & Emily Graber Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Joseph E "Joe" 5/3/1907 3/13/1991 Dehlia Miller - August 6, 1929 Jacob P & Emma Graber Schwartz        
Schwartz, John J S 10/5/1884 12/7/1884   John A L & Susan W Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Josephine G (Eicher) 10/14/1934 6/27/1997 Noah M - October 10, 1957 Joseph E & Elizabeth S Girod Eicher   abstract    
Schwartz, Lovina E 6/30/1976 6/30/1976   Jake D J        
Schwartz, Mary K 3/27/1966 6/28/1987   Noah M & Josephine G Eicher Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Mary N (Miller) 6/2/1914 8/6/2002 Jacob E Nathaaniel & Elizabeth Hostetter Miller   abstract    
Schwartz, Noah E 6/26/1995 7/2/1995   Sam F & Edith A L Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Rose K & Ruth K 10/26/1869 10/26/1869   Noah M        
Schwartz, Roseann C L 9/4/1997 9/14/1997   Levi A L & Clara L Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Ruben C L 6/13/1995 6/13/1995   Levi A L        
Schwartz, Ruben J 1/3/1987 1/3/1987   Joe A L        
Schwartz, Samuel E 3/13/1994 3/21/1994   Samuel F & Edith A L Schwartz Schwartz   abstract    
Schwartz, Samuel E S 7/17/1963 4/16/2012   Enos D J & Sylvia K   obit    
Schwartz, stillborn 3/18/1896     Levi & Clara        
Schwartz, William J S 1/23/1989 2/9/1989   John A L & Susan W Schwartz   abstract    
Wickey, Jerry J M 3/14/1997 11/23/1997   Andrew B & Margaret Schwartz Wickey   abstract;    
Wickey, Margaret J M 6/2/2001 6/3/2001   Andrew B & Margaret J M Schwartz Wickey   abstract    
Yoder, Truman E, Sr 2/10/1915 5/1/1996 Rose E Schwartz - January 30, 1941 Abraham C & Elizabeth Miller Yoder   abstract    

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