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Welcome to the Imrie-Wampach Genealogy Site.


In addition to the Surnames we are researching, there are pages with links to general genealogy, history, geography and specific pages devoted to some of our surnames.  Most of these links will take you out of our site so please use your BACK browser button to return.


All Surname pages have had a researcher page added.


If you have a gedcom you would like to share with everyone else, please let me know and I will load it on that page and make it available for download.

  Please e-mail Doug and Linda for any questions, comments, corrections, additions and suggestions about the site.


What's New ~ Updated 3/5/00 ~ Please read this page for any updates or news.

Surnames Index ~ An indexed GEDCOM of all surnames. There are two indexed pages ~ One for surnames and the other for a list of all individuals we have accumulated so far.

The Old Country ~ Here are some links that describe the places and times our ancestors lived in. There are pages for America and Europe with specific links to the states and countries from where we came.

Genealogy Links ~ Here are some general genealogy links. This is not at all a comprehensive list; just some places that have been helpful. Amongst them, of course, is Cyndi's List but there are many others that are interesting.

Photographs ~ Sorry, this is not up and running yet.

One Name Studies ~ These are some pages devoted to some of the surnames we are researching. There are links to many sites that have that surname mentioned.  These pages have been updated recently to add pages where people can post their interests and all pages have our GEDCOMs for anyone to download.  All of these GEDCOMs have been privatized.  Please let us know if you would like to contribute yours.

Guest Book ~ Please tell us what you think of the site.

Mailing Lists ~ Several surname mailing lists available.


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