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ZGS Queries for 2008-2009

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May 28, 2008
Laurie Johnson

My great grandparents on my Mother's side were among the early settlers in Zion (Wilson & Richardson). I'm also trying to find boxes of papers that my aunt donated to the local historical society. These belonged to my Uncle Ford Wilson and I am in hopes they might contain some information on the family connections to Ireland.

June 16, 2008
Judith Austin Gratt

According to my father, his grandfather's name was Simone Austin. Simone was a member of the Dowie religious group in Zion between 1904 - 1928 when he died. He is buried in one of Zion's cemeteries. Simone was born in England in 1830 and made hsi way to Russia where he married in the 1860's. He and his new wife then came to Zion, Illinois in 1904 I was hoping for confirmation that my great grandfather really existed. As you might guess I am a novice at genealogy and would appreciate any help or information regarding this person.

July 24, 2008
Greg Taylor

My father stated on a British military document that his aunt lived in Illinois, but I don't understand the connection from our father to this woman:
Name: Lizzie Simmonds
Date of Death: March 14, 1947
Place of Death: Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois
Actually, my family does not believe that our real surname is "Taylor". We think that our father, who was born about 1900, lied about his surname. Therefore, we are seriously looking for other connections to him and this deceased "Aunt Lizzie Simmonds" from Waukegan, Illinois seems to be one of them.

June 27, 2009
Jeff Heyer

I am looking for any information or pictures of the Albert & Grace Mabbett family, who came to Zion in 1905. They were members of Dowie's Christian Catholic Church, and Albert was a Deacon
I am also wondering if there are any related Mabbett's still in the Zion Area.

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