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Zion Genealogical Society General Meeting, May 17, 2021

There were about 18 people in attendance.

Marty Acks was our presenter this evening, presenting a talk on "An Introduction of WikiTree".

He started the talk with a basic understanding of Wikitree which started about 20 years ago. There are four main wiki trees Collaborative tree, Family Search tree, Geni.com, and werelate.org. An explanation of Wikitree is a community building tree that is free to view, free to join, and collaboration is expected. It was founded in 2008 by Chris Whitten with about 810,000 users registered as of May 2021. Marty showed a slide on how to create an account with your first and last name, pass word and email address. A user needs to agree to a nine point honor code with points such as collaboration, accuracy of work, respecting privacy, respecting copyrights, giving credit where credit is due, and citing sources to name a few. There are six privacy levels which Wikitree respects and some include that living people cannot be open or public, people born more than 150 years or have died more than 100 years must be open and public, adopts well to member privacy concerns. Wikitree cannot store or match DNA matches. Wikitree can find common ancestors, confirm or reject suspected relatives.

Marty gave many project examples for getting involved in Wikitree which included: geographic areas, helper page to mentor, greeters, help page development, clean up help which includes data doc's, profile improvement, connectors to name a few to help.

There were several times that Marty stopped for any questions or comments from the group.

Following the presentation was the Zion Genealogical Meeting.