White Co

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White Co.
Place Names from USGS

NOTE: A list of all White Co IL place names from the USGS, including towns, cemeteries, schools, churches, streams, valleys, etc., including many that are historic but no longer in existence.

White Co. IL Place Names from USGS

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Total 383 feature records & Names

Place Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Absher Cemetery cemetery 380127N 0880336W Maunie
Absher Lake reservoir 380454N 0881312W Carmi
Absher Lake Dam dam 380454N 0881312W Carmi
Abshire Cemetery cemetery 375830N 0880622W Emma
Antioch Church church 381455N 0881811W Springerton
Asbury Church church 380838N 0882047W Springerton
Ashland Church church 381210N 0881709W Springerton
Ashland School (historical) school 381155N 0881730W Springerton
Barth Cemetery cemetery 380736N 0881132W Centerville
Bayou, The gut 375557N 0880755W New Haven
Beaver Creek stream 381053N 0881924W Springerton
Beck School (historical) school 380825N 0881038W Centerville
Bell School (historical) school 380927N 0880158W Crossville
Bethel Cemetery cemetery 381109N 0880308W Crossville
Bethel Church church 380640N 0881636W Enfield
Bethel Church church 381133N 0880315W Crossville
Big Hill Branch stream 380606N 0880948W Carmi
Big Prairie Cemetery cemetery 380300N 0880620W Maunie
Big Prairie School school 380258N 0880625W Maunie
Bingman Station populated place 380459N 0881441W Carmi
Blackledge School (historical) school 381128N 0880724W Crossville
Blagg School (historical) school 380340N 0880802W Carmi
Blue Mound Church (historical) church 381116N 0881115W Centerville
Booth Elementary School school 380604N 0882019W Enfield
Bootjack School (historical) school 381011N 0880958W Centerville
Bowling Cemetery cemetery 380425N 0880501W Maunie
Bowman Bend bend 380418N 0875828W Solitude
Boyd Hill summit 381216N 0881118W Centerville
Bradshaw Park park 380532N 0881043W Carmi
Broad Run stream 380914N 0881837W Springerton
Brockett School (historical) school 380314N 0881644W Enfield
Brown Cemetery cemetery 380802N 0880638W Crossville
Brown School (historical) school 380321N 0880234W Maunie
Browns Pond lake 380250N 0881111W Carmi
Browns Pond lake 380324N 0880140W Maunie
Browns Pond Ditch canal 380349N 0880301W Maunie
Brownsport (historical) populated place 380322N 0880233W Maunie
Brownsville populated place 380229N 0881441W Carmi
Brownsville School school 380310N 0881443W Carmi
Bruce Chapel church 380457N 0881452W Carmi
Brush School (historical) school 381337N 0880332W Crossville
Brushy Slough swamp 375420N 0880630W Emma
Brushy Slough stream 380324N 0880053W Maunie
Bryant Cemetery cemetery 380727N 0880414W Maunie
Bryant Valley Church (historical) church 381219N 0880423W Crossville
Bull Island island 380944N 0875511W New Harmony
Bumblebee Bend School (historical) school 380854N 0880654W Crossville
Bunker School (historical) school 380038N 0881032W Carmi
Burnt Prairie populated place 381506N 0881541W Burnt Prairie
Burnt Prairie Church church 380733N 0881346W Centerville
Burnt Prairie, Township of civil 381146N 0881218W Centerville
Burrell Park park 380557N 0881143W Carmi
Calvin populated place 381229N 0880107W Crossville
Carmi populated place 380527N 0880931W Carmi
Carmi City Hall building 380527N 0880934W Carmi
Carmi Municipal Airport airport 380522N 0880722W Maunie
Carmi North Oil Field oilfield 380701N 0881234W Carmi
Carmi Oil Field oilfield 380326N 0881024W Carmi
Carmi Post Office post office 380521N 0880933W Carmi
Carmi Public Library building 380523N 0880944W Carmi
Carmi Township Hospital hospital 380458N 0880957W Carmi
Carmi, Township of civil 380458N 0881229W Carmi
Carmi-White County High School school 380502N 0881016W Carmi
Carmi-White County Middle School school 380516N 0880945W Carmi
Centerville populated place 381202N 0880958W Centerville
Centerville Cemetery cemetery 381154N 0880955W Centerville
Centerville East Oil Field oilfield 381112N 0880817W Centerville
Centerville School school 381130N 0881002W Centerville
Chapman Grove Church church 375719N 0881304W New Haven
Charles Cemetery cemetery 381203N 0880109W Crossville
Charles School (historical) school 381206N 0880109W Crossville
Cherry Shoals Bridge bridge 381015N 0880619W Crossville
Cherry-Rudolph Cemetery cemetery 380957N 0880721W Crossville
Church of God church 380536N 0880959W Carmi
Church of the Nazarene church 380508N 0881008W Carmi
City Reservoir reservoir 375846N 0881846W Norris City
Clear Pond lake 375917N 0880332W Emma
Cleveland Cemetery cemetery 380533N 0880657W Maunie
Cleveland School (historical) school 380713N 0880318W Maunie
Concord Church church 381339N 0880823W Centerville
Concord Oil Field oilfield 380044N 0880531W Maunie
Cook School (historical) school 380551N 0880820W Carmi
Cravens Cemetery cemetery 381511N 0881359W Golden Gate
Crooked Creek stream 381013N 0880634W Crossville
Crossroads School (historical) school 381037N 0881706W Springerton
Crossville populated place 380942N 0880355W Crossville
Crossville Elementary School school 381004N 0880348W Crossville
Cushman School (historical) school 380500N 0881406W Carmi
Dawn of Ages Memorial Park cemetery 380527N 0881115W Carmi
Dick Pond lake 380705N 0880045W Maunie
Ditney Ridge Cemetery cemetery 375920N 0881700W Norris City
Ditney Ridge Church church 375920N 0881658W Norris City
Dogtown Hills range 375919N 0880222W Emma
Drew Pond lake 380513N 0880204W Maunie
Duck Pond School (historical) school 380704N 0880048W Maunie
Eaton Hill Branch stream 380628N 0880946W Carmi
Ebenezer Cemetery cemetery 375755N 0882013W Norris City
Ebenezer Church church 375759N 0882016W Norris City
Eckerle Park park 380506N 0880931W Carmi
Elliott Creek stream 381120N 0880626W Crossville
Elm Grove (historical) populated place 375942N 0880729W Emma
Elmgrove School (historical) school 380007N 0880715W Maunie
Emma populated place 375829N 0880713W Emma
Emma Concord Church church 375848N 0880716W Emma
Emma, Township of civil 375832N 0880506W Emma
Emmanuel United Methodist Church church 380540N 0880952W Carmi
Enfield populated place 380558N 0882015W Enfield
Enfield Cemetery cemetery 380539N 0882002W Enfield
Enfield, Township of civil 380432N 0881858W Enfield
Epley Cemetery cemetery 375637N 0880639W Emma
Epworth populated place 380414N 0880622W Maunie
Fairview Church (historical) church 381417N 0881909W Springerton
Fairview School (historical) school 381439N 0880438W Crossville
Farmerville School (historical) school 381443N 0880827W Centerville
Felty Cemetery cemetery 380548N 0881455W Carmi
First Baptist Church church 380514N 0880955W Carmi
First Baptist Church church 381523N 0875935W Grayville
First Christian Church church 380449N 0880955W Carmi
First Christian Church church 381530N 0875947W Grayville
First Pentecostal Church church 380534N 0881008W Carmi
First Presbyterian Church church 380520N 0880940W Carmi
First Presbyterian Church church 381523N 0875947W Grayville
First United Methodist Church church 380527N 0880943W Carmi
First United Methodist Church church 381527N 0875950W Grayville
Fishpond Swamp lake 375830N 0880504W Emma
Flanders Creek stream 380327N 0881151W Carmi
Flat Pond lake 380642N 0880019W Maunie
Fleck School (historical) school 380906N 0881726W Springerton
Fox Island island 380852N 0875846W New Harmony
Fox River stream 380717N 0875826W Solitude
French Creek stream 381250N 0875914W New Harmony
French School (historical) school 381348N 0880056W Crossville
Frieberger School (historical) school 380643N 0881138W Carmi
Full Gospel Deliverance Church church 380539N 0881023W Carmi
Garden of Memories cemetery 380505N 0881400W Carmi
Garnerville populated place 380652N 0880311W Maunie
Garrison Cemetery cemetery 375951N 0880732W New Haven
Georgia Church church 380455N 0880352W Maunie
Georgia School (historical) school 380453N 0880427W Maunie
Goodman School (historical) school 381011N 0880525W Crossville
Goose Pond Swamp swamp 375531N 0880812W New Haven
Gossett populated place 375524N 0882209W Norris City
Gossett Station locale 375522N 0882105W Norris City
Gowdy Creek stream 380701N 0882133W Enfield
Graham School (historical) school 380313N 0881442W Carmi
Grand Chain Rapids rapids 380134N 0880044W Maunie
Granny Tweedle Levee levee 375757N 0880110W Emma
Graves School (historical) school 380823N 0880441W Crossville
Gray School (historical) school 381013N 0881405W Centerville
Gray, Township of civil 381429N 0880413W Crossville
Grayville High School school 381529N 0880020W Albion South
Grayville Public Library building 381532N 0875948W Grayville
Green Cemetery cemetery 375826N 0881408W New Haven
Griffith Farms Lake reservoir 380506N 0881248W Carmi
Griffith Farms Lake Dam dam 380506N 0881248W Carmi
Griffith Lake lake 380508N 0881038W Carmi
Grindstone Creek stream 380106N 0881204W Carmi
Hadden Cemetery cemetery 380734N 0880926W Centerville
Hadden School (historical) school 380734N 0880858W Centerville
Hammack Cemetery cemetery 381127N 0882112W Springerton
Hanks Ferry Bridge bridge 381247N 0880545W Crossville
Hanna Cemetery cemetery 380326N 0880613W Maunie
Harper (historical) populated place 381102N 0880233W Crossville
Hawthorne Ditch canal 380552N 0880340W Maunie
Hawthorne, Township of civil 380520N 0880410W Maunie
Height Shoals bar 381500N 0880609W Albion South
Height Shoals Bridge (historical) bridge 381502N 0880609W Albion South
Herald populated place 375759N 0881053W New Haven
Herald Cemetery cemetery 375805N 0881104W New Haven
Heralds Prairie, Township of civil 375831N 0881206W New Haven
Hickory Valley School (historical) school 380301N 0882122W Enfield
Holderby Cemetery cemetery 380353N 0880810W Carmi
Hughes School (historical) school 381019N 0880104W Crossville
Illinois No Name Number 2000 Dam dam 381354N 0881300W Centerville
Indian Creek stream 375555N 0882028W Norris City
Indian Creek, Township of civil 375826N 0881911W Norris City
Interchange 117 crossing 381459N 0881344W Centerville
Interchange 130 crossing 381405N 0880015W Crossville
Iron populated place 375826N 0881429W New Haven
Jacobs Camp locale 381032N 0882022W Springerton
Jefferson Elementary School school 380542N 0880958W Carmi
Jerry Slough stream 380651N 0880010W Maunie
Johnson Cemetery cemetery 380010N 0881802W Enfield
Johnson Cemetery cemetery 380739N 0881556W Springerton
Jones Cemetery cemetery 380353N 0880635W Maunie
Kingdom Church church 380256N 0881243W Carmi
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses church 380543N 0880918W Carmi
Kingdom School (historical) school 380315N 0881246W Carmi
Kitty Sweeten Cemetery cemetery 381007N 0882003W Springerton
Kuykendall Cemetery cemetery 380535N 0880545W Maunie
Liberty Cemetery cemetery 381457N 0881545W Springerton
Lick Creek stream 375920N 0881140W New Haven
Limekiln Creek stream 380927N 0881351W Centerville
Lincoln Elementary School school 380458N 0881026W Carmi
Little Chain Hills range 375722N 0880233W Emma
Little Fox Island island 381019N 0875810W New Harmony
Little Fox River stream 381128N 0875820W New Harmony
Little Wabash Church church 380928N 0880148W Crossville
Little Wabash River stream 375327N 0880540W Emma
Little Zion Cemetery cemetery 380839N 0881655W Springerton
Little Zion Church (historical) church 380837N 0881654W Springerton
Logan Cemetery cemetery 380016N 0880715W Maunie
Lone Oak School (historical) school 381328N 0881543W Springerton
Lost Creek stream 381015N 0881823W Springerton
Lost Lake lake 380944N 0875527W New Harmony
Lowe Bridge bridge 380631N 0880911W Carmi
Lower Sandy Slough stream 380314N 0880146W Maunie
Major School (historical) school 381120N 0881154W Centerville
Maple Ridge Cemetery cemetery 380533N 0881115W Carmi
Marshall Ferry Cemetery cemetery 375957N 0880154W Emma
Maunie populated place 380208N 0880244W Maunie
Maunie North Oil Field oilfield 380332N 0880326W Maunie
Maunie South Oil Field oilfield 380033N 0880245W Maunie
McHenry Church church 380549N 0880658W Maunie
McHenry Ditch canal 380628N 0880549W Maunie
McHenry Slough stream 380644N 0880729W Maunie
McIntosh School (historical) school 381323N 0882159W Springerton
McIntosh Settlement (historical) populated place 381256N 0882145W Springerton
McLntosh Cemetery cemetery 380809N 0882210W Springerton
Meadow Bank cliff 380155N 0880603W Maunie
Middlepoint populated place 375602N 0881747W Norris City
Milan populated place 380510N 0881042W Carmi
Mill Shoals populated place 381455N 0882048W Springerton
Mill Shoals Oil Field oilfield 381416N 0882131W Springerton
Mill Shoals, Township of civil 381109N 0881916W Springerton
Miller Cemetery cemetery 380101N 0880218W Maunie
Miller Cemetery cemetery 380820N 0881119W Centerville
Mills Prairie School school 381456N 0881752W Springerton
Moccasin School (historical) school 381011N 0881152W Centerville
Modoc School (historical) school 380641N 0881851W Enfield
Moore Cemetery cemetery 375905N 0881432W New Haven
Mount Olive Cemetery cemetery 375440N 0881550W Norris City
Mount Olive Church church 375440N 0881546W Norris City
Mount Oval Church church 375607N 0882128W Norris City
Mount Pleasant Cemetery cemetery 381330N 0881324W Centerville
Mount Pleasant Church church 381332N 0881326W Centerville
Mount Pleasant School (historical) school 381333N 0881327W Centerville
Murdach School (historical) school 380457N 0881657W Enfield
New Harmony Bridge bridge 380753N 0875633W New Harmony
New Harmony Oil Field oilfield 380653N 0880025W Maunie
New Harmony Oil Field oilfield 381007N 0880011W Crossville
Newman Cemetery cemetery 380642N 0881402W Carmi
Newman School (historical) school 380643N 0881404W Carmi
Norris City populated place 375852N 0881945W Norris City
Norris City Reservoir Dam dam 375846N 0881846W Norris City
Norris City-Omaha-Enfield High School school 375828N 0881937W Norris City
North Maple Ridge Cemetery cemetery 380546N 0881113W Carmi
Nubbin Ridge School (historical) school 380942N 0881924W Springerton
Oakland School (historical) school 381454N 0880225W Crossville
Odd Fellows Cemetery cemetery 375756N 0882020W Norris City
Old Bethel Cemetery cemetery 381328N 0881301W Centerville
Old Channel channel 381012N 0875443W New Harmony
Old Channel Wabash River channel 380618N 0880039W Maunie
Old River gut 375510N 0880352W Emma
Old River Camp locale 375516N 0880410W Emma
Old Village Cemetery cemetery 375613N 0881725W Norris City
Old Village Church church 375613N 0881719W Norris City
Orange Grove Cemetery cemetery 375614N 0880704W Emma
Our Savior Lutheran Church church 380446N 0881030W Carmi
Perry Church church 375800N 0881422W New Haven
Phillips, Township of civil 381009N 0880258W Crossville
Phillipstown populated place 380831N 0880118W Crossville
Phillipstown Oil Field oilfield 381158N 0880213W Crossville
Plain View Cemetery cemetery 375535N 0881341W New Haven
Plainview Church church 375537N 0881345W New Haven
Pleasant Valley School (historical) school 380802N 0881513W Springerton
Pont-Ca Lake Dam dam 380434N 0881243W Carmi
Pontca Lake reservoir 380434N 0881243W Carmi
Poplar Ridge ridge 380949N 0875809W New Harmony
Possum Bridge bridge 380336N 0880927W Carmi
Possum Community Hall locale 380224N 0880907W Carmi
Powell Church church 375812N 0881745W Norris City
Prairie Creek stream 381207N 0881904W Springerton
Ralls Cemetery cemetery 381049N 0880852W Centerville
Randolph Drainage Ditch canal 381313N 0880928W Centerville
Rattlesnake Bluff summit 380831N 0880827W Centerville
Rattling Slough gut 380824N 0875715W New Harmony
Rebstock Cemetery cemetery 380818N 0880915W Centerville
Reib Cemetery cemetery 380710N 0881033W Carmi
Rice Cemetery cemetery 380118N 0881636W Enfield
Rising Sun populated place 380001N 0880141W Maunie
Riverside Cemetery cemetery 381236N 0880552W Crossville
Riverside School (historical) school 381247N 0880536W Crossville
Roland populated place 375548N 0881548W Norris City
Roland Oil Field oilfield 380136N 0881516W Enfield
Rudolph School (historical) school 380547N 0880549W Maunie
Russell Pond lake 380639N 0875949W Solitude
Sacramento populated place 380154N 0882015W Enfield
Saint Johns Church church 380736N 0881126W Centerville
Saint Patricks Church church 380444N 0882209W Enfield
Saint Polycarp Cemetery cemetery 380541N 0881116W Carmi
Saint Polycarp Roman Catholic Church church 380519N 0880959W Carmi
Salem Cemetery cemetery 381217N 0881456W Centerville
Salem Church church 381244N 0880453W Crossville
Salem Church (historical) church 381219N 0881456W Centerville
Sandhill Cemetery cemetery 380517N 0880332W Maunie
Sandy Run Lake reservoir 375551N 0882131W Norris City
Sandy Run Lake Dam dam 375551N 0882131W Norris City
Sandy Slough gut 375505N 0880429W Emma
Satisfaction School (historical) school 381140N 0881934W Springerton
Saunders Cemetery cemetery 380523N 0881242W Carmi
Schoemann Cutoff channel 380854N 0881101W Centerville
Seal Cemetery cemetery 380032N 0880558W Maunie
Seal Church (historical) church 380035N 0880553W Maunie
Seal School (historical) school 380040N 0880503W Maunie
Sevenmile Church (historical) church 380655N 0881458W Carmi
Sevenmile Creek stream 380926N 0881351W Centerville
Sharon Church church 380207N 0881945W Enfield
Shipley Cemetery cemetery 380736N 0881405W Centerville
Shortville School (historical) school 381337N 0880719W Crossville
Shrewsbury Cemetery cemetery 381510N 0882021W Burnt Prairie
Sigler Bridge bridge 380932N 0880827W Centerville
Simpson School (historical) school 380704N 0880559W Maunie
Simpson Switch locale 380706N 0880646W Maunie
Skillet Fork stream 380753N 0880732W Centerville
Smith School (historical) school 380642N 0881654W Enfield
Southeastern Illinois College school 380528N 0880937W Carmi
Springer Station populated place 381047N 0882106W Springerton
Springerton populated place 381046N 0882115W Springerton
Springerton Cemetery cemetery 381043N 0882134W Springerton
Stephens School (historical) school 380641N 0882133W Enfield
Stinking Creek stream 381507N 0880612W Albion South
Stokes populated place 380103N 0881626W Enfield
Stokes Chapel church 380846N 0880604W Crossville
Storms Oil Field oilfield 380233N 0880818W Carmi
Sumpter Bridge bridge 380909N 0881332W Centerville
Sumpter Cemetery cemetery 380723N 0881247W Carmi
Sumpter East Oil Field oilfield 380916N 0880727W Crossville
Sumpter North Oil Field oilfield 380925N 0881358W Centerville
Sumpter Oil Field oilfield 380852N 0880941W Centerville
Sumpter South Oil Field oilfield 380812N 0881132W Centerville
Sutton Airport airport 375603N 0881354W New Haven
Sylvan Glen School (historical) school 380828N 0881338W Centerville
The Old Graveyard cemetery 380523N 0880923W Carmi
Trousdale School (historical) school 380448N 0881907W Enfield
Trumbull Oil Field oilfield 380417N 0881646W Enfield
Turkey Island island 380644N 0875851W Solitude
Tweedle Pond lake 375752N 0880250W Emma
Union Cemetery cemetery 375930N 0881852W Norris City
Union Cemetery cemetery 381259N 0880417W Crossville
Union Church church 375944N 0881859W Norris City
Union Church church 381259N 0880420W Crossville
Union Ridge Cemetery cemetery 375544N 0881018W New Haven
Union Ridge Church church 375546N 0881016W New Haven
Union School (historical) school 381246N 0881828W Springerton
Union School (historical) school 380222N 0880926W Carmi
Upper Sandy Slough stream 380357N 0880105W Maunie
Upponblock School (historical) school 380315N 0881911W Enfield
Veatch School (historical) school 380131N 0881910W Enfield
WROY-AM (Carmi) tower 380454N 0881204W Carmi
WRUL-FM (Carmi) tower 380454N 0881204W Carmi
Wabash Levee levee 380044N 0880154W Maunie
Wabash Levee Ditch canal 380151N 0880425W Maunie
Wabash River Memorial Bridge bridge 375638N 0880210W Emma
Walnut Grove Cemetery cemetery 380038N 0881442W Carmi
Walnut Grove Church church 380036N 0881442W Carmi
Walnut Grove School (historical) school 380103N 0881413W Carmi
Walter Cemetery cemetery 375707N 0882125W Norris City
Ward School (historical) school 380128N 0880803W Carmi
Webbs Ferry locale 381345N 0875909W New Harmony
Wells Elementary School school 381529N 0880014W Albion South
Wesley Chapel church 380339N 0881910W Enfield
West Antioch Cemetery cemetery 381453N 0881811W Springerton
West Point School (historical) school 380128N 0882121W Enfield
West Union Church church 380301N 0881534W Enfield
White County civil 380500N 0881000W Carmi
White County Courthouse building 380528N 0880932W Carmi
White Lily School (historical) school 381404N 0881151W Centerville
White School (historical) school 381420N 0881721W Springerton
White School (historical) school 380458N 0881221W Carmi
Whites Siding populated place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Whiting Cemetery cemetery 380756N 0880142W Crossville
Whitsett School (historical) school 381125N 0880423W Crossville
Wildcat School (historical) school 381139N 0882113W Springerton
Williams Cemetery cemetery 380047N 0880659W Maunie
Williams School (historical) school 381340N 0881102W Centerville
Wilson Creek stream 380900N 0881041W Centerville
Winners Bend bend 375801N 0880752W New Haven
Winters Bridge bridge 380917N 0880951W Centerville
Woods Drainage Ditch canal 381445N 0881055W Centerville
Young Cemetery cemetery 380453N 0881116W Carmi
Zion Church church 380813N 0880939W Centerville

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