8/07/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

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by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
August 07, 1997

Mary Smith Fay of Houston, Texas,

We were pleased to have with us last week our mentor, Mary Smith Fay of Houston, Texas, along with two other former White Countians, Anna Belle Baird of Mountain Grove, Mo., and Cynthia McCallister Crago of Houston.

For the past several weeks this column has carried an article written by the late J. Robert Smith about life in New Haven. This writing was inspired by the 1816 account book from Grant's Store. Entries in the ancient ledger include:

Moses Thompson, 1 gal. whisky $1.25; 1 small tin cup 7 cents.
Priscilla Rose, 2 qts. whisky, 62 1/2 cents.
Polly Young, 1 yd. flannel, part by cash, 50 cents.
Simon McCallister, 3 1/2 yds, broadcloth at $2, $7; 1 1/2 yds. flannel 75 cents; buttons and thread 25 cents.
Thomas Gastin, creditor, 5 pork barrels $5; 1 new file 25 cents.
James Trousdale, creditor, 12 hogs $14.14.
John McIntire, creditor, for making pantaloons $1; for putting 6 posts under the dam $1.>BR> Sampson Dunn, creditor, 2 hogs 190 lbs. at 4 cents--$7.60; 52 lbs. deerskins at 12 cents $6.50

"It was almost Christmas in New Haven and the frontier people were bringing in their deerskins and coonskins, their hogs and their whisky, trading them for goods at the store.
Sampson Dunn brought in his deerskins and hogs Dec. 22 and received $14.40.
On Christmas eve, Solomon Brill brought in 31 lbs. of deerskins and 2 hogs, receiving $11.27.
Also on Christmas eve, John Patillo sold hogs for $29.36,
then on Christmas:
4 yds. of broadcloth at $4 a yard--$16.
1 1/2 yds. of bolting $1.56
1/2. 1 doz. buttons 50 cents.
Some silk, velvet and hooks and eyes, totaling $22.96
3/4 cents. 1 gal. brandy.
"Here's what Stephen Sanders bought his family on Christmas of 1818:
1 set plates 87 cents;
1 set of dishes 62 cents;
1 set of cups and saucers $1.38;
2 large bowls $2;
1 pair stockings at 75 cents, and another pair at $1.75.
"On Christmas, Polly Hatchell borrowed $3 from the merchant.
Also on Christmas, Wyatt Atkins bought a pt. of brandy at 25 cents,
a pair of women's shoes $1.75;
13 lbs. of salt for 78 cents
and another pt. of brandy.
"On Jan. 4, 1819, the Widow Johnston came in for a pint of whisky and 1 oz. of barks, to be mixed as a cure for the ague."

(Continued next week)

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