8/14/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
August 14, 1997

Robert J. Smith on New Haven Pioneer

For the past several weeks this column has been reprinting an article by the late J. Robert Smith on New Haven Pioneer Life as seen through the entries in an 1818 store record book.

The story continues:

"George Logan of Emma Township went to New Haven Aug. 5, 1819 and mailed three letters. The postage cost 18 3/4 cents per letter. He also bought some cream of tartar.
"On July 29, 1819, George Thomas received $1.25 for returning a Negro.
"Starting with March 1818, Joseph Boone's name occurs many times in the old ledger. The Boones had some money because on Feb. 21, 1818, he and his wife had sold the site of New Haven and other land to Robinson and North, of Posey County, for $10,000

. "Robinson and North were the first merchants at McFadden's Bluff, later Mt. Vernon. William P. Robinson and Darius North did much business at the New Haven store, their names appearing many times in the ledger.

"On the page dated Jan 5, 1821, Robinson's name is listed for more than $800 owed the store for merchandise and cash he got the previous year,
including: 1 whip $1;
1 pr. gloves $1;
1 pr. shoes $1.75;
1 umbrella $3;
1 pr. pantaloons $9;
1 vest $3;
1 coat and vest $34;
1 gig and harness $250;
1 wedding $10;
cash lent $100,
and expenses to Cincinnati $100.
"The value of such a find as this ledger lies in the fact that it is pure, absolute, undeniable history. We know by reading this ledger that these people lived, they were trading at New Haven in 1818 and there is no denying these facts.
"Unfortunately, our White County History, published in 1883 and highly valued today due to its rarity, is very inaccurate in many places.
Too many so-called facts are based on family legends and traditions.

"There is a great deal of honest, factual history in the White County History, but the more one engages in research, the more errors turn up.

"And so, for myself personally and on behalf of the White County Historical Society, I salute Mr. Bosaw and thank him and his wife for lending us the pages from this old ledger."

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