7/02/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
July 02, 1997

May family members

MAY--Interested in learning if any May family members are still around Carmi or Crossville. They might be Ella, Della, Rosie, David and Joseph P. Contact Sharon Page, 1005 Kimberly Court, Marion, IL 62959.

SEFRIED/THOMAS--Is anyone researching the Peter Sefried/Mary Jane Thomas family? This couple married in 1880. Children are Fred W., Albert, Pearl, Mary, Robert, Frank and Ada M. Contact
Wanda Thomas,
PO Box 625,
Mooreland, OK 73852-0625.

A little post office etiquette: When mailing a stamped, self-addressed envelope along with a query, the enclosed envelope is not supposed to be folded. Sometimes the extra thickness may jam the postmarking machine. Normally, one uses a large business envelope, known as #10 size. This should be used for the outside envelope, but a #9 size envelope should be used for the enclosed envelope. This is large enough to hold standard-sized typing paper but it is small enough to be enclosed inside the #10 envelope. The post office recommends that all names and addresses be typed in all capital letters, using the two-letter abbreviation for the state. Omit commas and periods. This is the language the post office scanner can read.

In David Fischer's book, "Albion's Seed," he made many slightly derogatory references to the Puritans. One story stuck in my mind. According to him, cleanliness was not highly regarded. Charles Francis Adams backed this up by saying there were no baths in the town of Quincy, Mass. for 200 years. Houses had hanging bunches of herbs to mask the odor of the inhabitants. The Puritans' favorite toothpaste was a mix of brimstone, butter and gunpowder. Many people thought getting water on the body was unhealthy.

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