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White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
June 05, 1997

Place of the Marriage

MARLIN, PARKS--Need the date and place of the marriage of Harold Deane Martin and Esther Ann Parks. This was probably about 1900-1905. Nita Anderson, PO Box 547, Weatherford, TX 76086. The above Nita Anderson was in Scotland recently and had great success on her genealogical jaunt. She found cousins living on the farms her ancestors used to live on and found old kirk (church) records which contained the names of her great-great-grandfathers.

John and Edith Pritchard of Willowick, Ohio, have been generous in sharing their research with our library. From them comes the story of a Hunsinger-Williams descendant.

On 18 March 1830, in White County, Charles Williams married Mary "Polly" Hunsinger. This couple raised 17 children to adulthood. One of these children was Mary Williams, who married William L. Wiley on 6 December 1868. This marriage took place at the Damron House in Carmi. They had one child, Lizabeth Wiley, born 18 September 1870 in New Harmony, Ind. Lizabeth Wiley was a woman's libber ahead of her time. She was a free thinker, in business for herself in Greybull, Wyoming. She ran for mayor of that town and, in that capacity, worked to rid the town of those who were involved in gambling, political graft and other activities that were probably a result of Greybull being a railroad town that attracted adventurers and opportunists during the days of development of railroads in the western part of our country.

She came to Greybull in 1915. She was elected the first and only woman mayor (from 1924 to 1930). She received $50 a year for being mayor. Her main source of income was the bookstore and candy shop of which she was proprietor.

After her father died, her mother came to Greybull to live with her only daughter. Mary Hunsinger Williams died there 15 January 1934. The daughter, Lizabeth Wiley, died there 29 January 1957. The Pritchards obtained this story along with other historical information from the library at Greybull.

A little research on my part indicates Wyoming did not become a state until 1890. Many midwesterners and southerners went there to get into the cattle business. Hundreds of thousands of cattle roamed the western hills unherded. The eastern section of the state had good agricultural soil. Greybull is in the county of Big Horn, on the northern border of Montana.
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