6/19/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
June 19, 1997

Query for Nova Lemons

Last year we ran a query for Nova Lemons of Dallas, Tex. asking for someone to take pictures of gravestones in Ebenezer Cemetery. (I never know whether or not inquirers ever hear from these queries.) Now, months later, I learn that Ms. Lemons was contacted. She not only received pictures, but a lot of genealogical help. As a result, a copy of this research was shared with our library. This is a SNEED family history, along with allied families of HATTER, LASWELL, SHOEMAKER, RAGSDALE and DURHAM. Ms. Lemons would like to hear from descendants of any of these families to exchange information. Contact
Nova A. Lemons,
12206 Brisbane Ave.,
Dallas, TX 75234-6528.

In last week's column I suggested we all need to be more careful to identify persons in a photograph and date it, perhaps including where the picture was taken or the occasion. I read this week that ears are one of the best means of identification of people. In fact, in France, identification card photographs must be in profile so the ear may be clearly seen. No two people have the same shape ears. When you are trying to identity those old photographs of people at different times in their lives, the ear contours remain the same, whether young or old!

. In Godey's Lady's Book, dated 1855, is this bit of advice to mothers of chronically crying babies: "As soon as the squaller awakes, set the child up, propped by pillows, if it cannot sit alone, and smear its fingers with thick molasses. Then put half a dozen feathers into its hands, and the young one will sit and pick the feathers from one hand to the other until it drops to sleep. As soon as it wakes, more molasses and more feathers, and in place of 'yells' there will be silence and enjoyment unspeakable."

Overheard: A man for all seasons is the neighbor who borrows the lawn mower, the garden spade, the leaf rake and the snow shovel.

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