4/30/1998 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
April 30, 1998

Letters, Letters and More Letters

We get letters...In fact, we have answered about 1,100 letters since we started counting here at the library.

Most of the letters contain questions on family history.

Usually, we do research with varying degrees of success.

However, unless some reader comes forth with some information, I'm stumped on a recent inquiry which I received from a wildlife ecologist at the University of Illinois.

This person is investigating the historical distribution of badgers in Illinois and wants badger stories (both old and new) from White County.

Have you ever heard an "old timer" relate a badger story? Have you ever seen an article in a Southern Illinois paper about the presence of badgers--either then or now? I should think if anyone had ever encountered a badger, he'd want to tell about it!

Help me out on this inquiry.

Call me evenings at 966-3744

or write me:

Charlene Shields,
PO Box 149,
Crossville, IL 62827.

From The Posey, newsletter of the Posey County Historical Society:

"When you were younger, you didn't listen to the stories about the old folks, and now that you're interested, there's no one around to tell them to you." Probably the most common complaint we hear from genealogists is they regret they didn't ask more questions of the older generation while they were still around.

If you still have parents, grandparents, and/or uncles and aunts, make it a point to sit and visit with them and ask questions.

Most of them enjoy talking about "the good old days," and you'll be amazed at what you'll learn.

We continue to be comfortably busy with letters and visitors to our Genealogy Library. We're open from 11 to 5 on Wednesdays. Come join us.

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