4/02/1998 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
April 02, 1998

Jim Landrum would like to know!!!!!

Jim Landrum (of 8619 Brer Rabbit Cove, Cordova, TN 38018) would like to know if he has any cousins living in White County.
His grandmother was Verna Sumpter Landrum, who moved from here in 1910.
He is especially interested in the Sumpter, Felty and Dosher names.
He wondered how the Sumpter oil fields got their name. He has some old pictures he'd like help in identifying.

Jim Landrum
8619 Brer Rabbit Cove,
Cordova, TN 38018

This is another installment of Margaret Land's 1961 speech

This is another installment of Margaret Land's 1961 speech to the historical society on the role of Enfield in the Civil War:
"Now the war was drawing to a close. Just ten days before Appomattox, a contingent of some 400 Federal soldiers boarded the steamer General Lyon.
The ship was sailing north, and the boys were homeward bound, when off the coast of North Carolina, a severe storm was encountered and great casks of kerosene on the upper deck were overturned .
When the kerosene reached the furnace fire, there was an explosion, and the ship was ablaze. Almost all on board were lost.

"Again, a man from Enfield was one of the fortunate ones. Michael Brockett jumped overboard and swam about until he was picked up by a passing vessel. Lt. Cyrus Gowdy was on the General Lyon.
He never returned to Hopewell Meeting House. And Jesse Veatch--when spring came, someone else plowed his 40 acres.
And John Fields, who wanted to come home the worst way of anyone in the company, never saw home again. William Jamerson, Matthew Brockett, Francis Hosick and Thomas Bloodworth were lost on the General Lyon: and three sons of Theron Gowdy--John, Henry, and Milton. Four sons of Theron Gowdy were killed in the Civil War, and Peter came home blind.
"After the war, Enfield was a village of veterans.
In later years, the Old Soldiers Reunion was the great event of the year.
The comrades gathered at the 'Campfire' in the evening for reminiscences and the telling of tall tales.
Then followed a day, sometimes two days, of celebration. Leaders of the reunion as they had been in the war were Capt. Thomas Sheridan, Capt. John N. Wilson, Capt. George Gentry, Capt. William May, Capt. James Vaught, Lt. William Johnson and the Rev. Benjamin Swan, who had served as chaplain. In the ranks were the old Enfield names of Garrison, Biggerstaff, Rice, Berry, Nelson, Rankin, Upton, Frymire, Tyner, Males, McKnight, Joy, Staley, Fulford, Savage, Wallace, Harmon, Metcalf, Kuykendall.

The Roll Call is too long to name all of them."

(To be concluded)

next week)
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