4/23/1998 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
April 23, 1998

Old Account Book from Morrison's Store in Burnt Prairie

In a recent column, we wondered if the old account book from Morrison's Store in Burnt Prairie was still in existence.
As soon as our Genealogy Library opened, Arthur Burroughs paid us a visit and brought in the book.
It dates back to the 1850s.
It is in unbelievably good condition, and the penmanship is excellent.
Mr. Burroughs has studied the book considerably and is an interesting conversationalist on the subject of the store and the part it played in the community.
He said the store bought anything and everything which anyone brought in.
The owners hired wooden boats to be made and shipped all the produce down the Mississippi for sale in New Orleans.
After the produce was sold, it was an easy matter to sell the boat for the lumber.
And the process was repeated over and over.
When he found out barrels of eggs were always in the shipments, he began investigating how this was accomplished.
The eggs were put in heavy salt water in the barrel (the store keepers knowing how to accomplish this), which kept them fresh until they reached their destination.
Mr. Burroughs has a wonderful collection of tools and memorabilia from the past 150 years, and he has made it his business to learn how all these things were used and for what purpose.
One of our more pleasant historical society meetings consisted of an open house at his home where we were invited to view this collection.

We continue to be comfortably busy with letters and visitors to our Genealogy Library. We're open from 11 to 5 on Wednesdays. Come join us.

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