4/17/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
April 17, 1997

  • Lee Jordan of Carmi brought us a copy of his work on the Joseph Jacob MOSER Sr. family. Joseph Jacob Moser Sr. was born in Baden, Germany.
    He married Barbara BOHLEBER. They came to America about 1852. Barbara Bohleber Moser was born in 1828 and died in 1880. She is buried in St. John's (Barth) Cemetery, near Carmi.
    Joseph Jacob Moser Sr. died in 1891 on a poor farm near Evansville, Ind.
    His body was donated to science.
    The Mosers had 11 children: Jacob Jr. (born in Germany), Barbara (died and buried at sea), John, Mary, Elizabeth, Henry, George, Lewis, Louise, Charles and Lena. Many descendants are in this area.

    Richard C. Cochran of Fairfield sent a packet of materials on the PARKER family.
    This begins with Jacob Parker, born in England and marrying a lass from Wales whose last name was TUCKER.
    They came to Maryland, where Jacob Parker died. His wife came to Mason County, Ky. with her children, Jacob, Elizabeth, Rebecca and James G.

    James G. Parker married Susan Dunivan and moved to Richland County, Ill. about 1816. This family was responsible for founding the village of Parkersburg.
    One of their children was Jacob Tucker Parker. He married Margaret Dockery, who bore seven children before her death in 1835. Then Jacob Tucker Parker married Amelia Tanquary Beaucamp in 1837.
    They moved to a farm near Big Prairie in White County In 1832. All of their children were born there.

    It was said Jacob Tucker Parker was short and stout.
    He made many trips to New Orleans as a flatboat pilot.
    In politics, he was a Whig. A staunch Methodist, he was known all over the area for his faithfulness to his religion.

    While visiting at the home of G. L. Hanna, Mr. Parker fell down the stairs and injured himself so that he had to be confined to bed.
    He died at the home of his son, Theopholus, at Hawthorn (now Epworth), Ill. in 1880. A daughter of Jacob Tucker Parker, Lydia A., married William Riley COCHRAN, son of Sanford and Martha Cochran.

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