3/27/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
March 27, 1997


BURRIS, BURRESS, BURNETT--Joseph W. Burris was born in 1826 and lived around Emma. He is said to have had three wives. Who were his parents and his siblings? His second wife was Sarah Burnett. Who were their children? Who were Sarah's parents? Christopher Columbus Burnett, born about 1811, lived around Enfield and married Hannah Billingsby. Who were his parents, siblings and children? Who was Griffin Burnett? If any reader has researched this line and will help, please contact Barbara Sherrard, 8631 E. Edgewood, Mesa, AZ 85208.

Gander-pulling was a rural pastime practiced in the 1800s. This consisted of hanging a duck or goose upside down by its feet, while a man on horseback rode under it and tried to twist its head off (From The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s by Marc McCutcheon)

A few household tips gleaned from The Frugal Housewife, published in 1836: Look frequently to the pails, to see that nothing is thrown to the pigs which should have been in the grease pot. Eggs will keep almost any length of time in lime-salt-water, properly prepared. Use one pint of coarse salt and a pint of unslacked lime to a pailful of water. Kept covered in this solution, eggs will keep as long as three years and still be perfectly sweet and fresh. Barley straw is the best for beds; dry corn husks, slit into shreds, are better than straw. If feather-beds smell from improper care, empty them and wash the feathers in a tub of suds; spread them in your garret to dry, and they will be as light and as good as new. Honey mixed with pulverized charcoal is excellent to cleanse the teeth and make them white.

In 1860, the price of a shave was five cents, and a haircut cost ten cents.

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