2/05/1998 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
February 05, 1998


DRIGGERS--Who were parents and/or siblings of Rebecca M. Driggers, who married Thomas I. Davenport in 1858 in White County?

Betty Shinn,
721 Division,
Rockport, IL 60441.


AUSTIN--Need death date for Martha Austin, widow of Elisha Austin. Elisha Austin died in 1858; does anyone have the exact date?

Jeanette Spangler Maxcy,
3124 Thayer,
Kalamazoo, MI 49004-1948.

We have received a copy of "Joseph Puntenney and Sarah Hollingsworth of Maryland" from Joseph Mack Ralls.
Some years ago, Mr. Ralls learned he was descended from Robert Ralls and Margaret Puntney of White County.
Since then, he has pursued his line back to Joseph Puntenney, born about 1729, and married Sarah Hollingsworth in Baltimore County, Md. Through 11 generations, this couple have over 1,400 known descendants to date.
Mr. Ralls' book is completely indexed to make for speedy perusal.
Sometime ago, Mr. Ralls sent us his work on the Ralls line, also.
A few years ago, while searching for clues for Mr. Ralls, I visited Ralls Cemetery (which has almost disappeared).
Capt. Daniel Boultinghouse, one of the members in the Boultinghouse saga which recently appeared in this space, is also buried in Ralls Cemetery.

In old marriage records, researchers are apt to come across where some relative served as bondsman for the groom.
I noted an ancestor of mine in Caswell County, N.C. was bonded for $1,000.
This sounds like a lot of money for the early 1800s. A bond verified that the groom was able to marry.
This was defined as follows: The groom was not a servant; he was not a slave; he was not impotent; and he was not already married!

A clipping in our files from a March 1975 Illinois Baptist publication mentions the death of Ida Fuller, 100.
Miss Fuller received the first Social Security number in America. She was #000-00-001.
She received the first Social Security check ever paid out.
She had paid $22 in FICA taxes and at the time of her death, had collected $21,000 in Social Security benefits.

We continue to be comfortably busy with letters and visitors to our Genealogy Library. We're open from 11 to 5 on Wednesdays. Come join us.

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