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by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
January 22, 1998

Week Four of the

Boultinghouse kin in this County Continued from 1/15/1998

(For the past three weeks this column has carried the Boultinghouse story as told by John Sherman Boultinghouse in 1938.

This is concluded today with a listing of his brothers and sisters and his reminiscences about each of their families.)

Margaret, my oldest sister, will be 82 years old in March 1939. Her husband, Ed Smith, has been deceased several years.

Hannah will be 81 in June 1939. Her husband, Jacob Cleveland, died Dec. 31, 1892.

Their two children were Arthur B. and Pearl. Arthur's birthday was on Christmas, and Pearl's was on New Year's Day two years later. Pearl married M.L. Russell.

They had one daughter, Thelma. Arthur married Effie Stewart, the daughter of Oscar and Allevia Stewart.

They had two daughters: Annata and Annazine. (Hannah Boultinghouse Cleveland died in January 1940.)

Francis M., my oldest brother, will be 79 on Sept. 6, 1939.

His wife, Nancy Shockley's birthday is the same day.

She is two years younger than Francis.

Six children blessed this union, all living until Dec. 16, 1938, when Nora, the eldest (wife of Edward Henry), passed to the Great Beyond, aged 54.

This was the first death in their family in 55 years.

For a man and wife to live without death entering their home is a wonderful blessing.

May God be praised! Nora and Ed Henry had adopted one child, Francis.

Other children of Francis and Nancy S. Boultinghouse were Thomas E., who married Vermillion Davenport; Bessie; Chauncey "Sport," a WWI veteran whose wife's name was Maida; Jessie May, who married John Hammel and had seven children; and Merril, who married Nola Westfall.

They had one son: Glenard. (Nancy Shockley Boultinghouse died Nov. 5, 1939.)

Thomas Zachariah, my next brother, was named after both grandfathers. He married Emily Morris.

They had eight children. Edith was the oldest and married Earl DeWeese.

[Others included] Morris; Myrtle, who married Charles "Dude" Stein; Madaline; and Raymond and Ernest, who died when young. (Others not listed.)

Mary E., the next born of our family, died June 21, 1865, aged 1 yr. 2 mos. and 5 days.

Next is myself, John Sherman Boultinghouse, born Oct. 24, 1865. On Sept. 16, 1886, I married Mary Alice Evans.

The marriage was performed by Judge James R. Williams and took place at the Damron House in Carmi, Ill. One son, Flo, married Jessie Merrefield and had three children: Kenneth, Edna and Gerald.

Isaac Green Boultinghouse was born Jan. 28, 1869. He married Lou Hunsinger. To this union were born seven children: Martin, the first born, died in infancy; Myra, who became the wife of Robert Hess; Loren, who married Anna Davenport, died in 1937, Vernice, who married Katrina ____; Lloyd, who married Mildred Shaw; Goldie Sarena, who married Howard Dartt; and Luke, who married Barbara Fella.... Lloyd and Mildred had two children, Maurice and Margaret. Goldie Sarena and Howard Dartt had one son.

Luke and Barbara had two sons and a daughter, namely, James, Julia Lou and Richard.

Ida Onnice, the eighth child, was born in 1871 and died in 1877.

William Gillison, the ninth child, was born in 1873 and died in 1891. Carson "Dick" was born Dec. 17, 1877 and died Dec. 26, 1932.

He was married to Rosa Schmidt on Dec. 17, 1895.

She was born Oct. 24, 1870 and died Oct. 12, 1938. Eight children were born: Geraldine, Harry, Genevieve, Harlan, Dorothy, Alberta Louisa, Wanda and Catherine. Of those, Geraldine and Harry died in infancy; Genevieve married Joseph Endicott and had one daughter, Wanda Louise; Harlan married Anna Allen and had a son, Thomas; Dorothy married Ralph Hanks and had three sons, one of whom died in infancy; Wanda married Leo Rhoads and had a son and a daughter; Alberta married Herman Heidtman and had three children; and Catherine married Royal Knight and had one daughter Viola Mae. Catherine was born Nov. 8, 1900, and died Jan. 29, 1919.

Seven of Carson Boultinghouse's children were born in White County. The last mentioned. Catherine, was born in Toledo, Wash.

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