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by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
January 15, 1998

Week Three of the

Boultinghouse kin in this County Continued from 1/8/1998

The past two columns have told the Boultinghouse story, as written by John Sherman Boullinghouse in 1938.

He has told of the arrival of two brothers in America in 1773 and the eventual settling of the family northwest of Grayville in 1813.

This segment deals with genealogy.

The author's mother was Sarena Driggers, and the father was Green Boultinghouse.

The story continues:
My paternal grandfather died in 1874 and grandmother in 1901 at the old homestead about two miles southwest of Grayville.

My mother's grandfather was Thomas Driggers, a Revolutionary soldier.

After the war, he married Matilda Wasden.

Several children were born to them.

My mother's father was the oldest boy and was named after his father and mother's maiden name: Thomas Wasden Driggers.

His father died in Tennessee.
His mother and her other children with several other families emigrated to Southern Illinois, about the year of 1818, to what is now known as Phillipstown, White County.

Thomas Wasden Driggers, my mother's father, was married two times.

His first wife died leaving one son, Alexander Driggers.

He then married Hannah Hodkins, and they had four children, my mother being the eldest.

They were Sarena, Nancy J., Sarah and James. James died in infancy.

Grandmother died when my mother was about seven years old.

She had to keep house for the other two little girls the best she could.

My grandfather never married again.

In those days land was wealth, and my grandfather became very wealthy.

He was born in 1801 and died in 1880.

My mother was born Feb. 13, 1836 and died May 13, 1887, in Alturas, Calif.

She had gone there with Carson Hon and his wife for the health of both women, who had asthma.

She requested that in case of death, her body would be returned home and buried in the Charles Cemetery at Calvin.

The funeral was preached by Elder Louis Hon, a Primitive Baptist and a neighbor of the family.

Funeral services were held June 17, 1887.

Ten children had been born to my mother and my father, Green Boultinghouse: Margaret, Hannah, Francis M., Thomas Zachariah, Mary E., John Sherman, Isaac Green, Ida Annice, William Gillison and Carson "Dick" Boultinghouse.

To be Continued 1/22/1998

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    Three weeks of the Boultinghouse kin in this County


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