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by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
November 27, 1997

Mrs. Fleeta Williams Guffey

Mrs. Fleeta Williams Guffey (Route 2, Box 220A, St. Elmo, IL 62458) was kind enough to share a few memories of her school days at Walters School in White County:
"In 1937, our family moved from Heralds Prairie Township to a farm northwest of Norris City. My younger siblings and I attended the one-room school called Walters. I do not know its history, but the school was very effective.
"Miss Ruth Bozarth was the teacher, nurse and maintenance person, and she did each task well.
"Each class took its turn at studying and reciting. I was the only pupil for the fifth or sixth grade.
"She gave me the fifth grade test, and I passed it, so she put me in the sixth grade.
"Some of the older students got to help others who needed help. We learned 'reading, 'riting' and 'rithmetic,' plus history, English, geography and to be a good citizen and friend.
"We took our lunch, and there was a good water well with a cup we all shared. At recess, weather permitting, we enjoyed the outdoors. One day, while playing 'ante-over,' Junior (my brother) and Miss Ruth collided, breaking her arm. We had no phone to notify anyone, and, as I remember, we did not know the arm was broken until the next day.
"We had singing each day, as Miss Ruth also played the piano. She taught me to play a piece that I still play today, even though I've never heard it anywhere else.
"Miss Ruth rode her horse to school each day, and there was a stall for it in the same shed as the coal. Of course, we had outdoor toilets. I don't remember that the school had electricity; I know our houses didn't.
"School was an institution you attended to learn to use your brain to make life enjoyable for yourself and others. I did not, nor do I today, like school consolidation. A lot of others feel the same way, but I guess we're in the minority.
"After two years, we moved back to Heralds Prairie and went one year to Union Ridge, another one-room school. Perhaps someone else will write about it.
"Miss Ruth later taught in the Carmi schools. Some of the names at Walters were Englebright, Tyler, Little, Harlow, Mitchell and Williams--Opal, Bob, Junior and Fleeta."

EATON--Looking for info on George H. Eaton family. George H. Eaton married Mary Nations in 1841 in White County. Family is living in Grayville in 1850 Census. In 1860 Census, George and Mary and children, John M., Sarah, Franklin W., Caroline and George A., are living in Posey County, Ind. By 1880, family is living in Wayne County, Ill. I have info on John M. Eaton. Would like info on the rest of the above Eatons.
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Crossville, IL 62827.
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