10/09/1997 NOTES From The White County Historical Society Library

White County Historical Society Library
by Charlene Shields!
This article appeared in THE CARMI TIMES
October 09, 1997

Who Gave the Land

Lee Jordan would like to know who gave the land for Uponblock School.
Sometimes the deeds weren't recorded at the Courthouse until years later, and it's difficult to find who the original owner was. If you know something about this, contact Lee at the Wabash Christian Retirement Center, Carmi IL 62821.

Need your help

We have had a number of calls about the history of those little one-roomed schools of White County.
Apparently records weren't kept or were discarded when consolidation took place.
Anyone who went to any of those schools or taught at one would be doing a great service if he or she would jot down any memories or information about that school.
We turn down so many requests for information about various schools because we don't know how to find anything on them now.
There are still many of you who remember them; yet in another generation, these stories will all be gone.
It would be great to have some people write or tell us their experiences, so we could record and keep them for future generations.

A prolific contributor to our library files is Judy Cox Batteiger. She has a few copies of her book, "Lock Phipps Sr. and His Descendants," which she will sell for $25. I don't know if that includes postage and handling. For information, contact her at
Judy Cox Batteiger.
3871 Belleau Wood Drive,
Lexington, KY 40517-1863.
She gave our library a copy, and this is a good-sized book.

Ray Franks gave us a couple of copies of his book, "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch." This is a story of his early life in White County and his years as a career sports journalist. Interesting reading!
John Callicotte and wife of St. Petersburg, Fla. visited recently. He presented us with his latest book on Callicottes. It contains approximately 80,000 names. That's a lot of genealogy!
We are processing books donated from the Mary Jane Holderby estate, and Carl Shelton recently donated another assortment of genealogy books and papers.
John Epley of Plymouth, Ind. regularly sends us copies of his latest books, which include research on the Wilsey, McCallister, Tuttle, Epley and other White County family lines.
By such contributions, our little library grows. A researcher certainly doesn't need to wait until a whole book is done in order to help us. Many people send two or three sheets of paper at a time as they find out information on their families. We maintain surname files, so are glad to have any additions.

We continue to be comfortably busy with letters and visitors to our Genealogy Library. We're open from 11 to 5 on Wednesdays. Come join us or Come browse.
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