1930 U.S. census, Stites Township, Illinois (Excludes Brooklyn and National City)
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Stites Township, Excluding Brooklyn and National City
1930 U.S. Census, St. Clair County, Illinois

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The following transcription is supplied courtesy of Celia Hartmann, one of the many volunteers for this project.

See transcription rules we followed.
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See Enumerator's Instructions followed for this census and those from 18501990 .
For answers to almost any 1930 census question you can think of, see these National Archives Census Pages.

Photocopies of the entire census page may be obtained from the Belleville Public Library for a small fee [link is offsite]. Inquire at your local library for other ways to obtain this census on microfilm, CD-ROM, or through an online subscription.

Deciphering the ED and sheet numbers
ED stands for Enumeration District. The numbers below represent the County (St. Clair = 82), the ED number, and then the sheet number. All of these numbers can be found in the upper right hand corner of each census sheet. Technically, a census 'page' equals two sheets, numbered sequentially: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, and so on. If sheets are out-of-sequence on the microfilm, we will note it within the transcription. Be aware that the machine-stamped number located in the upper right-hand corner on every-other census sheet was not used for this transcription. Those who use Ancestry.com to locate a page should be aware that the "sheet number" below is not the same as the "page" on the Ancestry site. Generally, you must double the sheet number shown here and it will get you within one online image.

Unless otherwise stated, this transcription is in the same order found on the film. Each sheet contains 50 lines but not all lines are used. For example, sheet 1A has lines numbered 1 through 50; sheet 1B has lines numbered 51 through 100. Blank lines are noted below.

Surnames (family names) are in CAPS. Information added by the transcriber is in [square brackets]. The [?] replaces one or more illegible letters or numbers.

ED 82-107, sheet 1A
Stites Township

[Note: Enumerator often scratched out infants' ages in months and changed to 0 or 1 at
last birthday.   Transcriber typed only the 0 or 1.  Transcriber used ? to show uncertainty
in a word or letter.]

LOPEZ, Michael, 32
LOPEZ, Arethia, 29
LOPEZ, Corrinzo, 12
JOHNSON, Carlton, 37
JOHNSON, Reba, 39
JOHNSON, Carlton Jr, 5
JOHNSON, Leon, 2
THOMAS, Sam, 36
THOMAS, Gertrude, 37
BOYCE, Landon, 11
BOYCE, Lovie, 7
BURNS, Tanine[?], 55
BURNS, Marshal, 18
MCKINNEY, John, 63
MCKINNEY, Lottie, 53
MCKINNEY, John Jr, 16
LEWIS, Earnest, 34
LEWIS, Rosetta, 30
LEWIS, Alonzo, 12
LEWIS, Raymond, 8
YOUNG, Henry, 60
YOUNG, Bettie, 54
BROWN, Robert, 42
BROWN, Pean[?], 41
BROWN, Robt Jr, 11
BROWN, Jesse, 9
BROWN, Stella, 7
BROWN, Richard, 2
BROWN, Edwin, 0
OHARE, James, 35
OHARE, Anna, 36
OHARE, Edna, 15
GARNER, Sam, 38
GARNER, Willie[?Nellie?] C, 28
GARNER, Samuel Jr, 3
GARNER, Charlie, 2
GARNER, John, 1
DILLON, Clolia, 14
DILLON, Lucille, 16
BROOKS, Leonteen, 18
OSBORN, Frank, 60
SAMPSON, John, 48
SAMPSON, Ora, 45
SAMPSON, Bettie, 21
INGRAM, J.H., 47
INGRAM, Mary, 44
INGRAM, Lee, 10[?]
WALKER, George, 55
WALKER, Amos, 30
WALKER, Harold, 12

ED 82-107, sheet 1B
Stites Township

CRENSHAW, Ross, 60
CRENSHAW, Bettie, 57
CRENSHAW, Hattie, 32
CRENSHAW, Lennie, 26
MITCHELL, Kittie, 68
BURKES, Nellie, 41
BRINKLEY, Anna, 24
JOHNSON, Fred, 5
ALLEN, Arthur, 54
ALLEN, Carrie, 53
ALLEN, Morris, 18
ALLEN, Horace, 17
TURNER, George, 35
TURNER, Minnie, 38
HICKS, Will, 42
HICKS, Hattie, 44
JOHNSON, Benjamin, 31
COFFOR, Frank, 47
COFFOR, Emma, 62
SMITH, George, 31
SMITH, Precious, 31
SMITH, Willie [?could be Nellie, but is says son], 12
SMITH, Ulnora, 11
SMITH, Jennie, 9
SMITH, Ora, 5
SMITH, Lester, 4
SMITH, Loddell, 2
SMITH, Maria, 0
MATHEWS, Enock, 40
MATHEWS, Stella, 38
BUTLER, Frank, 45
BUTLER, Cuversa, 23
BUTLER, Cleotha, 0
MATHEWS, Edward, 10
MATHEWS, Llola, 9
MATHEWS, Johnny, 5
MATHEWS, Elmer, 4
MATHEWS, Ester, 0
HARRELL, Martha, 38
PAYNE, Will, 48
CASEY, Able, 50
DENWAY, Willard, 31
SUMMERS, Bessie, 43 
[blank lines 99-100]
[end ED 82-107]

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