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Pike County is situated in the southern part of the Military Bounty Tract, and extends from the Mississippi to the Illinois river.  At its first formation in 1821, it comprised not only the; Military Bounty Tract, but likewise the whole of the state lying north of the Illinois river, and extending from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan. Which now is divided into upwards of twenty counties. It is bounded north by Adams and Schuyler, south by Calhoun, east by Greene and Morgan counties, from which it is separated by the Illinois, and west by the Mississippi river. It varies in extent from east to west from 17 to 36, and from north to south from 24 to 30 miles, and contains an area of about of about 780 square miles. Pike County is washed on its western boundary by the Mississippi river, and on the eastern by the Illinois; in the interior it has the Snicartee Slough, which runs parallel to the Mississippi through the whole of its western border; this affords a steamboat navigation to the town of Atlas, at a full stage of water. It is also watered by Bay, Pigeon, Hadley, Key's, Black, Dutch Church, and Six-mile creeks, which fall into the Mississippi, and M'Kees, and others, which fall into the Illinois: these all furnish good mill-seats.


Atlas, Baylis, Barry, Detroit, El Dara, Fishhook, Florence, Griggsville, Hull, Kinderhook,Milton, Nebo, New Canton, New Philadelphia, New Salem, Pearl, Perry, Pittsfield, Pleasant Hill, Rockport, Seehorn, Summer Hill, Time,Valley City

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