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Prominent Pike County Farmer Assaulted, Phillip Johnson Arrested

The Quincy Daily Journal - Friday, September 18, 1908, Page 8

  Pittsfield, Illinois, September 18, Phillip Johnson, a farm hand residing on the old Brown place southeast of town, was arrested yesterday charged with assault with intent to Kill George Westlake, a prominent farmer of Newburg. Johnson was employed by Westlake to cut hedge. Wednesday, afternoon Mr. Westlake went out to inspect the work. It did not suit him and he took the knife from Johnson's boy, who was assisting his father, and showed them how he wanted the work done. This angered Johnson, who being on the outside of the fence, is said to have jumped over and assaulted Westlake with the corn knife. As Johnson attempted to strike him Westlake threw up his hand to ward off the blow and was cut in the palm of the hand.

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