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Pike County Family Trees & Histories

   From - A History of Gilgal Landing and Rockport, Illinois pg 68, Louisiana, Mo Public Library DeWitt, Frances "Fanny" - Born April 17, 1812 - Died August 15, 1874

   Fanny DeWitt, daughter of Elisha DeWitt and Margaret Crump was born in Woodford County, Kentucky. After the death of her parents, Frances was cared for by her grandfather, Thomas Crump. When she was sixteen she eloped from a boarding school in Louisville, Kentucky, to marry Charles Grandison Guthrie, her cousin. This marriage took place on April 24, 1828. At that time her guardian was her uncle, Daniel Crump.

  Charles Grandison Guthrie was born 28 August 1802 in Bedford County KY the son of John Nancy (Crump) Guthrie of Virginia. He died 26 March 1883 in Pleasant Hill, Pike County IL. He married Francis Ellen Dewitt 24 April 1828 in Washington County KY. She was born 17 April 1812 in Woodford Co KY and died 15 August 1871 in Pleasant Hill, Pike Co IL.
   The Guthrie children (all born in Martinsburg, Pike County) follow --

James M Sept. 16, 1828 - Dec 16, 1828 Henry Ross20Dec. 28, 1830 - Jan 16, 1914 Zerilda Jane Feb. 28, 1833 - Mar. 16, 1908 Ira Briscoe Feb. 10, 1835 - Feb. 11, 1902 in Pike Co. -- He married Elizabeth Azura Rowley 1 Nov. 1855 Pike Co IL. Daniel DeWitt Dec. 23, 1836 - June ll, 1914 Mary Elizabeth Dec. 19, 1838 - Mar. 12, 1921 Nancy Margaret b. Mar. 1, 1840 - Feb. 5, 1917 Nicholas M. b. July 19, 1842 - May 21, 1863 John N. b. Sept. 10, 1845 - Sept. 13, 1847 Jeremiah Newton Dec. 11, 1847 - April 23, 1921 Frances Ellen Sept. 3, 1853 - June 7, 1835 William Elisha b. Jan. 19, 1859 - April 7, 1935

   Two infant sons are buried on Aunt Polly Biscoe's farm near Six Mile Creek.
   Guthrie, Charles Grandison Aug. 28, 1802 - Mar. 26, 1883 Charles Grandison Guthrie, son of John Guthrie and Nancy Crump was born in either Bedford or Franklin County, Virginia. Moved with his parents to Tennessee about 1805 where his father was a slaveholder. They probably later moved to Kentucky. He married Frances DeWitt, who was the granddaughter of his motherís brother, Thomas Crump. In the same year of their marriage they moved to Pike County, Illinois, making the trip with an ox team. Arriving in Pike County they cam ped at Stockland on Six Mile Creek and were advised to locate in that vicinity. Cutting his own road he found a good spring about two miles up the creek just over the line in Martinsburg Township where he built a cabin. He and his wife spent their declining years on a farm northeast of Pleasant Hill with their son Henry. They are buried in the Rowley Cemetery on Six Mile Creek northwest of Pleasant Hill.

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