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Points of Interest in Putnam County, all listed on the National Registry of Historical Places:

The Putnam County Courthouse is the oldest Illinois County Courthouse still in use.  Built in 1839, the Greek Revival temple is complete with a white columned portico.

The Courtland Condit House is located in Putnam, IL and is the oldest surviving house in Senachwine Township. Circa 1837, the home was donated by the family to Senachwine Township to be used for a library and historical site. It is presently the local branch of the Putnam County Library.

The Methodist Meeting House in Hennepin, IL was built in 1837

The Pulsifer House in Hennepin is an historic home built in 1844 by Edward Pulsifer.  This Georgian/Greek Revival townhouse has been refurbished and filled with period furniture and memorabilia.

The Society of Friends Meeting House is a simple structure in a rural setting near McNabb.  It was constructed in 1875 and is used by the Religious Society of Friends for their regional once-a-year gathering of Quakers.  The building seats about seven hundred.

Historical Markers in Putnam County

The Burial Place of Senachwine, Potawatome Indian Chief.  The S.A.R. George Rogers Clark Chapert, Peoria, Illinois, erected an historical marker in 1937.  This is located 1/2 mile north of Putnam, Illinois.

Lake Thunderbird Chair Tree Marker.

The first School in Putnam County.  The marker is located on the campus of the John Swaney School in McNabb.

Benjamin Lundy Memorial Maker, located in the Friends Cemetery, McNabb, Illinois.  It was dedicated by the Swaney Alumni Association and the Society of Friends at the Centennial of his death in 1939.

Granville Convention of November 18, 1851 marker.  Jonathan Baldwin Turner first purposed the plan for establishing higher institutions of scientific industrial learning by Federal aid.  A plan which laid the foundation of the University of Illinois and all land Grant colleges in the nation.  It was dedicated in 1923.

Buell Institute marker, located at the new Putnam County High School.  The Buell Institute was the first Agricultural Society in the State of Illinois organized in 1846.

1817 marker at the Hennepin Attendance Center, Hennepin, Illinois.  It commemorates the date of the first white settler in Putnam County.  The marker was originally north of Hennepin, at the site of the first trading post.

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