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Tribute to Dr. Joseph Brennemann

We hold quarterly programs with guest speakers offering educational entertainment.  Programs are presented at area schools and schools are invited to tour the home on a regular basis.  We also have a collection of published histories for the area.

**We have several of these publications available for purchase at the Puliser House – phone or e-mail for availability and cost.

1876 Illinois Atlas - Warner & Beers - a large section devoted to Putnam County.

**The Black Hawk War – Why?, by Lloyd H. Efflandt

**Come To Our Fair – Marshall Putnam County 1921 – 1996 – Helen Gould Raffensperger

The Friends at Clear Creek - 1830 - 1930 - Dobbert & Nelson - Published by Westland Publications, DeKalb, IL

**Granville 1836 - 1986 - A sesquicentennial History of Granville, IL - 1986, Published by Putnam County Historical Society - Printed by Custom Craft Printers, Granville, IL

**Granville High School First Commencement – 1878

**Granville Sesquicentennial – 1836 – 1986 Printed by Custom Craft Publishing, Granville, Illinois

**Hennepin Township High School Alumni – 1884-1984

**History of Berry - Taft - Standard – 1907-1982 - Published by Putnam county Historical Society - Printed by Custom Craft Printing, Granville, IL.

**History of Putnam County from the Earliest Settlement to the Year 1876 - Rev. H Vallete Warren - written to celebrate the Centennial of the Nation

**History of Putnam & Marshall Counties with Some Accounts of Bureau and Stark Counties by Henry A. Ford

**Indiana of North America, The Potawatomi by James A. Clifton

Making the Community Beautiful with the Particular Example of Hopkins High School, Granville - by R. F. Hieronymus - Reprinted by Custom Craft Printing, Granville – 1980

**Memories of Shaubena by N. Matson

**Mt. Palatine Memories – 1839 – 1989

150 Years in Review of Clear Creek Families & Friends, Putnam County, IL - Helen Jean Wilson

Over the River - A Historical Souvenir Commemorating the Hennepin Bridge Dedication and the Centennial Celebration of the Putnam County Courthouse, Sept. 1939

Past & Present of Marshall-Putnam County - Burt & Hawthorne.  Pioneer Publishing Company, Chicago. 1907

Pioneer Quaker Abolitionist - A Memorial to Benjamin Lundy - Complied by the Lundy Memorial Committee of the Johns Swaney School Alumni and Society of Friends - 1939

Prairie Farmers Reliable Directory of Farmers & Breeders - Marshall, Putnam, and Stark Counties - Prairie Farmers Publishing Company, Chicago, IL - 1917

**Ray Richardson’s History of Tonica, The First 100  Years – 1953 Tonica Centenial

**Record of Olden Times – Fifty Years on the Prairie - Spencer, Ellsworth.  Home Journal Printing Establishment, Lacon, IL.  1880

**Index of Names from the Records of Olden Times – Fifty Years on the Prairie – Spencer Ellsworth

The John Swaney School - Catalogue - 1907, 1908, 1910, 1911 - A. H. Anderson Printing Company, Streator, IL

**Village of McNabb – 1900 – 2000 An Historical Overview

**Wabansi Fiend or Friend by Alice Fitch Zeman

War Memorial - World War I & II - Hennepin Township - Sponsored by Putnam County Seat, American Legion Post 1044 and the Hennepin Community Business Men.

We have a collection of commemorative tiles including: Berry-Taft-Standard 1907-1982, Clear Creek Society of Friends, Emmaus Lutheran Church of McNabb, Granville Bi-Centennial, Granville Grade School, Marshall Putnam Fairgrounds, McNabb Main St. 1907, Mt. Palatine, Union Grove Church, United Congregational Church Granville, Cortland Condit House 1837, Hennepin Main St., Pulsifer House, Putnam County Courthouse, Magnolia High School and Magnolia Main St.

We also have a few Plat Books of Marshall and Putnam Counties

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